Illinois: No pension reform but guide horses approved…for Muslims?

The article doesn’t specify this was for Muslims but Quinn is tight with the Islamists and we know Islam forbids dogs, so blind Muslims use miniature horses.

h/t I Hate the Media with this comment:

As the state slides toward bankruptcy because of out-of-control public pensions, it’s nice that lawmakers found the time to cater to a tiny religious minority stuck in a 7th-century time warp where dogs are considered unclean but horses are welcome inside.

via Legislature Dodges Pension Reform, But Passes Bill On … Miniature Horses

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) – Illinois lawmakers may have gotten stymied on the issue of pension reform, a multi-billion-dollar mess affecting every taxpayer in the state.

But at least they managed to pass a bill involving miniature horses.

You heard that right. Under a measure the House sent to Gov. Quinn Thursday night – the evening members were supposed to consider a cost-saving pension bill – people with disabilities could use miniature horses as service animals in public places, much like guide dogs are used.

The vote was near-unanimous.

“I have no concerns that we’re gonna see any stampede in grocery stores or anything like that,” Chicago’s WBEZ quoted sponsoring Sen. Dave Koehler, D-Peoria, as saying.  “This is an issue that pertains really to the disabled community, and it’s something that puts us in compliance to the federal law.”

An overhaul of future state pension benefits for retired public employees was the centerpiece of the spring legislative session, but it collapsed late Thursday just before the deadline to adjourn. Illinois government has underfunded pensions by tens of billions of dollars.

12 thoughts on “Illinois: No pension reform but guide horses approved…for Muslims?

  1. As far as I know, horses miniature or otherwise relieve their bladder and bowels wherever they happen to be standing. Show me a home where the tiny ponies roam and I’ll show you one smelly house and perhaps a public health problem.

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  3. Thank God they don’t issue dogs… There are thousands of incidents of Muslims treating dogs with great cruelty.
    Azad Khan could not keep a smirk from his lips as he viewed hour-long footage which showed him kicking, pressure hosing and beating his terrified pets with a bar. Khan, 35, of Findon Road, Ward End, was jailed at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court and banned from owning animals for life after admitting cruelty charges against two Staffordshire Bull Terriers. He was already serving an eight-week prison sentence for breaching a non-molestation order.
    The shocking footage, secretly filmed by a stunned neighbour, showed a female dog who was beaten so badly that one of her legs was effectively hanging off.

    Wylie, the Afghan mutt, was rescued in February by a convoy of British soldiers on patrol in a Kandahar bazaar, where a dog-fighting crowd was beating the smaller dog with lumps of wood to force the last fight out of him.…Two weeks later Jensz received another call. Local dog fighters had cut off Wylie’s ears and had scalped him in the process, before using the same homemade knife to cut his muzzle wide open from his nose to under his eye. He was patched up again by Jensz and a team of Australian Defence Force doctors only to return from his perilous forays outside the base with new injuries — a stab wound to the chest and a savagely docked tail.

    This barbaric cruelty towards dogs, (especially dog fighting) which is still common in the Muslim world today, is a direct result of the fact that the Prophet considered dogs to be “unclean”. And, since the True Believers lack any sort of moral compass of their own, that’s good enough for them. Because the Prophet was a dog-hating son of a bitch, Muslims have a license to make poor Fido’s life a living hell.

    Of course I’m not saying all Muslims treat animals in a way that is unacceptable:
    In Iran recently a 70 year-old man gets 4 months in prison and 30 lashes for walking his dog in the public. (he loved his dog and got punished by Islamic sharia law) You are not allowed to treat them humanely it’s a SIN.

    What about cruelty to horses? I think it’s cruel to keep an animal like a horse tied up in a classroom all day long, still many Muslims keep their women shut up all day too.

    • If you are so sick as to torture an animal, you should be erased from society. There are alot of reports from other countries where there have been a rash of poisoning of dogs.

      I don’t know that much about minature horses, but does it get fed and watered during the day? A dog is trained not to potty in a house.

      Isamic laws are so reversed.

      They should not be allowed to procreate.

  4. Its a shame what the US of A has become , a once proud nation, now bowing to Saudi Arabia and licking the asses of Jihadis, who milk the system to the full, contribute zero, and most of these pigs are perverts. I hope Romney has to get rid of the Jihadi in the white house at any cost and turn this tide of immorality that is sweeping the US. Muslims are pure evil and cancer to any host nation that gives them a home. No if’s no but. Period.

  5. Our leaders are are selling our collective souls for their own reasons. Be it money or power they only care about their own arses.

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  7. “A tiny religious minority”, the MSM is indeed not only criminally naiive, but blind and stupid. Disgustingly so.

      • Ditto James P. and Muse.

        A while a go I read article about mini horses as guide horses. I kept asking “Why?”.

        I blame the idiotic non- Muslims for allowing this.

        Say No 2 Mo!

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