Gangs, violence, crime plague Little Kurdistan, USA (south Nashville)

This is the last of four posts today covering four cities recently affected by Islam and sharia: Orlando (FL), Dearborn (MI), Le Center (MN), and now Nashville (TN).

Another Islamic diaspora gone awry, destroying another American neighborhood. via Nashville police file suit against Kurdish Pride gang members | The Tennessean |

Metro police on Tuesday filed a civil lawsuit to wrest control of an area in South Nashville from the clutches of the Kurdish Pride gang by banning members from congregating in a 1.47-mile “safety zone.”

The department is targeting 24 of what they call the “worst of the worst” members of the gang, hoping a judge will ban them from publicly gathering in a zone that encompasses part of an area known as Little Kurdistan and includes Paragon Mills and Providence Park. The injunction lawsuit is the fruit of a three-year effort to combat gangs for detectives to build their case and attorneys to try and bullet-proof it from legal challenges. The injunction is the first of its kind ever filed in Tennessee, but a tactic used successfully for years in other states like California.

“Our police department will not sit idly by when a street gang threatens the peace of our community,” said Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson at a news conference held in Paragon Mills, the site detectives say hosted Kurdish Pride gang meetings. “We want to give this park back to the citizens.”

Police say Kurdish Pride members were involved in at least one murder, multiple beatings and shootings, drug dealing, illegal weapons and vandalism. Incidents include the 2006 attempted murder of a Metro Parks Police officer and multiple graffiti messages threatening a Metro Police Gang Unit detective.

Hat tip and more from RefugeeResettlementWatch:

For more on little Kurdistan and a history of how Nashville got so lucky (not!), check this out.

Meanwhile, the Tennessee Governor Appointed a Sharia Finance Expert to his Economic Development Dept to submit taxpayers to sharia law. Tennessee is in serious trouble. Archives here.


30 thoughts on “Gangs, violence, crime plague Little Kurdistan, USA (south Nashville)

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  2. Simple solution to this GANG! Seek out the leaders and give them there treatment that they are handing out to anybody that goes through there area. FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!!! Lets just say : MISSING IN ACTION:. Problem solved!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. This is a damn good reason why islam should be baned in the United States. Better stock up because you will have to defend yourselves from the muzzies……

  4. That’s fine but get sharis law the hell out og the United States. I don’t think they have the right to post some murderous law of oppression and tyranny in the United States.

  5. What and who gives any rights to these sub humans out of the pit of hell, that have sold their souls to the devil, to terrorize, and disrupt the Americans in this country. They are not even wanted in this country. Useless pack of murdering demonic sub humans .I don’t care who is covering their ass, it is time for those in the hills to come down and rid this country of this cancer.WE have played nice with these sub humans, now it is time to empty our country out. Get rid of them.

  6. Police Chief Anderson is on the right track. The city belong to everyone. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. How long will Anderson be Chief when the local COLONISTS request CAIR directs Holder to get after him?

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  8. Yeah, we all know islam sucks, but blaming islam for gang violence is laying it on a bit too thick. The US has been a breeding ground for ethnic criminal gangs for the better part of 2 centuries, from the Irish gangs of New York City in the 1840s on.
    So let’s give the poor Mohammedans a break for once!

        • What’s so sad & disappointing is that the Kurds – Iraqi Kurdistan – were our allies for a good portion of the war in Iraq and are almost autonomous within that country. They have been among the most successful and relatively peaceful – or so I’ve read; but don’t ask Turkey or Iran, both of which have tried to suppress them and, indeed, have denied them all sorts of rights within those two countries). But I think the mass importation of all types of Iraqis (Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds, etc.) into the USA has been – in far too
          many instances – a recipe for disaster. Yes, they were refugees, but for many of them, relocating to the USA has not been the usual immigrant experience; in fact, we’ve not only imported the trouble to this country, but it seems to have mestasticized once these sorry savages becoming numerous in their respective communities.

          In the end, however, gang members – particularly these sand fleas from the Mid-East – require exceptionally hard punishment and fearful consequences for their anti-social and illegal behavior!!

    • Sure. I’ll give them a break. Just as soon as they stop trying to brush aside The Constitution and replace it with Sharia Law . I’ll give them a break, just as soon as they stop performing honor killings of their daughters for disobeying their fathers and refusing to marry some man the girl has never met but was promised to back when he and her father went to school together 40 years ago. I will give them a break when they stop coming to my country, taking opportunities for education from our children, taking jobs from families that sorely need them only to turn around and curse the U.S.A. and violently protest in the streets about how we are killing innocent people in Afghanistan when the Taliban use their own citizens as human shields. I find it interesting how they come to America and enjoy the fruits that freedom affords them and spit in our face at the same time, yet they want to bring the same way of life that they left behind here to America and plant that barbaric seed into U.S. soil. They have pride to chant the praises of their Islam and their home country, but they do not have the manhood to stay and fight for their own nation in the name of freedom. No, instead come to America, where all the heavy lifting has been done already.

      There are those of you who are unwilling to believe that there is a Stealth Jihad going on in America, that it could not possibly happen here. That’s what Europe thought. They wanted to welcome Muslims with open arms, share and share alike. It’s how it was in Lebanon as well with the Palastinians. None of the other Arab nations wanted anything to do with them. But Lebanon welcomed them. Then the Radical Islamists came, then the violence grew, then radical Islamists came from the other neighboring countries to help with what the Palastinians referred to as “oppressive and tyrannical” treatment. It is not called that now, it goes by a different name. Stealth Jihad. It didn’t start with the first shot fired, it started with an outstretched hand of friendship of the host nation, over time it went from a nation giving a group of people a home to “You are oppressing us in your own home” then when the smoked cleared from the first attacks from within their own borders, it went from “You are oppressing us in YOUR own home” to “You filthy Infidels, we will eliminate you from our lands.”

      Labanon, Europe, Somalia, next. U.S. ? Nah, can’t happen here. But it IS happening here. The same scenario is playing out as it did in all the other places. The only difference is that the Radical Islamists know they can’t take America by military might, they have to change our laws and get our children to think that we are treating Muslims badly for no reason whatsoever. But are we? Reports of text books being used in our schools that have misinformation, omissions and sometimes bold faced lies. Example: “Did you know that Democracy was used in Saudi Arabia hundreds of years before it was used in America?” “Did you also know that women have equal rights in many Arab nations?”

      We know these things are untrue, but a 5th grader does not.
      Check this out for yourself. Take a look around you. Every other day there is something going on with Muslims. Either a Somalian Taxi driver is refusing to take a fare because he has his leader dog with him or a father has killed his 20 year old daughter because she will not marry a 45 year old man that she was promised to before she was even born. There is also a story where a man dressed up as a Zombie Muhammad for Halloween and marched in a parade. A Muslim man on the side lines saw it andwas offended,so he ran out of the crowd and began beating on the man in the costume. A cop witnessed it and a parade-goer got the whole thing on tape. It went to court, the problem was that the judge happened to be a Muslim as well. The judge dismissed the officer’s testimony, he would not allow the tape to be admitted as evidence. And instead of lecturing the Muslim attacker, the judge lectured the costume wearer on his insensitivity in wearing the costume. The charges were dismissed.

      • I second your approach toward islamism. They see us as needing their god to get to heaven(paradise). But what a LITTLE GOD ALLAH IS! He has to sanction killing those who disagree rather than persuading them. I think moslemites have to do this because once one digs just a little way under the surface if islam one finds festering in the stink of koran passages which glorify mans’ worst proclivities. Keep always in mind islam is deception, starting with the koran and continuing down to vandalism at grocery store.

      • Well said, Newhon. Same scenario here in Canada. Sad, isn’t it, the old: “It can’t happen here”, but it can, does and is.

  9. Be careful. If you scratch or hurt one while he is trying to kill you and rape your family Holder or Obama will directly intervene and make it a racial incident. We should help them relocate to Washington, where they can be voted into office. In fact you may find Obama as the one who brought them to you like he did the ones in Dearborn MI

  10. Dad, you’re quite right re obama and holder, but don’t you think this “racism” nonsense is very like political correctness? And for that matter rather like another much discussed word–slavery.

    Slavery has been with us for all of human history, the Egyptians had them, as did the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Polynesians, Indians……everyone in history, and you can be damned sure racism existed then too. The only “Johnny come lately” is PC, and that nonsense, which is undermining the Western world is of course courtesy of Marxist nutters.

    Am I a racist–damned right! Thanks to racist thugs like obama, holder and similar racists. It wasn’t always this way with me, but what I’ve seen in Eurabia, and the way I’m insulted every time I cross the border into USA, (always by blacks!) has indeed turned me into one–and I have plenty of company.

    • Rise of the Ku Klux Klan!!! And Thanks to all those that voted for Obama! Before this monkey got elected 75% of the Klan has retired out. There were only around 5000 to 6000 Klansman still around. That number went to around 5500 to 7500 the first year. All Klansman came out of retirement. By the end of his first election the Ku Klux Klan has risen to around 9000 members. Into the second year of his second term the Klan has gone as high as 10000to 12000members. That’s about were it stayed until the election of our new President, the one and only greatest President of all time, Donald Trump. By the end of the first year of Trump being President the Ku Klux Klan has risen in number rapidly. It had gone from around 12000 members to 18000 in just over a year. Today ladies and gentlemen, the Ku Klux Klan has risen to a total of 48 chapters scattered throughout America, Europe, Canada etc. with a total of 20000 to 25000 Klansman total. Only 4000 out of them all will ever been seen on the streets. The only time you will see all of them at once is when the shit hits the fan. The Ku Klux Klan is now militia. All are in militia training, all but 3 to 4 thousand. That’s the one secret thing no one will ever know, and that’s how many in all are there? All I can say, is a hell of a lot more than everyone will ever know. “UNTIL” ??? And those are the ones wearing a sold black robe.. Look out nigger, Jew, spick, queer, the Klan is getting BIGGER!!!

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