Roots of the Arab Slave Trade (video)

While the Commerce Dept considers labeling Arab Americans a disadvantaged minority we found this bit of Arab history over at Kitman TV: Slaves for the Middle east.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is an excellent documentary on the arab-african slavetrade produced by french ARTE dubbed in german and now at last, translated and subtitled into english. The translation is from the hand of VH, who always delivers excellent contributions to the counterjihad internet enlightenment. The subtitles were applied by vladtepesblog which I have already praised innumerous times for their great efforts. Also StopShariaLAw deserves special thanks for insisting that this documentary simply SCREAMS for a wider audience among the english speaking people.

– An instant classic, that belongs up there with all my other cherry-picks, so please take the time to watch it.
This documentary pierces through the whole web of lies and deceit surrounding black slavery. Spread throughout the free world by hostile communist and islamic ideologues. Contemplating the thousands of books dealing with the enslavement of africans is it not peculiar that only a handfull deals with the essential question – “who actually caught and enslaved the free black africans?”.
According to this documentary it was in most cases either muslims or black-africans themselves. The europeans mainly bought the slaves from muslims trading their “kafirs” to the highest bidder.

17 thoughts on “Roots of the Arab Slave Trade (video)

  1. Saudi have perfected the system to in slave kill and take over your nation. Send few mullahs convert your poor uneducated and criminals to islam give them Quran and rest of the killing destruction will be done by in these converts of the same nationalists same countries citizens now called muslims follower of islam saudi culture.
    . They don’t need to spend on soldiers or food Just quran and few mullahs and convert will be tools to take over you nation and your people.
    Working since last 1400 yrs 55 nation one billion converts who have totally lost an forgotten their roots.
    Great operation by saudies working perfectly .No challenge by any one.
    Want peace and property reverse this action.

  2. THIS is what I have been TRYING to tell the black community for years! There are so many converting to Islam now, mainly it spread first through the jails and prisons, then the inmates bring it to their communities when they are released through our revolving door justice system.

    This is a horrible situation, we’ve now got the ghettos, already cesspools of filth, violence, gangs, drugs, animal behavior, and entitlement attitudes, now becoming Islamic on top of all that.

    This is what is brewing in the ghettos all across the USA, and has been for a while. It’s only getting worse, and will continue to do so unless information such as in this video gets out into the those communities.

    But, one good thing. Everyone I’ve told about the Islamic slave trade of Africans, has thought twice about converting to Islam and most of them didnt do it. AND are now educating their fellows about it.

    • Good comment! I’ve been wondering about blacks converting; ‘why’ they do it, and the obvious answer is not nice.

    • you can also tell them that both Sunni and Hia schools do not recognize Nation of Islam or any other American Black versions of Islam. One site I saw warning impressionable young men said to make sure they understand that strict ISLAM allows no MUSIC or dancing unless it’s to glorify ALLAH

  3. Obama is part White and part Black and Arab. He is NOT representative of Black American Civil Rihjts. The Blacks have been duped along with everyone who votes for Obama. Obama’s White Ancesstors SOLD slaves. Obama’s Black Arab ancestors also SOLD Slaves.

    • You know, everyone is blaming everyone else; but the plain, hard fact is slavery has been around as long as humanity.

    • That is what I believed. I don’t know about the White ancestors..but knew about the Black ones. I mentioned it once in a comment section on Yahoo and got lots of hate back. The answer then…The Truth Hurts, doesn’t it?

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