Huffington Post hires Muslim extremist as political director

Hiring Islamists is all the rage. Nancy Pelosi just hired one [Pelosi hires Muslim editor of disgraced liberal pro-sharia blog], now Huffpo adds to their militia. Another new news source – Washington Free Beacon exposing the many threats to the U.S., usually from within. via HuffPo’s House Jihadi

A devout Muslim who has praised Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and publicly branded all non-believers as mentally ill “animals” was recently hired to serve as the Huffington Post’s political director in the U.K.

Mehdi Hasan, a controversial British media figure whom insiders have billed as a mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, recently left his job at the left-wing New Statesman magazine to join the Huffington Post as a senior staffer, according to reports in the British press.

The Huffington Post merged with Internet giant AOL in February 2011 to form the Huffington Post media group.

Hasan formerly served as political editor of the New Statesman, which is affiliated with a socialist political party and has faced criticism for publishing articles that many observers have deemed anti-Semitic. In one instance, the New Statesman published an article titled “A Kosher Conspiracy” that purported to expose the great power of Britain’s “pro-Israel lobby.” The cover of that issue featured a Star of David piercing a Union Jack.

Sidebar: Communist Party USA Endorses Obama For 2012

Hasan can be seen on tape delivering multiple religious screeds in which he accuses non-Muslims of being animals and mentally inferior.

“We do not bend our law, or morality for short term aims,” Hasan is seen saying in one video recording of his lecture. “Never. And we never lose the moral high ground.”

“Once we lose the moral high ground we are no different from the rest, of the non-Muslims, from the rest of those human beings who live their lives as animals, bending any rule to fulfill any desire,” Hassan said.

He goes on in the recording to praise Iran’s Khamenei for issuing a religious ban or “fatwa” against nuclear weapons, despite that country’s continuing pursuit of nuclear arms.

In a separate audio recording, Hasan can be heard describing disbelief in Islam as an “infirmity” or mental illness.

“His views as you can hear through those infamous videos, are grossly intolerant and hateful towards non-Muslims,” Raheem Kassam, the executive editor of The Commentator, a conservative online journal, told the Free Beacon. “I see no legitimate way to contextualize things like that. It’s the extreme of the extremes.”

Kassam also called into question whether Hasan’s comments fall foul of U.K. legislation set out to combat extremists.

In his writings, Hasan has defended the Iranian regime on multiple occasions and has tried to rationalize President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s many calls for Israel’s destruction.

In addition, Hasan offered a vociferous defense of Jenny Tonge, a liberal British politician who said, “Israel will not last forever.”

Moreover, Hasan has come under fire for fabricating defamatory information about his political rivals.

Andrew Gilligan, London editor of the Telegraph newspaper, noted that Hasan falsely accused him of being a tool of Iran’s state-run media due to the pair’s political disagreements.

The Commentator’s Kassam argued Hasan might have parted ways with the New Statesman due to his toxic political views.

OK, so he’s no extremist, this is standard Islamic ideology. Read it all.

11 thoughts on “Huffington Post hires Muslim extremist as political director

  1. I want to wake up from this bad dream.

    Sharia Islam is no longer creeping. Sharia Islam is now RUSHING!

    Rushing Sharia

    Say No 2 Mo!

    • Public law 102-14. No Shari’a law mentioned but oh yes, Noahide law is now the law in America to have replaced the 10 commandments…but you keep focusing on the Muslims. :)

  2. “as you can hear through those infamous videos, are grossly intolerant and hateful towards non-Muslims” ah yeah buddy you ALL think us animals so really spare us.

  3. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    I am Roman Catholic. I will not forsake my faith for no one and I am not an animal. I think with my brain, which is more than I can say for the new Huffington Post Muslim Extremist Political Advisor. Shame on them for being so blind. Excuse me: I don’t follow the blind into the pits.

  4. Hasan is the “mentally ill animal”, well, he’s muslim isn’t he? And by the way, he shouldn’t denigrate animals, which are nicer and smarter than muslim cretins.

    muslims “never lose the moral high ground?” What an oxymoron! muslims have never held the moral high ground, how could they? They have no morals.

  5. Don’t worry, a move from the new statesman ‘an award winning political published magazine’ to an on-line newspaper which is American (and he’s in the UK section) this is a step down the ladder. A demotion of sorts. I think Mohamed must be angry with him.
    Someone so obviously a religious zealot will appeal to readers who are like minded, I can’t see him having much mainstream success. He might even be demoted again in the future to an even more lowly on-line paper, and will eventually end up as editor for the Islamic playground.
    Actually I like animals, I am one. What I hope is I’m not mentally deranged. I know looks don’t count but I can’t resist adding that objectively he’s an ugly, bug eyed, weedy looking, little man. Ahh I feel better having said that, must dash now as I have to go and fulfill my desires.

  6. They are here and in your face. There are 5 working in the White House. They know our ways and how to exploit. How long til they are majority and have the vote? We fly hundreds more in everyday. We the people are going away if we don’t wake up soon.

  7. “Once we lose the moral high ground of sex with the dead, and raping farm animals, wife beatings, killing children, and Christians, we are no different from the rest of the murders. Non-Muslims, who find our behaviour disgusting and vile, say we are separate from the rest of those human beings who live their lives above animals, above Islam, know we muslims are bending any rule to fulfill any desire,” What Hassan really said.

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