Mayo Clinic Fires Muslim Doctor Promoting Female Genital Mutilation (video)

Sun TV needs to expand into the US…immediately. Not only do they cover real issues that every other outlet in the world is afraid to cover honestly, they also source material from the blogosphere when the media fails to do its job.

Original translation of Hatem’s work via Translating Jihad: AMJA Senior Committee Member: Female Genital Mutilation Is ‘an Honor’ per Islam

Story via Blazing Cat Fur

Dr. Elhagaly is no longer employed or caring for patients at Mayo Clinic Health System in Albert Lea. We are working with his patients to transition their care to another physician. Because this is a personnel issue, we cannot comment further on Dr. Elhagaly’s employment status. Female circumcision in children, referred to as female genital mutilation in U.S. legal statutes, is a felony-level child abuse crime. Mayo Clinic strongly opposes the procedure and it has never been performed at any Mayo Clinic facility.

Video via Gateway Pundit, Mayo Clinic Dumps Radical Muslim Doctor for Promoting Female Genital Mutilation

36 thoughts on “Mayo Clinic Fires Muslim Doctor Promoting Female Genital Mutilation (video)

  1. Thank goodness the Mayo Clinic had sense enough to make this call and not feel pressured to be politically correct. There is absolutely nothing good about islam, period.

    • If one would actually read about Islam they would see that procedure is strictly forbidden. Is something equally horrible allowed in Christianity? No, people make mistakes not their religion. It’s one big world out there, we need to know the facts not heresay.

      • b….

        Sorry, it’s not heresay…it’s factual! Just google it….I’m sure you can find all sorts of pics to look at where it shows muslim girls having their clitoris and the lips sewn up so that only a small opening exists to the vagina.
        It may say in the Quran that it’s forbidden but the truth of the matter is that it’s happening because most Islamists do not read their Quran but follow some idiotic Imam!

      • We have read the Hadith – sorry… you are wrong. Bukhari 7, 72, 779 and then in Muslim 003, 0684 and in Shari’ah e4.3 in Arabic states” Circumcision is obligatory for every male and female … I think it is YOU who needs to study about Islam.

        • Way past time to clean house in DC. It is time to Flush all the current scoundrels in the executive, legislative and judicial branch out of DC and closely followed by abolish about 90 percent of the Fascist Totalitarian Bureaucracies which have been constructed by both the Democrats and Republicans which are nothing more than one party as they exist today, and that is why they both Equally Hate the TEA Party and the Libertarian Party. I just heard that our Celbrity Thugs occupying the White House had Mooch-Elle Obama announce the winner of the Best Movie of the year at the Hollywood Awards where the Communists Gather annually and Admire each others Perverted or Subversive movies produced from the West Coast Cespool called Hollywood, a mirror image of DC, the East Coast Cespool. For any illitareates reading this, a Cespool, is a Septic Tank that collects the Crap you flush down your toilets.

  2. And to think that we have Muslims amongst us who are, in the end, planning to dominate the world, including the good old US of A. Wake Up Americans, there is not such thing as a moderate Muslim

  3. The muzzies think pork is unclean when it is they themselves that are pigs. They sure know how to ruin a good thing.

  4. They believe that Allah created everything but he made a mistake when he gave women a clit. I also think he made a mistake when he made muzzies.

  5. The Mayo Clinic a model for all…Identify then remove! No tolerance. No PC.

    No one ever mentions the number of girls who incur an infection after FGM, having their vigina sewed up, and
    legs tied together to stop the bleeding, that DIE!

    Sun News should win an award for their news reporting.

    Say No 2 Mo!

  6. Score one for the MEDICAL FIELD! About time some one brought this BUTCHERY TO LIGHT in a CIVIL WORLD. Islam treats women like ANIMALS of no value. If it wasn’t for the female folks the MUZZI’S wouldn’t exist!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • A real life story witnessed first hand today, Tuesday, 06 March 2012. I was on my way from home and like I do many days, I stopped at the little convenience store closest to my home which is on the way, to pick up cigarettes, milk, etc. I… have long known that the owner of the little store, a convenience store, was from India, and had always assumed he was Hindu. This gentleman also owns several other convenience stores and also a truck stop. Each time I stop into this mans store, if he is working, he always has on a conservative talk radio show in the background. I have never engaged in political speech with this guy, just assuming he was a grateful immigrant living the American Dream and making big bucks in a Free Society and I assumed he was a conservative American, and likely of the Hindu Faith. Today. when I stopped in, he was listening to a conservative talk radio show and they were speaking of the primaries going on today, and I mentioned that I was a Newt Gingrich supporter. He said, “Newt Gingrich does not have a chance.” He went on to say that “the USA and the world is going to be dominated by Islam and Muslims because that was God’s Plan.” I then asked this: “Where did you say you are from?” He answered, “from India, but I am a Muslim.” I said, I thought that most Indians were Hindu.” He said, “Yes, but it was supposed to be Muslim and that is why we now have Pakistan.” Of course, as a history major in college at Auburn University, I knew of the Muslim-Hindu Split in India that created the so-called state and nation of Pakistan. This Muslim Businessman told me that it was “God’s Plan to take over the world, and it was just a matter of time.” I walked out of that store and said, :”You just got your last dime from me, and that I would stand by my earlier observations that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.” They have long-range plans, and that plan is world domination, and worse, they truly believe it is destiny as per God’s Plan. If this does not awaken you, then you are already brain dead. Think about this the next time you visit your local convenience store or motel run by Muslims. If you support them with your business, you are financing your won destruction and the destruction or your country.

    • There are things that a person knows because he or she has learned. There are things that we do not know, but could learn if we were to have the interest, intellect and desire to learn it. All the things that we can learn are in the realm of knowledge that can be learned and understood, and thereby, Knowable to humans.

      And, then there are those things in the realm of the “unknowable”. Those would be things such as the creation of the earth, mankind, and the universe generally.

      Scientists have “theories such as a big bang, etc.” Religions throughout history have had “creation stories” that they use as an explanation of how it all began.

      The Scientists are no closer to knowing “unknowables” than are the various religions.

      A fool is somebody of science or religion who professes to know Absolutely how it all began.

      It is fair for a scientist to say, “I have an idea or a theory, but I don’t know anything that I can call a certainty or absolute.” It is fair for a religious person to say, “I have a belief and faith, but I don’t know anything that I can call a certainty or absolute. I have a faith and belief.”

      But, it is pretty well documented that people who have a religious faith and belief generally act more morally and act in the best interest of others and of society as a whole.

      An, it is also pretty well documented that people who have no faith, and in fact, deny the existence of God and Have No Tolerance for Religion or Religious Practices, tend to become Absolute Totalitarian States that will Crucify and Destroy anybody who expresses their religious or other moral beliefs if they go astray with Official Totalitarian State Policies, Rules, and laws. And, therefore, it is known and is historically correct that Atheistic Governments such as Totalitarian Communism is responsible of Mass Genocide.

      So, ask yourself you atheists? Would you rather live in a nation that has Religious Beliefs and allows the Practice of Religion, or would you rather live in a Totalitarian Communist and Atheist State? For, even if you protest the government on any grounds of right or wrong in an Atheist State, you will lose your freedom or your life if you dare protest.

      • Jerome, your comment started off well, and then went off the tracks. I thought we were discussing female genital mutilation, and suddenly you’re going crazy about atheists?

        Mind, you have plenty of company; mention the word ‘atheist’ and Michael Coren (SUN news, Canada) goes completely haywire, Melanie Phillips regularly dumps on atheists, as do many others too numerous to list here.

        For some ridiculous reason, many people equate atheists with communist regimes–which were/are supposed to be atheist, (although most of their people are/were not) but that has nothing to do with the way most atheists think.

        Personally, I just could not believe there was an ever loving god up in the sky, smiling benevolently down. That was in 1940, I was 5 yrs old. When december rolls around, I wish people ‘merry Christmas!’ To me it’s just a pleasant custom.

        I’m not a rabid religion hater, if others are religious–that’s their business, no skin off my nose; nor should it worry you that I don’t believe in a non-existent god; that I’m an atheist. If you want to dump on someone, you don’t have to look far to find the real trouble–try islam.

  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics revised its position on female genital mutilation a couple of years ago, recommending that it may be possible to merely nick the clitoris of a female infant to please the Muslim parents, but still avoiding complete mutilation. In the revision of the policy statement, they avoided the term mutilation and chose the word cutting instead. However, US laws forbid cutting also, which the statement lamented. I saved this revision to my computer since I knew stuff would soon hit the fan. Sure enough, they revised their revision, but still the AAP is using the term cutting instead of the term mutilation. This is from an organization which is supposed to protect children. However, it is run by leftists (who were gungho for Obamacare) who only allow leftists into leadership positions. I am a pediatrician and I have no way to voice my opinion in this organization. It is not only Muslims who are attempting to sneak this into the US- liberals are watching their back.

  8. MUSLIM? DOCTOR? Don’t use these words together. Would you feel comfortable as a Jew visiting one of these? What does the Koran tell the good doctor to do with Jews? I wouldn’t trust him to clean toilets at a pig farm. And now he brings in his “religion”

    • If Obamacare is not struck down entirely by the Supreme Court you will seen many more Muslim doctors in the US, especially in pediatrics. Pediatrics already has a large number of positions filled by foreign medical graduates, because not enough graduates of American medical schools want to go into the field. Pediatrics is the lowest paid field of medicine, with doctors earning less than pharmacists in many areas of the country. The hours are long. It will just get tougher under Obama. Foreign graduates often have gotten into their foreign schools after bribing the schools. The schools are of questionable quality in many cases. Even though they have to complete a US residency, they often know much less than their American trained counterparts. Most likely it is because they are accepted into residencies where no one else wants to go, and they receive poor instruction.

  9. Just do some research on some of the activites those Muslim doctors like to do in their free time in the UK, like attempting to drive exploding cars into airports, etc.

  10. Hey folks….Sun News network shows can be watched from your computer! here’s a link…

    You can watch all the videos of all the shows. My favorites are By-line with Brian Lilley, The Source with Ezra Levant, The Arena with Michael Coren and Charles Adler with Adler Nation.

    They are the only network who will say it like it is! They even do coverage of American news also!!!

    As for the topic of this article. FGM has no place in our society! It is a barbaric practice on little girls without the aid of anesthesia! Many problems occur because of it, some life threatening! Glad one troglodyte witch doctor is gone!

    • Most parents aren’t following a so-called religion when they have their BABY boys circumsized….most will believe their Doctors who say that it’s more hygienic. Lots of parents though are not doing this to their children just cuz the Doctor said so….some also do so cuz they want the little one to look just like daddy.
      Where I live in Canada…we had a choice to either have it done or not. We chose NOT.

  11. Creeping…

    Would you be able to send me an email?
    I have some info. about Sun News Network that I really would like you to know and share!
    They are in the fight of their lives right now with the CRTC which gives them their Broadcasting License. They might now get it renewed!! Sun News also wants to be able to get on the Regular Cable so that most would be able to have access to their shows.

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  13. I believe that the Koran neither requires nor forbids FGM. But Muslim extremists will still use it to keep women down.

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