Seattle Muslim Pleads Guilty To Car Attacks on US Marines

via Islamist Pleads Guilty To Marine Car Attacks :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism.

A Seattle man has pleaded guilty to felony harassment and attempted malicious mischief after trying to run two Marine recruiters off the road last July. Michael Dale McCright, known online as Mikhail Jihad, also is suspected of ties to a plot targeting the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in the State of Washington.

McCright’s plea to lesser charges allows him to avoid a life sentence under the Washington’s three-strikes law, although he remains under investigation for “possible ties to domestic terrorism.” According to charging documents, he spotted the Marines by their license plate and uniforms, “appeared to become angry,” and tried to force them off the road.

Police discovered a cell phone in McCright’s possession when they arrested him in September that had been used to call terror suspect Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, the ringleader of a plan to attack the Military Entrance Processing Station at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Law enforcement suspected a strong connection between McCright and Abdul-Latif because both targeted the American military.

Prosecutors have agreed to seek a four and a half year sentence, as part of the plea agreement. He was originally held on a $2 million bail, and his extensive criminal past included first-degree robbery, assault, and other felony crimes.

In Turkey, a U.S. soldier was attacked too, see the video here.

11 thoughts on “Seattle Muslim Pleads Guilty To Car Attacks on US Marines

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  2. Yet another treasonous lunatic who has converted to the “religion of madness”. I agree, hang him–better still, gut shoot him, and let him die slowly and in pain.

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  4. he is going to be sentenced on june 22nd I will be there. any way I can get this information to you? I send this information to IPT.

    • of course – you can contact us on twitter or you can leave comment here…if you include 2 hyperlinks in the comment it will automatically go to pending status for review & we’ll see it immediately

      • ok – will do. I’m in school full time so I still have lots to do and I have to upload the townhall. Sorry I am so swamped but I will get it done.

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  7. Why don’t you go to his mosque and complain? Thats where the hate is coming from. Join the mosque and bring lots of new members from the bike clubs. They can build them, but they cannot stop us from joining them! Bring the usual suspects to join! In minnesota you can buy the mineral rights under them, too.

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