Muslim population in Orlando grew 10x since 9/11

Four posts covering the affects of Islam on four American cities today. Begin.

A burgeoning Magic Muslim Kingdom. via Muslim community center Longwood: Florida’s first Muslim community center opens in Longwood – Orlando Sentinel.

Down an industrial street off State Road 434 in Longwood, a former warehouse has been converted into what is believed to be the first multipurpose Muslim community center in Florida.

“There is nothing like this in the state of Florida,” said Atif Fareed, chairman of the American Muslim Community Centers.

Fareed said similar centers exist in California, Minnesota, Ohio and New York, but for Central Florida the community center represents the next step in the development of the Muslim community.

The area has mosques and Muslim schools, but no center of gravity that offers a place for families to gather for prayer, exercise and education, Fareed said.

“People can worship, work out, play and socialize — all under one roof,” he said.

The 17,000-square-foot, olive-green building includes a prayer room, recreation area, fitness room, community-events room, classrooms, offices, kitchen, library and separate lounges and restrooms for women and men.

A grand opening of the center will be held Wednesday at noon.

“It’s an exciting time for us,” said Adnan Raja, a board member. “It’s a dream finally coming true.”

The Muslim population in metro Orlando has grown from 2,691 in 2000 to 27,939 in 2010, according to the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. There are now 20 Muslim congregations spread across Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Lake counties, the association’s census of religions found.

The $1.2 million community center was paid for with donations raised by the American Muslim Community Centers, which formed in 2010. The organization is run by a 12-member board elected to three-year terms by members.

Fareed expects between 350-400 families to join the organization, each paying $50 a month with the goal of the center becoming self-sustaining. In addition to the membership fees, the center will charge for use of its facilities by families or organizations that normally would rent space at hotels.

“We are trying to get away from always asking for donations. We are trying to be a self-sufficient organization,” Fareed said.

The genesis for the center was the desire for a place where Muslim teenagers could congregate — other than shopping malls, Raja said. The Longwood center includes indoor basketball and racquetball courts, but also a dedicated place for video games. Plans include after-school and summer programs for children.”

Adam Hakim said he understands the need for such a place.

“I grew up in Central Florida and I didn’t know any Arab or Muslim kids. Now the younger generation will have more opportunities to meet people from all over the area,” said Hakim, 29, a construction-company manager.

The facility is youth-centered but will provide something for all ages, including a senior center for the elderly. Families will be able to celebrate everything from births to funerals in the center.

“One of our goals is to provide a place for our community to come together for birthdays, weddings and other celebrations,” Raja said.

In its recreation and religious orientation, the Muslim community center reminds Hakim of the YMCA before it became more of a fitness center than a Christian organization.

“The way I look at it, it’s like the YMCA,” he said, “minus the swimming pool.”

Plus the sharia, including segregation of Muslim women from the men. And Orlando taxi drivers also want sharia on the job.


Number of mosques in US grew 74% since 9/11

Muslim Population Doubles in USA since 9/11

21 thoughts on “Muslim population in Orlando grew 10x since 9/11

  1. The “Religion of Peace” on the march, and Americans are letting it happen, due to “religious tolerance”.

    I agree with Takuan Seiyo, that two so-called ‘religions’ should be banned–voodoo and islam.

  2. I’m afraid it is just going to get worse. Our politicians know that Islam is on the rise and are actively seeking their backing. This is happening not only with democrats, but also with republicans. Slowly but surely Islam will destroy America as it has destroyed other countries throughout the centuries.

  3. Sounds like a great location for a pig farm! Make sure it is upwind and protect the little porkers with all response necessary to protect the little piggies!

  4. They hate us, and are dedicated to destroying us. Yet we welcome them with open arms. We are committing national suicide in the name of political correctness.

    • we didn’t welcome them with open arms…even worse – we imported them by the tens of thousands after Black Hawk Down and it continues to this day…this is government run amok – Americans never asked for nor approved it

  5. Sounds really nice, how do I join. Do they have a shooting range?, weapons training club? How about sabotage and bomb making?

  6. Excellent comments, this Canadian citizen is so glad to see you people are awake to the problem; of course we too have the enemy in this country, but at least we have a PM who is aware of the problem–while you unfortunates have one of the enemy in the White House, of all places! Bloody hell!

  7. All those people get free medical, education which is going to be arabic now, and welfare. At some point, the economy will collapse from these violent parasites. Would anyone be less offended if someone wore a black burqua, or an SS Nazi uniform? There is NO difference.

  8. How do these people get in to the USA to settle? As an English traveller on holiday to the sunshine state you are made to feel like a potential terrorist at immigration. At one time I was very keen to buy a place near Orlando but the hoops you had to jump through were prohibitive and I gave up. Seems Florida is going the same way as the UK. What next, offended Muzzies demanding Minnie in a burqa?

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  11. We need an analysis of Muslim expansion to see reveal Muslim strategy for the takeover of America. We know they target major cities, major entertainment places, and major areas where Christianity is still considered strong. What else? Do these foreign investors place massive mosques in key areas? On what basis? What’s their plan, so we can also plan prevention.

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  13. This is America please don’t let it become a war zone!!!! Get the F nuts out of HERE I like that I have a right to speak my mind!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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