Video: Battling the Islamist-Leftist Alliance

via Stakelbeck on Terror

Vodpod videos no longer available.

11 thoughts on “Video: Battling the Islamist-Leftist Alliance

  1. In Canada, this is the biggest progressive dhimmi mouthpiece:

    Rabble is heavily supported by unions, both public and private sector. Union members should oppose their funds being used to fund this antisemitic and Christophobic propaganda outlet, which often publishes seditious and illegal material. Also, this is’s ISP:


    Make this ISP aware of the potential ethical and legal ramifications of hosting such a site.

  2. It is easy for islamists and communists to align. They both ascribe to rigid oppressive totalitarian ideology The first claiming the rule of false god Allah, the later drying God and replacing him with the beloved leader. The results are equally bad namely total control of individual mind soul and body. Pure evil

    • The Honourable George Galloway MP (God help us!) was utterly miserable about the fall of the USSR before he found Islam.

  3. There will never be peace so long as islam is around. It would be better to destroy iran and all of hamas before they can nuke Israel or the United States. islam is Satan’s religion.

    • Did you know the Palestinians in Dearborn Mi were paid for by us and brought over by the mighty O? May be those people are less the problem than this leader of Islam running America? Do you see the trouble Obama is causing? Well if the EU collapses, consider all those unemployed ready to riot and burn everything muslims are one executive order from coming here at YOUR expense? Exec. order means congress does not vote, btw. Makes you wonder how many places he has put muslim brotherhood into, and each of these countries had collapsed from the US dollar devaluation. Looks like a plan to anyone? 100 million muslims brought here makes the USA a muslim nation. One executive order and its done!

  4. The business about Brussels and all of Belgium is frightening to say the least. I just mentioned it to my husband and he said ‘Well it’s their own fault!’ Dont think he gets the worldwide connection yet though. The Kafir world is still dominant so where there’s kafirs there’s still lots of hope! I’m gonna share this video around

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  6. The problem, that if eradicated, would solve the problems in the USA is the Socialists in the Democratic Party, who are behind the propaganda machine in the USA, which is made up of the park systems, public schools, colleges, cartoons, sitcoms, movies, news and other Socialist media outlets that caused the protestors to think that they needed to show up at the meeting. These are children of the evil people that constituted the Enlightenment movement in Europe who spawned the Nazis in Germany, the Communists in Russia, Korea, and Vietnam and the ongoing Socialization of Europe, Canada and the USA. The Muslim problem in the USA would then be solvable because there would be no one to empower them any longer.

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