CAIR’s Lawfare over Best Buy Petition Fails

There is nothing the Hamas-linked Muslim extremists at CAIR won’t do to silence Americans – waging legal terrorism over an online petition! via Fox News: ‘BEST BUY-COTT’ :: Islamist Watch.

After the Fox News segment, was threatened with a lawsuit unless they removed the boycott Best Buy petition. In fact, the petition was removed for a number of hours. But when it was proven that the facts were true (truth is an absolute defense in defamation lawsuits), put the petition back up.

Lawfare is a common tactic used by Islamists to silence their critics. They file baseless, predatory lawsuits that are eventually dismissed. But the cost of defending against them is often prohibitive – just the threat of a lawsuit can be an effective bullying tactic. The Middle East Forum’s Legal Project promotes free speech by assisting in the defense of lawfare victims.

Keep the pressure on Best Buy – contact them – and keep up to date via Islamist Watch.


Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to the Best Buy CEO and six other officials objecting to their company’s support for CAIR.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the “Send Your Message” button. Because opponents try to use our email system to send opposing messages we NO longer allow for changes in the wording of the subject line or message of the email prepared for you to send.

Please click here to send your email to the Best Buy CEO and six other officials objecting to their company’s support for CAIR.

Best Buy Co., Inc.
7601 Penn Ave. South        
Richfield, MN 55423    
Phone: 612-291-1000
Fax: 612-292-4001

Please help this important effort to oppose corporate support for Islamization of America by forwarding this article to family and friends.  Opponents to the TLC show All-American Muslim sent 1,184,447 emails to advertisers through Florida Family Association’s email system.  We hope to break that record in this campaign.

6 thoughts on “CAIR’s Lawfare over Best Buy Petition Fails

  1. Hey cair, HA-HA-HA-HA. When Best Buy finally goes belly up they will have you to thank for it. You will see we Americans will not bow down to you or islam (satan’s religion). Granted there may be some who will, but a large majority of us will NOT! We do not support any company that supports terrorist groups.

  2. Best Buy already announced they are CLOSING 50 stores this year due to bad business decisions (exacerbated by ‘Obama’s failing economy’).

    Choosing to align with CAIR is just another suicidal business decision that will come back to haunt Best Buy.

    The platinum irony of Best Buy’s decision to double down in support of CAIR, with this failed law suit, presents the perfect opportunity to all counter-jihad activists.

    As each Best Buy location is closed, and as future opportunities present themselves to shoppers when driving past yet another deserted big box brick & mortar Best Buy location, simply point to this platinum boondoggle as THE prime example of Best Buy’s failed business policy.

    It’s simple math. Wherever Islam flexes it’s muscle, businesses lose money, the local economy contracts, shrivels and fails.

    Lan astaslem.

  3. Anyone boycotting Best Buy so it will fail is foolish. However, those who want Best Buy to reconsider the wisdom of aligning with a seditious criminal organization intent on destroying America (or so the national director of CAIR states), at least has his heart in the right place. Best Buy is an American company, employing Americans, enjoyed by Americans, and Best Buy needs to figure out that American businesses, like American citizens, have responsibilities, and that definitely does not mean empowering the Muslim Mafia to the detriment of America. Should Best Buy fail to realize that, any consequences will be of their own making. An east wind is rising; time to make sure you are on the right side of history.

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