10 Morning Reads

Just a few of the bookmarks never posted.

  1. Al Qaeda-style tactics in Syria – Why? Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Join Hands
  2. Muslims grooming white girls, why did no one listen to victim?
  3. Pakistani students raped woman, 20, after she fell asleep on night bus on way home from night out
  4. Infidel Hedegaard avoids prosecution for Islamic blasphemy in Denmark. For now.
  5. Outraged Husband Stabbed Wife to Death in Front of 300 Guests
  6. Saudis Supply 90 Percent of Jihad Funding
  7. Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation sides with Iran over fallen U.S. Marines
  8. Judicial Watch Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Filmmakers
  9. Fun with numbers: find out how many refugees came to your town in last 5 years
  10. And for those who don’t have it: Reliance of the Traveller: Handbook of Shari’ah

What are you reading?


5 thoughts on “10 Morning Reads

  1. Sent a copy of this to my Air Force son serving in Afghanistan as a paralegal adviser. When he goes out to visit his ‘clients’, he is dressed in full combat gear which includes two weapons but no exploding vest.

      • Thank you.When he was home on leave just a while ago he remarked he advised just one leader who he classified as progressive meaning he tried to be fair and not tribal. What happens to these people when obama pulls out? There wil be an ‘amnesty’ I think, but who will he let in our country?

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