Cali judge rules int’l “tension” between Muslims and non-Muslims permits claim

WTF. The “international climate of tension between Muslims and non-Muslims?” Muslims are attacking non-Muslims the world over. It’s called JIHAD and it is more than “current.” It’s 1400 years old and still going strong. via California Employment Law Notes – May 2012 | Proskauer – California Employment Law – JDSupra.

Employee From Pakistan Could Proceed With Religion And National Origin Harassment Claims

Rehmani v. Superior Court, 204 Cal. App. 4th 945 (2012)

Mustafa Rehmani, a Muslim born in Pakistan, worked as a system test engineer for Ericsson Inc. before his employment was terminated in 2009. Among other things, Rehmani alleged that three of his coworkers (Amit Patel, Aneel Choppa and Ashit Ghevaria) and Ericsson harassed him based on his Pakistani nationality and his Muslim faith.

The trial court granted defendants’ motion for summary adjudication of those claims on the ground that the undisputed facts demonstrated that Rehmani was not subjected to unwelcome harassment based on religion and/or national origin. The Court of Appeal granted Rehmani’s petition for a writ of mandate and directed the trial court to vacate its order granting summary adjudication to defendants after reviewing the evidence. The Court noted that Rehmani had “offered evidence of a larger picture than just a few interpersonal squabbles. His declaration, together with testimony from coworkers, suggests rudeness, taunting, and intimidation from Indian engineers toward non-Indian colleagues.”

The Court further observed, “considering the current international climate of tension between Muslims and non-Muslims and that factor’s interaction with relations between various countries (including Pakistan and India), we cannot regard the [claim of harassment based on religion] as independent of the evidence related to national origin.”

Pakistan was India. It is the epicenter of Islamic jihad and was created to be an Islamic state and they’ve been attacking India ever since.

9 Responses

  1. Total dhimmitude by our judiciary? We can extrapolate this ruling to all any historically perceived opposing groups. Let the law suits begin, let the offended line up and rack in the cash!

  2. Sadly, you’re right, still it makes one wonder why, why, why do so many people just roll over and give in to islam, why?

    Psychiatrists should have a field day with this. Are these ‘dhimmis’ so thoroughly stupid they cannot see where actions are leading? It would seem so.

  3. They roll because they have no backbone or testes…..

  4. They make out because SICK LIBERAL JUDGES ALLOW THESE SUITES TO GO FORWARD. They should be labeled as a FRIVOLUS SUITE and dismissed!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  5. WTF. The “international climate of tension between Muslims and non-Muslims?” Muslims are attacking non-Muslims the world over. It’s called JIHAD and it is more than “current.” It’s 1400 years old and still going strong.

    Answer: Its only tension when they don’t run the place and cannot kill freely like they do in Egypt. When Slobidan Milosevic did it for the serbs, it was a crime. He was hunted and tried for doing EXACTLY what muslims do, but it was wrong when he did it. But its open season under the mighty O on Christians. When the muslims do it, it cannot pass pravda and even get in the news. I am so sick of the dictatorial muslim leaders aligned with democrats running things here.

  6. Ghandi nearly died as a result of organized murder labelled ‘riot’ when the states were created. And it has never stopped. I’m just wondering why this acting out takes up court time?

  7. Ghandi the biggest idiot to ever be celebrated as hero of our time- his stupidity, stubborness, his INACTION, failure to stand up to wrong— made INDIA lose half of it’s land to Muslims who are still trying to get the rest of it by politics, war, or attrition.
    Ghandi was the moron who told the JEWS they should have just commited masss suicide as protest to Hitler (play to LOSE)

    non violence? more like lay down and surrender to EVIL- nothing to admire about that twit

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