Ellison: Congressmen ‘Who Believe Jesus is Coming Back’ Show Anti-Muslim Movies

Check the video at Breitbart – it wouldn’t load here via Ellison: Congressmen ‘Who Believe Jesus is Coming Back’ Show Anti-Muslim Movies On Capitol Hill.

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) wanted to be sure to let everyone at the Minnesota film festival it was only those “folk who believe Jesus is coming back” that show what “Anti-Muslim” movies at Capitol Hill screenings.

Rep. Ellison named Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) by name as someone who shows these “ugly” films.

This from a Muslim congressman who at one time was posting troop deployment locations on his website.

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USMC veteran Chris Fields (R) enters race vs Congressman Keith Ellison

24 thoughts on “Ellison: Congressmen ‘Who Believe Jesus is Coming Back’ Show Anti-Muslim Movies

  1. Jesus is coming back and boy is he pissed at the citizens of this country who have turned their backs on Him and on decency and morality in general. God Bless America, and Please Hurry!!!!!!!

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  3. Demotraitor citizens of MN voted Ellison (AKA Hakim Mohammad) the first Muslim into congress.. Google/ Muslim Ellison should not sit in Congress/ by Judge Roy Moore. The other Muslim also a democrat.is Andre Carson of Indianapolis

    • It is important to write peoples names as you did keepyourpeace

      Don’t say “care” say “C. A. I. R.

      FYI Congressman Ellison (aka Mohammed) took the oath of office on the Koran.

      Say No 2 Mo!

      • It doesn’t mean a thing since that same book assures him that he can lie. cheat, steal , mutilate, or perform any heinous act in the book as long ad Islam profits from it. Do you defend him because you to are a muslim or because you feel that if you politely feed this vicious crocodile.he will deign to est you last ? There is only one Islam and it wants all kaffirs dead.

  4. Hellooooo Keith! Muslims ALSO “believe Jesus is coming back.” Maybe you should brush up on YOUR religion before you bash someone else’s?

    • Unfortunately muslims believe in a different Jesus; the Jesus they believe in will come back saying he is a muslim and then proceed to kill all the Jews and Christians that do not convert to Islam. I pray they wake up and find the True Jesus, the Son of the Living God before it is too late!

      • There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Being moderate for a while, even for decades is part of their long range plan. Ultimately, Islam teaches and preaches Destruction of All Other Beliefs and of all Other People who Do Not Submit to Islam. It is not actually a religion. It is a Military Campaign carried out with Religious Fervor and Masks itself as a Religion, so they can say, “We have Freedom Of Religion, so you have to Let Us Do What We Want.” Whey they attend Religious Services, these Services are actually Planning Strategies and Reminders of what their long range plans are and that is World Domination.” Wake Up America. No civilized society can survive once these folks reach a Majority. Look at Iran. Case Closed. Look at Saudi Arabia. Islam is a Man’s Paradise. The Man Has All The Power and Women have None.

        • You are exactly right in you say there is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ muslim; even though they may not be acting in an extreme manner themselves they are still sympathetic to the cause of the extremists and commanded to support them. So many in this nation, including our government need to realize the goal of Islam is to take over the world for allah which they believe is the true god. It is indeed a religion, a religion of Satan, the counterfeit to Christianity. Islam is a religion and political system wrapped up in one; you cannot separate the two from each other. They believe Jesus was only a prophet as their god allah did not share deity with a son and to believe he did is the worst sin you can commit according to islam (called the sin of shirk). In order for satan to win he knows he needs to make God’s Word a lie; the prophecy of Jesus’ Second Coming a lie. That is why Islam commands that all Jews and Christians must convert or be killed; if there are no Jews left and Israel be taken by islam then Jesus will not have anything to come back to and the prophecy will not come to pass. I truly believe this world is being shaped right now to bring the prophecy of the Psalm 83 war; the nations in the middle east are in turmoil and will soon come under shariah, and Russia and China are giving their support. What they do not realize but will soon find out is Israel will never be destroyed; Jesus wins!!

          • The aim of Islam is world domination. Nothing more and nothing less. I have talked to seemingly nice, moderate Muslims who run convenience stores, etc. right in my neighborhood, and they will openly say that USA politics and actions is irrelevant, that “it is Allah’s Will that Islam is to dominate the entire Earth.” I have heard it right of the mouth of a man from India, who is a Muslim, tell me this, and he says it as if it is absolute fact. There is no such thing a moderate Muslim as they truly believe that it is Allah’s Will that they dominate the entire world. If this does not alarm you, then go back to sleep and don’t act surprised when we have been taken over by our enemies with the aid of our own government if it continues as it is now under the Obama Regime.

          • Yes, Jerome, the plan of islam is to take over the world, but it is not God’s plan, allah is not God! They will definitely take over the middle east, and they have already taken over a large part of Europe, they have even taken over Dearborn, MI; however they will not take over Israel and the United States! People are waking up and most importantly Christians are waking up; allah is not real and muslims are beginning to realize that by the thousands each day! It does not help that there are people (the Pope, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Rick Warren, and many others) trying to push ‘Chrislam’, saying we have a lot in common when we do not. The fact is it is going to get a lot worse, but in the end, they will not win!!!

  5. Why do the citizens of Minnesota keep putting that dirtbag Ellison back in office? Are they all brain dead to his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR. Ellison is for sharia law here in America. That in itself should be enough to vote his ass out.

  6. Doesn’t Ellison know that Muslims believe Jesus IS coming back, and when he does he will “break all the crosses” (i.e. destroy Christianity) and get married?

    • Those folks in Minnesota elected a Communist Comedian, Al Franken to the U.S. Senate, so what do you expect from the Great Socialist Who live in Minnesota. Minnesota is mostly inhibited by folks from Europe who were fleeing Nazism and Communism, but in their hearts and souls, they still embrace Socialism, because the current residents of Minnesota did not have parents who taught them about the evils of Socialism.

    • Those folks in Minnesota elected a Communist Comedian, Al Franken to the U.S. Senate, so what do you expect from the Great Socialist Who live in Minnesota. Minnesota is mostly inhibited by folks from Europe who were fleeing Nazism and Communism, but in their hearts and souls, they still embrace Socialism, because the current residents of Minnesota did not have parents who taught them about the evils of Socialism, all Socialist Nations eventually become Fascistic, Dictatorial, And Tyrannical Regimes that will destroy all their opponents by whatever means necessary. Many of the Minnesotans are of Scandinavian Descent and fled their countries ahead of Hitler’s Murderous Regime, or some were actually collaborators witht he Regime and escaped to USA pretending to be an ally. Al Franken likely came from Traitors of his nation who collaborated with Nazis. That is why he is so mean spirited, evil and corrupt. He won an election by recounts after being defeated. That should tell you something of the Minnesota Regime Government.

      • Yes Jerome, it tells me something. When people win elections in this manner it usually stinks. Also, amazing the number of people who, when told of this say: “It couldn’t happen here”. But it does; and more often than most realize.

    • Of course he does and couldn’t be happier with the situation. Wonder.if he knows that real Muslims laugh their backside off every time a.black person joins a room or group. Their darling muhammud ( lower case intentional ) coined a word for them. He called them raisin heads and anyone who has ever been in the Emirates or Saudi knows this. They continue.ie to sell blacks into slavery throughout the African continent.

  7. I stood on a corner with teaparty friends with anti jihad message. One person said he had a family and was afraid to speak out about toxic Islam. First they came for THE RICH/The oil people/ anti BHO’s/ XYZ then they came for this man, “WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The way to abolish Shariah Law in the USA is to BAN Islam from being identified as a legitimate religion with constitutional protections as such.  Islam is a socio-political organization that poses as a religion and should be totally outlawed and banned in the USA.  There are plenty of countries that allow this barbaric system.  Those who practice it should stay there, and those who choose to convert should go to a Muslim country to Convert.  Enough of this insanity.  Would we allow a religion called Nazism to Exist where it’s adherents called for the Death to the USA and Death To Jews and Other Ethnic Groups.  Of course we would not.  Well, the so-called religion of Islam calls for the Death To the USA, Death TO Jews and in fact, Death To Anybody Who Refuses To Submit to Allah!!!  Wake Up America, Islam is no religion, in spite of what your Secular Humanist Catholics, The POTUS, Your Secular Humanist Episcopalians and others might tell you.

  9. A real life story witnessed first hand today, Tuesday, 06 March 2012. I was on my way from home and like I do many days, I stopped at the little convenience store closest to my home which is on the way, to pick up cigarettes, milk, etc. I have long known that the owner of the little store, a convenience store, was from India, and I had always assumed he was Hindu. This gentleman also owns several other convenience stores and also a truck stop. Each time I stop into this mans store, if he is working, he always has on a conservative talk radio show in the background. I have never engaged in political speech with this guy, just assuming he was a grateful immigrant living the American Dream and making big bucks in a Free Society and I assumed he was a conservative American, and likely of the Hindu Faith. Today. when I stopped in, he was listening to a conservative talk radio show and they were speaking of the primaries going on today, and I mentioned that I was a Newt Gingrich supporter. He said, “Newt Gingrich does not have a chance.” He went on to say that “the USA and the world is going to be dominated by Islam and Muslims because that was God’s Plan.” I then asked this: “Where did you say you are from?” He answered, “from India, but I am a Muslim.” I said, I thought that most Indians were Hindu.” He said, “Yes, but it was supposed to be Muslim and that is why we now have Pakistan.” Of course, as a history major in college at Auburn University, I knew of the Muslim-Hindu Split in India that created the so-called state and nation of Pakistan. This Muslim Businessman told me that it was “God’s Plan to take over the world, and it was just a matter of time.” I walked out of that store and said, :”You just got your last dime from me, and that I would stand by my earlier observations that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.” They have long-range plans, and that plan is world domination, and worse, they truly believe it is destiny as per God’s Plan. If this does not awaken you, then you are already brain dead. Think about this the next time you visit your local convenience store or motel run by Muslims. If you support them with your business, you are financing your won destruction and the destruction or your country.

  10. Al Franken (Frankenstien) replaced a republican Norm Coleman, by about 20 votes, who was working for the oil companies. A vacation paid for them every 2 weeks. It was not like we had anyone worth voting for…. — dd from MN

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