Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter “Apostate” in Tunisia

via Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter “Apostate” in Tunisia :: Gatestone Institute. (video below the fold or at the link)

“There is unanimity that the male apostate must be put to death.”

Liberal talk show host Tawfiq Okasha recently appeared on “Egypt Today,” airing a video of Muslims slicing off a young man’s head off for the crime of apostasy — in this instance, the crime of converting to Christianity and refusing to renounce it. The video—be warned, it is immensely graphic—can be seen here (the actual execution appears from minute 1:13-4:00). For those who prefer not to view it, a summary follows:

A young man appears held down by masked men. His head is pulled back, with a knife to his throat. He does not struggle and appears resigned to his fate. Speaking in Arabic, the background speaker, or “narrator,” chants a number of Muslim prayers and supplications, mostly condemning Christianity, which, because of the Trinity, is referred to as a polytheistic faith: “Let Allah be avenged on the polytheist apostate”; “Allah empower your religion, make it victorious against the polytheists”; “Allah, defeat the infidels at the hands of the Muslims,” and “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Then, to cries of “Allahu Akbar!”— Allah is greater!”—the masked man holding the knife to the apostate’s throat begins to slice away, severing the head completely after approximately one minute of graphic knife-carving, as the victim drowns in blood. Finally, the severed head is held aloft to more Islamic slogans of victory.

Visibly distraught, Tawfiq Okasha, the host, asks: “Is this Islam? Does Islam call for this? How is Islam related to this matter?…These are the images that are disseminated throughout the electronic media in Europe and America…. Can you imagine?” Then, in reference to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, whose political influence has grown tremendously, he asks, “How are such people supposed to govern?”

Only the other day, a prominent Egyptian Salafi leader — referring to the canonical hadiths, including Muhammad’s command, “Whoever leaves his religion, kill him” — openly stated that no Muslim has the right to apostatize, or leave Islam.

Any number of Islamic legal manuals make explicitly clear that apostasy is a capital crime, punishable by death. The first “righteous caliph,” a model of Muslim piety, had tens of thousands of former Muslims slaughtered—including by burning, beheading, and crucifixion—simply because they tried to break away from Islam. According to the Encyclopaedia of Islam, the most authoritative reference work on Islam in the English language, “there is unanimity that the male apostate must be put to death.”

Finally, a word on the “prayers” or supplications to Allah made by the Muslim executioners in the video: these are standard and formulaic. In other words, these are not just masked, anonymous butchers who pray to Allah as they engage in acts of cutting throats and holding up heads, these are top-ranking Muslim leaders, who appear regularly on TV, who invoke such hate-filled prayers. See here for examples of Muslims supplicating Allah to strike infidels with cancer and disease “till they pray for death and do not receive it;” there are even formalized prayers in Mecca, blasted on megaphones as Muslims honor their obligation to go on a pilgrimage at least once in their lives, supplicating Allah to make the lives of Christians and Jews “hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment; fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression.”

“Is this Islam?” You decide.

23 thoughts on “Graphic Video: Muslims Slaughter “Apostate” in Tunisia

  1. I am sure ther will be a lot of confessed Muslims in hell.Some one in this world better get the message to them THIS IS NOT HOW OUR GOD WORKS,And when they take it upon them selves to take a soul ,they will burn in the pits of HELL.

    • hey they dont care there fake god alla the pork lover promises them porsches virgins and all the gold and women they can rape so why wouldnt they do that, dumb fucks all they have to do is be animals in return steel land rape and behead people awsome religion sounds like satans work satan /alla

  2. In Tunisia Democratic elections for a Constituent Assembly were held on 23 October 2011. Results were announced on 25 October 2011 with the center-right and moderately Islamist Ennahda winning a plurality with 37% of the vote.
    The Islamic Spring? The new moderate democratic Tunisia? I hardly think so.
    Is tourism in Tunisia making a comeback? According to an official source from the Ministry of Tourism, total tourism between January 1st and February 20th 2012 increased by 72.2% compared to last year’s figures over this same period. For the ministry, this marks “significant progress,” YUK!! Do they offer coach trips to go and watch with a camel ride afterwards?

  3. Father forgive them fo they know not what they do. Not as torturus as the Cross of the loss of blood pressure to the brain will cause you to pass out first. But he is the righteous martyr dying for the testamony of Jesus. not the like the unrighteous martyr Muslim who dies in his sin.

    • Thank you brother Dan.

      I can’t view or read most of this. This is
      extreme Sharia while the creeping Sharia is the moderate Muslim instituting Sharia in our gov’t, school, culture etc. Ya’ll lefties think the extreem won’t happen here? Ha!
      I am sick and tired of this abuse of humans. I want to stop this NOW. Maranotha!

      No 2 Mo.

      • So we All know Barack is Muslim, and it this what our country will be if he is relected ? I see him being assissanated If he does get in ,and all the people that vote for him will be responsable for the out come.
        I don’t care if you were born here or not.

  4. No one can win from arabs .Their master plan is working since 1400yrs. Convert poor , uneducated and criminals of any country to islam by their mullahs no cost to them. Use these convert fools to destroy the nation they are born and use them to kill other who are non converts.
    55 nations and one billions converts under their fold now. One book quran to guide them and now whole world will be destroyed just by one call by saudis. “Islam is in danger and Allah o Akbar” call and you will see all street flowing in blood .
    Are we going to let arabs do to us or we will wake up and see the converts are treated differently as they treat us in their land.
    We will be doomed along with them/ We need to reeducate all.

    • … and, on TOP of that, we’re GIVING them more rights, they still want to KILL us if we don’t like Islam, etc., and if they get it THEIR way, we are headed for the same type of punishment due to changes in our laws to that of Sharia! Our nation is going down hill fast! WE MUST stand up, take a STAND, and rule these people to either abide by OUR laws or GET THE HELL OUT! (We could put them in prison, etc. if they break OUR laws)… Maybe they would start to go back home!

  5. This video needs to be FORCED SHOWEN TO ALL OF CONGRESS and on all MOVIE SCREENS to show just how ROTTEN THESE BASTARDS REALLY ARE. They have no place in this WORLD NOW OR EVER. DEATH TO ISLAM. LOCK AND LOAD.

      • If we don’t have good red blooded Americans in Congress, we should VOTE them out!

        Everyone running for Congress should take a pledge that they will do various things to straighten us out… If they DO NOT take it, we should NOT vote for them!

        • The problem I see with that is they make the laws. A law may start fair, but in the end it is so complicated that you would need an army of attorneys to find out we were screwed.

    • I totaly agree, but we need some one that is strong enough to stand up to any and all of the Senate ,Congress, with Barack OBAMA setting in the middle of the room with his family,
      They are Muslims

  6. Islamic cruelty and barbarity sadly knows no bounds.
    These butchhers disgust me, and make me angry. However, I do not want their savagery taking over my life, making me feeling helpless and depressed.
    If I may say so, neither should anyone of you. The Islamization of our world deservers opposition and resistance, but not at the cost of losing your sanity and lust for life.

    This blogger has been a great help for me, preventing me to become paronoid and hatefull about Islam and its cruel views on (the position of) non-mulims and apostates.

    Of course, crimes like these should be told to others and unconditionally rejected. However, read the website mentioned above, on how best to communicate our views towards those ignorant or apolegetic about Islam..

    Yours sincerely,


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  8. I am so looking forward to meeting this Hero Christian brother in heaven! What a brave young man he is! He is walking with Jesus. What stinking cowards the muslim killers are. I wish I could know this mans name. I would do something in his memory. A real Christian Hero!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brought this godly man up in a Salt and Light meeting today at my church this afternoon. We prayed for him, his family, and all the Christians being persecuted in pessimisticthe world.
      My friends, I feel it is not long until it happens here. Tijauna is close, al queda is there. WHAT CAN WE DO? I feel very pessimistic. The writing is on the wall.

      No 2 Mo.

  9. The beheading in this article is an example of exactly why Socialists like Jeffrey Feltman in a recent article praised the Arab Spring in Tunisia. The Socialists in the Democratic Party share a common hatred towards Christians and Jews with the Muslims privately rejoice at news like this.

    U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman Calls for U.S. to Take Heed of Public Opinion in New Arab World, Reach Out to Islamists

    January 6, 2012
    Special Dispatch No.4409

    In a December 31, 2011 article titled “Embracing the New Year’s Opportunities for Change,” which appeared in the English edition of the London-based daily Al-Hayat, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman praised the Arab Spring, and in particular Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution. Expressing optimism for the year 2012, he said the U.S. would continue working to “support the transitions to democracy underway in the Middle East and North Africa” by embracing the “wide spectrum of views” espoused by the Arab people. Accepting this plurality, he said, entailed “reaching out to Islamist parties, who now play an important role in the political transformation of many countries in the region.”

  10. So Feltman praised the arab spring and jasmine revolution, and the “transition to DEMOCRACY?” The idiot apparently doesn’t even know that islam is the polar opposite to democracy–there can never be democracy in islam!

    With imbeciles like Feltman in any sort of power, the future is indeed bleak.

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