NYPD told to get Muslim leaders’ blessing to name street after cop killed in mosque

Self inflicted sharia. Dhimmitude. via NYPD officer told to get Muslim leaders’ blessing to honor cop killed in mosque

NYPD Officer Peter Cardillo was gunned down inside a Harlem mosque in one of the darkest episodes in the department’s storied history.

A New York police officer seeking to rename a Harlem street for a cop gunned down inside a Manhattan mosque 40 years ago was told by local leaders to seek the blessing of area Muslims.

NYPD Officer Philip Cardillo was shot dead in an infamous 1972 incident in which police responded to a fake “officer down” call from Muhammad Mosque No. 7, the New York headquarters for the Nation of Islam. The accused gunman was later acquitted, and the city’s perceived unwillingness to back the police has long been seen as a low point in relations between city government and the police department. After four decades, NYPD Inspector and local Precinct Commander Rodney Harrison wants a section of 123rd St. named after Cardillo.

“It’s been 40 years,” retired NYPD cop Randy Jurgensen, who was at the mosque when Cardillo was killed, told FoxNews.com. “It would be closure for the Cardillo family and the police officers there that day.”

In New York, the City Council typically approves street namings on the recommendation of local Community Boards. But members of Community Board 10, which represents the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, have effectively blocked Harrison’s plan by telling him to seek the approval of local Muslim leaders.

“The biggest concern is you are opening up old wounds,” one board member told Harrison, according an observer at the hearing. “This [incident] was explosive. Harlem was split down the middle,” one board member said to Harrison as he was making his proposal, according an observer at the hearing.

With the proposed street renaming in limbo, the irony of requesting local mosque leaders’ permission to honor a fallen cop is not lost on police.

“I think they have to give the Inspector some sort of answer,” said Jurgensen, who wrote “Circle of Six,” a book about the incident. “They have to answer the request.”

Jurgensen said the board seems to be trying to avoid landing in the middle of a controversy. “They are understandably playing it safe,” he said.

When Harrison attended the meeting with several retired NYPD officers, the board told him he should get a letter of support for the project from local imams. He said he had spoken to several and had been assured they would not object, but he did not get letters expressing their support.

“While he had letters of support, he did not have any from any imams,” said one person from CB 10 who is familiar with the matter. “The letters aren’t required for the proposal to go through, but we feel that those involved with the proposal should reach out to them.”

Harrison, who could not be reached for comment, told the board he doesn’t think it is likely imams will openly back the plan.

“They are not going to come in here and say, ‘thumbs up,'” Harrison said.

CB 10 Chairwoman Henrietta Lyle told FoxNews.com Harrison had not completed his application properly. But at the public meeting, she said the board needs to hear from the mosques and that it is up to the NYPD to arrange a meeting with the imams, according to an observer at the meeting.

“They seem to be making a lot of excuses not to do this for a cop who died trying to protect that community,” said a source familiar with the issue.

Remember, the Muslim population has doubled since 9/11. It’s only going to get worse.

18 thoughts on “NYPD told to get Muslim leaders’ blessing to name street after cop killed in mosque


    • This is nothing more than reverse Racism at its’ best. Officer Cardillo gave his life in defense of the black community but, unfortunately for him, he was the wrong color. Officer Cardillo and his family will always be in my prayers.

      • I totally agree. It is quite evedent that the BLACK FOLKS HATE WHITE COPS. What a shame after they put there life on the line for all.LOCK AND LOAD.

    • They are our new masters. The politically correct hate America more than these terrorists by stealth. Name the street New Israel….

  2. Sounds like the muzzies rule Harlem now, won’t be long before all of NY is under muzzie rule. This is total bullshit!!! The muzzies need to pack their crap and go back to where they belong and that IS NOT in the United States. This is really disrespectful to the Police Dept and Cardillo’s family.

    • Well, so many blacks are muslim, and why do you think that is? I agree with your comment, Keith, but have to say that racism is alive and well in USA–and here in Canada, and has increased in leaps and bounds since obama was voted in.

      It should be obvious to all Americans that obama is doing a terrible job–but blacks will vote for him again; just because he is black, and you can’t get more stupid than that.

  3. This is a disgrace. We have to ask Muslims if we can honor a fallen police office? Screw them and the camel they came in on!

  4. Wow… this amazes me because being a New Yorker, I know how much this city honors its NYPD – especially the fallen. AND the gunman that killed the cop got off??? Nah…

    • from their website:
      1. WE BELIEVE In the One God whose proper Name is Allah
      2. WE BELIEVE in the Holy Qur’an

      • Keep posting what they believe it derails what you’re claiming. It’s the WD Mohamed is the last prophet and their segregationist beliefs that put them outside the fold of Islam. I would be no more welcome there as a white Muslim than you would be. You can hate Muslims, that’s fine. Ignorance tends to lead to hate. By the way, how about some follow up? Did they say it was OK. Allah is God’s name in Arabic, the claim that God’s proper name is Allah is not a requirement to be Muslim, only to recognize that he is the only god, whether you call him YHWH, Jehovah, God, Allah, The Creator, The Great Spirit, etc.

        • No. Allah is the moon god. Their version of christ is coming back to destroy the infidels. The koran is a corruption of the bible, satans’ counterfeit, actually. Similar, but deadly. The hard evidence demonstrates that the god Allah was a pagan deity. In fact, he was the Moon-god who was married to the sun goddess and the stars were his daughters. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/moongod.htm


          Ishmael is the original arab/ muslim, when man tried to help God.
          At the age of 14, Ishmael became a free man along with his mother. Under Mesopotamian law, their freedom enjoined them from laying claim to any inheritance that Abraham and Sarah had. The Lord’s covenant also made clear Ishmael was not to inherit Abraham’s house and that Isaac would be the instrument of the covenant.

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