Jihadists Seize Christian Village in Syria, Expel Its Residents

Crickets. via Jihadists Seize Christian Village in Syria, Expel Its Residents. h/t to blogroll member Jihad in Malmo

(AINA) — Armed jihadist seized control of Qastal al-Burg village on Thursday, May 10, and ordered its 10 Christian families to leave, according to a report published by UPI on its Arabic language website.

A resident of the village, who did not wish to be identified, said “armed jihadist (expiatory) group came to the village and ordered us to leave our homes empty handed.” The armed group, he further stated, “have exercised their control over all the houses, and occupied the church and made it as their command control center.”

Qastal al-Burg village is in the province of Hama and is 48 kilometers northwest of Hama.

Translated from Arabic by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi.

3 thoughts on “Jihadists Seize Christian Village in Syria, Expel Its Residents

  1. I think this may be a sign that Assad may be losing control – after all, he has basically protected the Christian communities. OTOH, it may also have been part of his secret deal with the Devil (i.e., the jihadists) in order to stay in power? Very interesting, albeit very troubling and certainly VERY sad, development…

  2. Difficult to know exactly what is happening there, given that all our news has already passed through ‘biased’ journalists. Agree with you Joy that he has protected Christians up to now, at least; and perhaps people in Western countries should think before parroting the call by that miserably failed organization, UN for Assad to step down.

    The UN has said that all along in the so-called Arab spring, and look at the results–the muslim brotherhood has waltzed in. And now they’re doing it again. Assad may not be the best leader, but at least he’s head and shoulders above the alternative. One must remember the UN is controlled by islam.

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