Wisconsin: Another large mosque forced on another rural neighborhood

Another town. Another mosque forced on the community against its wishes. Across the country, elected officials are ignoring their constituents and the obvious threats of an ideology that seeks their demise. Resident speaks via Mosque decision flouted residents’ desires – BrookfieldNOW.

The Brookfield Common Council decision to build a mosque within the city of Brookfield again shows the residents how their voices were heard.

This is not about religious freedom or building a place to worship. This all about Islamic leadership. The culture of Islam vs. religion. Religion to its believers among all denominations is protected by the First Amendment, but the culture of a population is not. This comes into question regarding the religious leader of the Milwaukee Islamic Society, Zulfiqar Ali Shah, and the affiliation he and the Milwaukee Islamic Society have to two questionable organizations: the Islamic Circle of North America and the Industrial Areas Foundation (Common Ground).

The ICNA Vision 2020 seeks to promote destabilizing governments in favor of the Quran and Sharia Law plus Common Ground, a firmly established Saul Alinsky Chicago-based community organizing group that promotes partisan progressive ideology to advance radical political agendas.

The Brookfield residents who were not heard at the Common Council meeting May 7 are well aware of these dangers. Unfortunately this construction was a done deal that the members of the Common Council acknowledged two years ago when the land was purchased. This is not new.

As always, the citizens are kept in the dark until this is shoved down our throats. So taxes, expansion of Calhoun Road, eventually – you bet this is going to happen.

What are we going to do?

You got it. Clean house.

Media version via Mosque rises above opposition in Brookfield – BrookfieldNOW.

The Brookfield Common Council didn’t hear the same kind of vigorous support for the mosque project as the Plan Commission, but in the end it didn’t matter.

The council on Monday unanimously approved the controversial plans, setting aside concerns over Islam and Sharia Law that finally were voiced to city officials after weeks of conversations previously confined only to town hall meetings, online forums and personal conversations.

Some speakers who had spoken solely about traffic and environmental concerns at the public hearing a week ago this time addressed religion specifically.

Mosque officials expressed relief that the council was not swayed by such comments from a small group of residents.

“I’m glad (city officials) saw past some of the smoke-screen issues that were raised in the last several months, so the unanimous vote from the Common Council was very gratifying,” said Islamic Society of Milwaukee President Ahmed Quereshi, who acknowledged he and the organizers knew there would be some opposition from the start.

“We saw it two years ago in this state when a Muslim community tried to build a mosque in Sheboygan,” he said. “We knew that we would see it here too, but we also knew we have been part of this community in Brookfield and Waukesha County for decades.”

Original plans for the mosque were significantly larger, to accommodate a congregation of more than 200. The city’s concerns about traffic actually rejected the project initially, but ISM worked with the city to come back with a proposal to meet Brookfield’s requirements.

What was eventually brought forward was a 13,000-square-foot building and prayer spaces for just over 100 members. Mushir Hassan, a Brookfield doctor and leader of the project, said the group plans to have between 60 and 75 regular congregants for a Friday service, which will run from 1:30 to 2 p.m.

Previous Creeping Sharia posts on Wisconsin – any locals who want to provide us with more info please do so. There is likely much more than meets the eye going on there.

24 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Another large mosque forced on another rural neighborhood

  1. Islam is not a religion in the truest sense no more than Nazism is a religion, but an ideology and political belief that includes the extermination of non-believers. If Islam is legally a religion in the USA today, then we need to release all the Axe Murderers from our Prisons immediately.

  2. Our “tolerance” will kill us. Muslims are counting on this. They do not immigrate so they can assimilate, they come here to dominate. Appeasement of Muslims is submission to Islam.

  3. And so, COLONIZATION follows the traditional pattern of breaking new ground where there is least resistance. A brief survey of European relations with Native Americans will reveal the entire process. Native Americans succumbed to ‘white man diseases’ the moslemite ‘disease’ is ISLAM. Libraries are replete with first hand accounts of devastation by such scourges as cholera. Dearborn MI is in the first stages of the islamic disease called shari’a. European doctors conquered the killer diseases and offered this to Native Americans. There is a cure for islamic parasites; an islamic free country.

  4. Every council member should be voted out of office. A permanent marker should be installed in the town square reminding future generations how their freedom began to be destroyed by corrupt politicians of their city.

    Islam will get you killed because the so called “moderates” do not have the will or power to stand up to the overwhelming evil of the radicals. The radicals are “creating” babies so that, in time, they will become the majority within a geographical area, large or small. They have the time. This has been a 2000 year mission!

    The “American” has a role to play in their own future destiny and the continued role of the United States as a Judeo Christiian nation, based on the Rule of Law and the Constitution. None of these basic principles are tolerated under the Law of Islam – Sharia.

    Look at Europe and you will see the future of America, if we don’t take action now. What action? No legal authority for anything having to do with Islam. Deport immediately upon any conviction. The problem is, our basic philosophy and “Rue of Law” are the achilles heel in trying to fight this threat to the future of America. An emergeny Blue Panel Committe must be assembled to seriously address the issue.

    The “Big Banks” will fight you to the end because they have already adapted their banking practicies to participate in world wide financial transaction that demand they build financial instruments based on Sharia Law. Goodle “Banks Sharia Law” and make your list. Greed, once again, proves to be a driving force toward evil, if businesses are not run by principled individuals.

    Just my opinion!

  5. The answer is very simple: “A PIG, a pig, my kingdom for a PIG!!”, and slaughter the poor beastie, and spread it’s entrails over the lot–and have the media there to report on the event.

    • Sounds like a good idea to me. Have a pig roast with all the trimmings for the community. You could have pig races, pig poop throwing and other competitions.

    • You should know by now that the “pig” solution does not work. Islam is based on duality and double speak, do you really think they don’t have a remedy for your idea?

      • Really? It’s worked in Spain, Australia and yes, in the US. Yes it is insanity, and I agree it has to stop now–so what do you suggest?

      • Could try truth. It may work-after the initial violence which always attends comments by non-moslems.
        Could say, for instance; we don’t want you here because you are violent people who believe we owe you respect because of your religion. We don’t want you here because you run to the federal government every time you don’t get your way. We don’t want you here because you are unable to calmly discuss why your religion is superior to any and all other religions. We don’t want you here because you lie to law enforcement. We don’t want you here because demand to live apart from society. And so on.
        A goal should be to bring a case before a federal judge where islam and the koran have to be explained, like the Scopes ‘monkey trial’ of the 1920’s
        Then again, I am old…

          • My three years in the army 71-74 taught me to be tolerant of others. I’ve tried to live by this. In the case of moslems, there is no tolerance, no trust. I also learned to distance myself from those I don’t trust.Moslems can lie to my face and still be following mohammad’s god allah. Its one thing to avoid scams and such but these folks want people like me dead! So, I am willing to return the favor.

  6. They are not mosques they are barracks. They are monuments to islam on the US landscape. They have at least conquered that small area which will be used to conquer the rest. They are about colonization .

    And in 80% of them they preach sedition. This is NOT freedom of religion , it is insanity and it has to stop now.

  7. An investigation of the council members’ finances is required to find if any bribes were taken. Then they should be given a psychitric evaluation.

  8. I suggest a bike club be put in next door. They have a real fear of Hells Angels, btw. You might find a chapter willing to help out. That would end your mosque there.

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  11. The First Amendment does not protect religions that preach hatred, intolerance toward other religions, or promotes subversion against the established government and its laws of the United States. The problem here is that these people are not here to assimilate, but to subvert and conquer. It is the modern version of the Jihad that triggered the Crusades, but instead of outright assault, they are using subversive means and using American tolerance (as in UK and other places) against us. I cannot understand why we should be tolerant to a religion that is intolerant. It is not what the First Amendment is for nor is it an American ideology. Too many Americans have fallen into the “politically correct” syndrome, where common sense becomes null and void. The religion that cries foul when protests are made of the Islamic culture establishing itself in the United States, is also preaching hatred and violence, and insisting that the US and other nations must bow to their Sharia Law. False. Any immigrant to any nation must assimilate – in language, culture, and especially its form of government and laws. If not, why in the devil did they immigrate? Obviously, not to become part of the American “melting pot”! I am distressed about the Somalian importation here in Wisconsin – not because of their nationality, but because of the Islamic intolerance and hypocrisy of their religion who endeavors to bring their drug culture along with their hate culture.

  12. Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself – https://youtu.be/t_Qpy0mXg8Y

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