Naming the Enemy (video)

Why we are losing. via Naming the Enemy | Blog – American Freedom Law Center. h/t @LogansWarning who is waging a one-man war on Twitter. Follow him.

It is well-known that by refusing to identify sharia-driven Islam as the enemy in the War on Terror, the Obama administration has seriously undermined the ability to combat this existential threat to American security. Naming or identifying the enemy is important because it allows us to identify the enemy’s threat doctrine–that which motivates his war (i.e., jihad)–and to orient on that threat doctrine (i.e., sharia), not some fictional narrative that we would wish it to be (“hijacked Islam,” extremism, etc.). This skit from the short-lived Fox News comedy show The 1/2 Hour News Hour is funny but tragic because it is satire played out in real life:

12 thoughts on “Naming the Enemy (video)

  1. They need to have a hearing to determine if Stockton’s kind of people are endangering America as a nation and the welfare of Americans, which it is obvious that the Socialists in the Democratic Party are doing and arrest him.

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    • It has been inspired by the Anti-American propaganda machine and supported by the CIA and Israel. The warmongers love it.
      They are tired of being occupied, we would do the same, but then again in this country they have to follow our law not Shria Law. That is a law of oppression and indignity to human rights. I don’t believe it should be invoked in any land but their own land has it’s own law and beliefs. People have a right to choice, but choice driven by force and tyranny is wrong and not GOD-like.

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  6. And the second one would be even funnier if it weren’t such a pathetic real life example of the absolute ball-less cowards in leadership positions in the Muslim in Chief’s administration!

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