Immigration + sharia = 120 forced marriage cases a month in UK, could be 5x higher

Expect this in many of the American cities we’ve been highlighting for you over the last two days. The forced marriage abuse is on top of the Islamic rape gangs. via Forced marriage: 120 cases a month this year as David Cameron outlaws ‘virtual slavery’ – Telegraph.

The Home Office released details of the caseload of the Government’s dedicated Forced Marriage Unit showing that it has been handling around 120 cases a month.

The figures suggest a rise in the number children under threat of forced marriage, with 14 per cent of those dealt with aged under 15, compared with 10 per cent last year.

There was also a handful of homosexual people fearing they are being forced into a marriage and 25 of those who came forward were disabled, some severely.

But the figures are thought to be the tip of the iceberg with some estimates suggesting the real instance of forced marriage could be up to five times that amount.

Mr Cameron and Theresa May, the Home Secretary, are announcing plans to make forced marriage a crime today after rejecting claims that banning the practice would simply drive it underground.

7 thoughts on “Immigration + sharia = 120 forced marriage cases a month in UK, could be 5x higher

  1. Ah yes, Have 6 wives and 20 children, get them all on welfare and force those infidels into destruction as we overwhelm them with children till we can introduce sharia to enslave them.

  2. And they, like the US, keep allowing them to enter. The freebie society just gets bigger and bigger. When will we stop? When it is to late.

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  4. Glad to see bloggers here see the problem; a reasonably awake 12 yr old could see what they’re doing, what is happening–but not our leaders. Oh, no. Naiive, blind and stupid to the end, are most of the leaders of the Western world.

    And while they dither, the numbers of the enemy grow greater by the day. e.g. a friend of a friend who works in Ulleval Sykehus (Oslo’s biggest hospital) wails that in the new-born ward “There’s hardly a white Norwegian face to be seen.”

    • Pete,
      Because the nursery is filled with African babies, Japanese babies, Tongan babies? No! Because the nursery is filled with Muslim (even though that is not a race) babies.
      Haven’t we learned to not be PC? We must call it what it is.

      Just sayin…

      No 2 Mo

      • Got it in one, Saved; also, don’t you just get up tight when ‘ Eurabians’ call muslims: “Asians?” Too scared to call a spade a spade! We’ll never win at this rate.

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