Number of mosques in US grew 74% since 9/11

9/11 was just the beginning. As reported a few weeks ago, the Muslim population has doubled since Muslims waged jihad on U.S. soil killing 3,000+ Americans.

While we are constantly bombarded with propaganda from an Islamophilic media including false allegations of Islamophobia, backlashes and how blocking sharia law will prevent Muslims from practicing any religious aspects of Islam (are there any?) – truth is, America is Islamizing at a pretty rapid clip. via Muslim Funerals And Cemeteries Increase As Muslim Community Grows.

As the Muslim population of the U.S. has grown — the number of mosques grew 74 percent in the last 10 years, according to a 2011 survey — so has the need for Muslim-specific services like funeral homes and cemeteries.

Most of the work of preparing a Muslim body for burial is traditionally done by the family. The body is washed in a prescribed way, then wrapped in pieces of white cotton cloth, called kafan. People who handle the body, including those who lower it into the grave, also should wash in a particular way.

Other restrictions about how a body is placed in the ground are sometimes at odds with public health laws, and there can be logistical problems with timing, for instance, if a cemetery is not prepared to open a grave at 6 p.m. on the day of death.

Much of sharia law is at odds with public health laws in the U.S.

Muslim communities in Kansas City, Columbia and Jefferson City maintain small funeral facilities, often inside mosques, for washing bodies of the deceased. But until now, many Muslims buried their loved ones in Muslim sections of Christian cemeteries, relying largely on non-Muslims to guide them through the process of death.

Separatists in everything they do, everywhere they go.

24 Responses

  1. The pure, unadulterated cheek of these backward, cretinous, hate filled people is just jaw-dropping! They should be incarcerated with pig offal. When is the West going to wake up?

  2. THIS IS WAR, either we are going to fight this creeping slim or we might as well join them as WHIMPS and sacrafice our heretage for ever!! AS FOR ME I WILL FIGHT AS MY ANCESTORS DID IN THE CRUSADES TO STOP THIS CREEPING CRUD FROM SPREADING> LOCK AND LOAD.

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  4. “Given that the number of new mosques constructed in the United States since the Islamic terrorist attacks on 9/11 has nearly doubled, could this be part of a 1,400 year history of building a victory mosque after Muslims attack a foreign land? If it isn’t, that would be the exception to the rule.”-Eric Allen Bell

    “A Sharia-compliant mosque (which would basically be all of them) is antithetical not only to American values, but to American laws. A mosque, more times than not, is a place where treasonous ideas are taught, often times by people who are not even citizens of this country. The fact is that Islam and human rights cannot coexist. Islam and free speech cannot coexist. Islam and gay rights, women’s rights, the freedom to leave your religion without fear of being killed – these beliefs and practices, which are at the core of Islamic teaching – cannot coexist with freedom and liberty – the foundation upon which America was built.
    Every time a new mosque is built, it follows a pattern of 1,400 years of Islamic conquest. A foreign land is invaded by Islamists followed by the building of victory mosques. Do the math. We were attacked by Devout Muslims on 9/11 and since then the amount of new mosque construction has nearly doubled. This is nothing new, it’s just history repeating.”-Eric Allen Bell

    • Read this link re Eric Allen Bell, and while I’m glad Mr Bell finally got the message; it certainly took him long enough.

      He said, by the way, that the way to conquer islam was ” not through violence, but by information and the truth.” And then violence–it must come; massive violence. Sorry, but that’s how I see it, we’ll see, won’t we?

      • Yes, well at least he DID get the message, One can’t expect someone who has just come to know there’s a threat to realize the only solution may be deportations, repatriations and a complete stop to immigration, which would most likely lead to physical violence on their part.. That realization comes with exposure to the facts over time.

  5. plant a pig every 500 feet; the muslims deserve NO freedoms in our country. Obviously, they’ve learned how to use the system against the laws and truth of our country.

    • If you did your research you would realize that pigs do not stop them.

    • Legislation needs to be introduced that all religious services should be in the language of the country. All preaching must be in keeping with the laws of the land. Sedition should be severely dealt with. Closure of any institution which does not comply should become the law of the land. Just start with a couple of slaughtered pigs at the entrance to the mosques and the problem could easily be solved. Removal of foreign religious leaders might follow. That is for a good start.

  6. 1. Use the money obtained by selling oil to the infidel to buy and corrupt their government at every level.

    2. Make sure that the true wealth is not allowed to circulate back into the infidel economy

    3. Promote the printing of debt based currency to devalue all saved wealth in the infidel countries.

    4. Use the corrupted judicial system to promote islam and the construction of sharia facilities.

    5. Corrupt the infidels political processes so a islamic caliph can be installed over them. BO

    6. Promote civil strife so sharia will eventually enslave all infidels worldwide.

  7. […] Number of mosques in US grew 74% since 9/11 […]

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  9. […] Just as the Muslim population doubled and the Number of mosques in US grew 74% since 9/11. […]

  10. In an nutshell, Baptists pushed for the separation of Church and State because they did not see the need for the church to hold the Word of God in one hand, while wielding the sword of justice in the other. Mainline Protestant groups left Europe for religious freedom and to flee persecution, so they could come and establish their denomination in the Colonies. Then, they were able to tax and persecute whom they wished. But, Baptists, who pushed for the separation remember, believed in freedom of religious practice and keeping government out of the equation. That is what separation of Church and State originally means. NOW, fastforward a few centuries: Islamists did not go through this history with us. They do not share this view. To them, much like the mainline Protestants of the past (who in their own times, hunted and killed the Anabaptists–from whom Baptists come), they see no problem with the combination of Church and State. I wonder how the Liberals and the Leftists who deny that label will respond when Sharia is let loose on America? Under Sharia, there is no Freedom of Speech, which seemingly doesn’t bother Libs because they always seek to CONTROL speech, much like Orwell’s Speech Police and Thought Police. Nevertheless, a mouse doesn’t realize the full dangers of the trap until after the loud clicking noise. And, as the light fades, does it fully realize how stupid it was to go for what looked good at the moment? Sharia will not allow the Left to continue its Hate Speech against anything or anyone, since it will call for death. No, we MUST continue to maintain the Separation of Church and State, whether that be a Christian or some pagan religion.

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  13. […] – legal and illegal – the Muslim population has doubled in the U.S. since 9/11 as have the number of mosques. None of that made us safer. Using Islamic terrorism to erode our liberties is […]

  14. why does this incompetent state dept; continue to allow muslims to enter into this country? they do not assimilate, want their own culture to
    be imbedded into our’s. just who is financing these immigrants and building the mosques”? Saudi Arabia is primary. do no they understand that if this continues, their mosque, where they meet and plan will be destroyed.

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