Joplin, Missouri takes $5M more, will name children’s wing after United Arab Emirates

An update on this post via UAE Continues its Support of Joplin, Missouri Rebuilding Effort | UAE Embassy in Washington, DC. h/t @CausingFitna

Joplin, Missouri (18 May 2012) – A few days before the one-year anniversary of the catastrophic tornado that damaged and destroyed much of Joplin, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ambassador to the United States Yousef Al Otaiba paid a visit to the Southwestern Missouri town in order to view rebuilding efforts first-hand, and announce a grant from the UAE that will support the construction of a Children’s Wing at a new Joplin Mercy Hospital.  US Senator Roy Blunt (MO), Joplin Mayor Melodee Colbert-Kean, executives from Mercy Hospital and other local community leaders joined Ambassador Al Otaiba during his visit.

St. John’s Mercy Hospital was destroyed during the tornado last year, and in the immediate aftermath of the storm Mercy’s leadership committed to rebuilding a new, state-of-the-art facility in Joplin.  During an event at the construction site of the new hospital, Mercy executives and Ambassador Al Otaiba announced that the UAE had provided a $5 million grant towards the new hospital’s Children’s Wing and neonatal care unit (NICU).

The UAE’s gift will help provide Joplin’s ill and premature newborns with sophisticated and specialized care.  At the event, Mercy executives announced that the Children’s Wing will occupy an entire floor of the new hospital and be named to reflect the generosity of the UAE.

During his visit, Ambassador Al Otaiba also visited Joplin High School, where he met with school officials and students.  Last August, Joplin Public Schools received a $1 million grant from the UAE that provided high school students with laptop computers.  Joplin’s only high school was completely destroyed by the tornado, and the computers allowed high school students to begin the 2011-2012 academic school year on time and continue their studies without disruption.

Before departing, Ambassador Al Otaiba toured the town of Joplin, in order to view reconstruction efforts first-hand.  While on the tour, the Ambassador also paid a visit to new homes that were built by Habitat for Humanity with the assistance of Emirati Takatof volunteers.

“Our pledge to help Joplin rebuild started with aid to Joplin High School last August, and continued when Emirati volunteers traveled over 7,000 miles to assist Habitat for Humanity,” said Ambassador Al Otaiba.  “On each of these occasions, I was personally struck by the stories of resilience and determination shown by this community.

Ambassador Al Otaiba continued, “The spirit of Joplin’s people is an inspiration to the entire world.  And we are privileged to be able to help with the rebuilding of this community.”

Going for the jugular – high schools and the Children’s Wing of a hospital. Their blind acceptance of money ensuring that all babies born in the hospital are done so in a wing to be named after the sharia adhering UAE is despicable not an inspiration.

Can we not take care of our own? Did Obama not want to reallocate any of the billions he has sent to the Muslim world to help out this community? Did Warren Buffett or any of those clamoring to be taxed more not have it in their hearts to help out their fellow Americans?

Update: The DOE did provide a grant of $800,000, but not to directly assist students or rebuilding, but to:

“…provide support to personnel who will undertake a comprehensive school-centered, multi-tiered intervention and response initiative. Efforts include training educators and other personnel to provide behavioral interventions that support positive academic and behavioral changes of students.”

7 thoughts on “Joplin, Missouri takes $5M more, will name children’s wing after United Arab Emirates

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  2. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Good point about Warren Buffet. Creeping Sharia in Joplin, MO is not surprising. Folks who are down and out are more prone to take assistance from anybody, even those with an ulterior motive. MO has a socialist Democrat as Governor. So it’s not surprising what’s going on there.

  3. I guess it would ask too much of devastated Joplin to go the Rudy Giuliani route and REJECT generous donations from the arabs (the ones who committed the crimes in the first place), knowing full well from who – and why – those donations were coming.

    Can it be long before Joplin is “offered” a truly “impressive” giant mosque?

  4. Hateful rhetoric such as yours is partly to blame for the Joplin Islamic Society’s mosque being burnt to the ground. Your souls are blackened with this crime. I pray that God will have mercy on you.

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