NJ: Mall security asks Muslim convert to show face, she whines to media (video)

via HalalBoozeShack

Recall Bridgewater is the same New Jersey town where Muslims are forcing a huge mosque in a very rural, affluent neighborhood.

Also only about 50 miles from Philadelphia where robbers don similar attire to rob banks and kill.

Fortunately for shoppers, this loud mouth says she’ll shop elsewhere. Unfortunately, the security guard was submitted to Islamic dawah.

Contact IPC International here.

100+ more posts on New Jersey’s sharia problem in our archives, here.

20 thoughts on “NJ: Mall security asks Muslim convert to show face, she whines to media (video)

  1. My GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!! You dont know who or what is COWERING UNDER THAT TENT. I dont blame the guard in his actions. IT MIGHT HAVE HAD AN AK47 UNDER THAT TENT intend on doing great harm in that mall. Then for his company to APOLIGIZE TO THIS NUT CASE, THEY SUCK. LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. Isn’t that what a security guard is supposed to do? When we go to an airport were all groped now because of Muslims wanting to kill us all. Yet its these garbage bag wearing a-holes that get through without being groped. Why?

  3. Why doesn’t she just leave and go to Pakistan or Iran where this sort of Islamic nonsense is part of every day life. I think most of us have moved beyond the 7th century BC. Most of us know that Mohamed was a degenerate and a pedophile.

  4. It’s really pretty simple. If the Muslims want to live in American they live by our laws and customs. Otherwise they choose another place to live.

    • North east Calgary–“Favela” country. What in Sam Hill got into Calgarians, voting one in as Mayor?! I was 26 yrs in Southern Alberta, and thought they had more sense.

      Just today, Superstore in Duncan (Vancouver Island) is offering halal….. despite the fact there are only a few muslim families, and over 25,000 of us.

  5. I don’t want cultural diversity. I don’t want this whore of Islam to be apologized to. I want safety. She isn’t even covered up correctly. You can see her eyes and her hands.

  6. the stupid media once again meddling where it shouldn’t and giving this shrill mouthed harpy a platform to whine on…don’t the media EVER think about the consequences of their actions? the tv interviewer just gave carte blanche to every would be robber who watched that news clip, that Bridgewater Mall is now ripe for the pickings if the thief wears a niqab…seeing that Security have now been sufficiently deballed, and will never ever dare again to challenge anyone in a niqab……can I get a Duh on that….?
    Hope they expect to be robbed anytime soon..what utter stupidity!!
    Hope the shop owners at the Mall pick another Security Firm that will do the job…with NO apologies!

  7. If it helps anyone, Canada is NO LONGER ALLOWED to look in the burkha bag. The owner/man hands the passports in, and no bags are inspected. We might as well shut the TSA down, as muslims are not inspected, only Americans. one and one do not equal two under Obama.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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