Terror-linked CAIR says will wage legal jihad over NYPD surveillance

No surprise here – legal jihad and intimidation is what Hamas-linked CAIR specializes in. The NJ AG’s office promptly sent a rep to a Newark mosque to begin the submission process. via In firm statement, Muslim group says it will sue over NYPD surveillance – NorthJersey.com.

In its strongest statement yet, the New Jersey branch of a national Muslim group says it is building a case for litigation in response to the surveillance of Muslims by the New York Police Department.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations of New Jersey said findings from the state attorney general that New York City detectives broke no laws and were not profiling during surveillance at the Omar Mosque in Paterson, at mosques and businesses in Newark, and on college campuses, have spurred the group’s resolve to sue.

“Our office intends to find legal redress through litigation and ask for an immediate cessation of surveillance, an order of rights to be submitted by the court, and monetary damages for American Muslims affected,” the groups stated in an email Friday.

Khurrum Ali, the group’s civil rights director, said Friday that while a lawsuit is not certain, the organization is scrutinizing case law to determine the grounds on which it could sue. Legal action would be taken in partnership with the New York chapter, he added.

“No case has been formulated yet,” Ali said, “but we’d like to find something to make them stop.”

Just like they’d like to find something to make sharia law the law of the land.

The organization took action after a May 24 meeting with state Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa, where he told Muslim leaders that New York police broke no laws or didn’t commit ethnic or religious profiling when it monitored and mapped Muslims in New Jersey. The attorney general’s findings followed a three-month fact-finding review.

His remarks echoed what New York City police officials and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have said all along: that their actions were legal and the result of legitimate law enforcement leads.

But Muslim leaders believe they were targeted because of their religion and say reports of monitoring have chilled free expression in their communities.

Chiesa said last week his office will establish a Muslim outreach committee to talk about law enforcement issues and improve relations.

In one step toward outreach, a representative from the Attorney General’s Office was scheduled to attend the Masjid Ibrahim in Newark on Friday afternoon for a service and to answer questions afterward, said the mosque’s Imam Mustafa El-Amin.

Gov Christie is down with the Islamists so expect the pandering to ramp up.

Update: Right on cue, Group of N.J. Muslims to file lawsuit against NYPD over surveillance operation.

The “group” has been at the forefront of teaching Muslims how to fund jihad zakat without getting caught as others urging the DOJ to criminalize criticism of Islam.

10 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR says will wage legal jihad over NYPD surveillance

  1. When will these moronic “leaders” of America learn that Islam is nothing but a nightmare that never stops? 1400 of global misery for everyone, everywhere including many Muslims.

    Wake up, Morons! Remove Islam’s protected status in America so you can root this subversive filth out of our country once and for all.

    • Right on, islam out! Wish everyone was so awake, but about half of North American society is composed of Leftists/Liberals/Democrats, and it’s incredible how blind/naiive/downright stupid they are.

      I showed an Email from this site to a woman who would probably describe herself as ‘well informed’, (leftist) she promptly took offence and said “This is nonsense, how do you know it’s true?!” On that occasion I was able to pull the rug out from under her by replying I saw the incident on CBC, CTV, and FOX–one of the few times the MSM commented on a controversial subject.

      Ridiculous and one-sided as it sounds, Right-wing, Conservative/Republicans, really are better informed than the Leftists/ Democrats/Liberal/obama gang.

    • Exactly! If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck! Just like Islamist’s and CAIR; if you belong to Islam or to CAIR you are a subversive element in the United States of America and you need to be watched and hopefully run out of the country.

      They are also under the watchful eye of many local Militia groups around the country so when the trouble starts the first to go will be the radical Islamist’s.

  2. MS, Where is PETA on this? Are they so far left that they would allow this type of suffering of animals? They are a disgrace.

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  4. This article puts me in mind of two squirrels and a dog. I was camping with a friend. He had a dog. The dog chased one squirrel. He ran up a tree to safety. Another came down chattering. The dog ran after that one. And so the moslem squirrels play the American Legal Syste. First its one thing, then another.

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