Illinois Senate finally rejects Muslim member of human rights panel

Time to reject the entire, redundant commission that wastes tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, including nearly half a million to this one Muslim. via Illinois Senate rejects Muslim member of human rights panel – Peoria, IL –

SPRINGFIELD — A longtime member of the Illinois Human Rights Commission was denied another term Thursday, in part because of material on his website about the Nation of Islam that condemned interracial marriage.

Those opposed to re-appointing Munir Muhammad to the commission also said he has praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is known for human rights abuses and strident opposition to Israel.

“To appoint someone with these radical views to the Human Rights Commission, I think is a travesty,” said Sen. Tim Bivins, R-Dixon.

But Muhammad’s supporters praised him and his work on the commission, which rules on allegations of illegal discrimination.

“He’s highly respected in the community, and he’s a good man,” said Sen. James Meeks, a Democrat and pastor of a major Chicago church. “He’s not a hate-monger.”

Muhammad is an official in the Coalition for the Remembrance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who led the Nation of Islam for decades. The coalition’s website includes a statement saying “intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited.”

It’s not clear from the website whether the coalition endorses that view or is presenting it to show what Elijah Muhammad believed. The site says its mission is “to give you the unedited words” of Elijah Muhammad. It also calls his teachings “just plain truth.”

Munir Muhammad’s nomination failed 20-30 Thursday in the Illinois Senate.

He has served on the Human Rights Commission since 2003, making $46,960 a year and winning compliments from his colleagues. When his position on the board drew some public attention in 2006, the chairman issued a statement saying Muhammad “has served with distinction, integrity and humility.”

Gov. Pat Quinn’s office wouldn’t discuss the nomination. “The Senate has voted and we’ll move on from here,” spokeswoman Brooke Anderson said.

A message left at Muhammad’s home was not immediately returned. Attempts to reach him through the Human Rights Commission were not successful.

Just how many Muslims has Illinois Governor Quinn appointed and to what? We told you he appointed a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader To New Advisory Council. So don’t be surprised when he replaces this guy with a CAIR-recommended Muslim Brotherhood linked Islamist.

5 thoughts on “Illinois Senate finally rejects Muslim member of human rights panel

  1. You can be wrong and good at the same time!. However, at the end what matters is the perception and final judgement of society, and your committment to its rules and principles.
    Mr Muhammat is a good man, however by virtue of his distorted ideas he brough himlef far away from society.

  2. Rep. Meeks said Munir Muhammad is not a hate monger. He is right about that. The TRUTH is that his god allah, the one thought up by mohammad, rewards those who protect islam. They are ‘highly respected’ in their community because they protect COLONISTS from Natives-non-muslims. Since violence does not require hate, Meeks is on target. Just think of the pleaure side of it, like raping a six year old for gratification.

  3. Thanks Governor Quinn for wasting my hard earned money on this asshole mooslime! Anticipating YOU being voted out of Office in the near future! Quinn, you are totally worthless as Governor of my precious State!!!

  4. So you think government should stop wasting money on promoting human rights. That can be either

    1. because you think that human rights are more efficiently promoted by private enterprise, or

    2. you agree with the sharia that human rights are a waste of time.

    In either case you are a prize nincompoop.

    It so happens that human rights are the very kernel and essence of government. If you are opposed to government promoting human rights, that means that you are opposed to human rights per se.

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