Maryland county schools consider adding Muslim holidays

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. – There are an estimated 250 thousand Muslims in the DC area,but right now, no Washingtonarea schools close on Muslim holidays.

A Montgomery County Councilman wants to change that, andhe’s already gotten a response from the Superintendent.

Councilman George Leventhal (D-At Large) says it isn’t fairthat Montgomery County Schools close for some religious holidays for some faithsand not others, so he asked the board to consider closing schools for twoimportant Muslim holidays.

“These are the two holiest days for Muslims. Eids, whichmeans festival, Eid-ul-Adha and Edi-ul-Fitr.

The request is getting mixed reviews.

“As a Jew, I think it’s important that all religiousfaiths are recognized by the school system,” Stephanie Rubin says.

“It sort of depends on how much of a disruption there is tothe school calendar, and how many Muslim students and teachers, and staff wouldwant to take off on these holidays,” David Rubin said.

But there are opponents who say students miss enough classtime already without adding two Muslim holidays into the mix.

“Schools are closed for the primary Christian and Jewishholidays. We’re talking about one day– Eid ul-adha which I don’t think wouldbe inconvenient or burdensome.” Leventhal says.

For the next several years, Eid-ul Fitr falls in August andwouldn’t affect the school year, Leventhal says.

Leventhal received a letter from Superintendent Joshua StarrFriday. Starr writes, “It is extremelydifficult to consider all of the potential holidays as school closings in sucha diverse community as Montgomery County. MCPS gladly wouldwelcome a representative from the Muslim community to serve on the schoolcalendar committee work group.”

Why do they need a “Muslim” representative? Did they chose other members specfically for their religion? Not likely but rather than earn a spot on the committee it will simply be handed to them and the committee will bend over backwards fearing lawsuits and cries of raaaacism and Islamophobia.

A move Ronit Eisenbach says presents a teachable moment tothe county’s students.

“I think in this day and age and all that represents the U.S., it makesa lot of sense,” Eisenbach says.

And that’s just plain creepy – suggesting that all students in the county be forced to learn about Islam? It makes no sense.

Even if the school calendar committee were to approve theMuslim holidays as days off from school, it wouldn’t happen next year. Thecalendar is already set. The earliest itcould happen would be during the 2014 school year. The committee will startworking on that in November.

People interested in being part of the school calendarcommittee work group should email Ms Robin Confino at:

20 thoughts on “Maryland county schools consider adding Muslim holidays

  1. Before you know it we will have these groups in the link below wanting their holidays to be celebrated. Just make sure you look at the link to see what some believe. How about witches? Where do you stop it. Maybe we should not celebrate any religious holidays?

    • The only thing about time is NUT JOBS LIKE YOU hopeing for ISLAM TO TAKE OVER THE U S A. My hope is for people like you to GET LOST some where other than in the U S A. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Idiot. Haven’t you found out yet that muslims are re-writing history? Don’t you know that Moses and Abraham have been declared muslims–by lying muslims whose murdering paedophile “prophet” did not start spreading the “religion of hate” until many life-times later?

      If you know so little of the murderous cult of islam, perhaps you’re one of them–many of whom can’t even write their own name.

    • islam needs to be banned in the United States. It’s full of child molesters, wife beaters, they violate human rights. It is Satan’s religion. What’s islams moto? Join the religion of peace where we’ll love you to death.

    • I myself go in for random violence, rage, killing, sex with the dead, and beating women. I follow up with honor killings. May be I am a closet muslim? –Jeffrey Dahmer

    • We must keep Islam and the Shariah out of this country. The Shariah is purely barbaric and the intent is to take over the world, by violence if necessary.

  2. How many muslim (small letter intended) country schools celebrate U S holidays? Leventhal definately has a problem! Its obvious that he is unable to see whats going on and needs to remove his head from its present location!

  3. Good Idea!

    Why don’t we make 9-11 THE Holiday…
    To Celebrate when they KILLED close to 3,000 people and The World Trade Center in NY!

    They didn’t get their Mosque on Ground Zero… might as well give them a National Holiday!

    If you haven’t guessed, I AM BEING SARCASTIC!

    They can take their fricken Holidays and shovem!
    They are already causing more trouble than they should DEMANDING that OUR Country be changed to suit them!
    They should be told, “Sorry, we do not celebrate like that!”.

    Do we have any Catholic, Baptist, or Methodist Holidays?

    HELL NO!


    Good God… will it ever end?!!

    It’s time for US to stand up for OUR Country to keep it the way WE want it!

    Now, if my comment OFFENDS anyone, I suggest that you go somewhere where you can be HAPPIER than you are HERE!

  4. OK. But to appease these vile monsters, if only for a short while we will eliminate all trace of the free worlds holidays. At some point, islam must eliminate us. Is the left OK with that?

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