Virginia woman fighting to stop huge mosque in rural neighborhood (video)

Another day, four more posts from four different U.S. cities feeling the pain of Islamization. The zoning jihad tactic and disturbing the peace in Virginia, via Right Side News.

WTVR Last month, the Henrico County Planning Commission approved plans to expand the mosque, daycare and school.

“[During the past 8 months], we`ve already experienced more than 100 vehicles there, the overflow of traffic into the various neighborhoods,” said Hoehns-Wright. ”And we`ve already seen the increase in accident.”

“I would like someone to take a good look at the intensity of use, take a look at their website, understand how many meetings are going on there, get their arms around their unadvertised meetings that are going on there,” she said. “This is not just a daytime operation. It doesn`t really fit with the zoning qualifications we really have,” said Hoehns-Wright. “In fact,  the center is busy 365 days a year.”

Here is a copy of Notice of Public Hearing on the Mosque.  Please make arrangements to attend.


In 2008, Henrico supervisors turned down a rezoning request for Impala Drive mosque. The group planning to build that mosque sued the county, and the U.S. Department of Justice initiated a civil rights investigation. Eventually, the suit was dismissed at the request of both the county and the group planning the mosque, and the county approved a new rezoning request. The county also revised its requirements, making it easier to qualify to build a place of worship. Henrico also changed its ordinance language. For example, the word “church” was replaced with “place of worship”; “church spires” was replaced with “spires, minarets or other architectural features.”

It’s one of three planned in Henrico alone:

The Hungary Road mosque would be the second in Henrico. Builders recently broke ground on construction of a 10,500-square-foot mosque on 3.6 acres on Impala Drive near its intersection with Hilliard Road.

Another group is planning a third Henrico mosque, for the Short Pump area, but has not yet submitted plans to the county for approval.


Virginia planning commission recommends mosque proposal against citizens wishes

DOJ submits another local municipality to mosque

7 thoughts on “Virginia woman fighting to stop huge mosque in rural neighborhood (video)

  1. On 9/11 there were 1200 mosque in the US. Today there are over 2000 and growing fast. They are rapidly preparing for the day they can rule us with numbers. Don’t forget, they behead their enemies with a knife starting at the adams apple. I have seen this done and it is like a live horror movie and they hold up the severed head by the hair for all to see.

  2. ya know what the best thing to have between you and this nonsense is? SMITHFIELD HAMS FACTORY know what the second best thing is? SEAL TEAM 6 WITHIN 2 MILES!! VA BEACH HAS NO MOSQUES!! and I know I won’t see those creatures in these parts anytime soon….my neighborhood was built on an old hog farm!!!

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