Muslim applicant who said all gays are ‘criminals’ sues NYPD after rejected

It’s open season on the NYPD, Muslims are attacking from all angles. via Wanna-be cop who said all gays are ‘criminals’ sues NYPD – NY Daily News.

A Pakistani Muslim is suing the NYPD because he says he was denied admission to the Police Academy in part because he told a police shrink that gays are “criminals.”

The 23-year-old applicant, who is from Brooklyn but was not identified in court papers, argues in a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that the NYPD violated his constitutional right to religious freedom by asking for his views on homosexuality.

His lawyer, Jerold Levine, said that in a 2009 written application the man answered “yes” to the question: “Should homosexuals be locked up?”

In a followup interview, the applicant told an NYPD psychologist that homosexuality is “against his religion” and that “homosexuals are criminals.”

Departmental brass decided “this bias” could have “significant disruptive consequences” for dealing with gays on the street and within the NYPD, court papers show. For those reasons, as well as his work and academic record, he was rejected on two occasions.

The applicant, who serves as an auxiliary cop, wants the NYPD to reconsider its decision. A department spokesman declined to comment on the suit.

Yes they’ve already infiltrated:

NYPD chaplain is member of terr0r-linked CAIR

23 thoughts on “Muslim applicant who said all gays are ‘criminals’ sues NYPD after rejected

  1. “not identified in court papers”. What kind of B S is this? And his “lawyer” is probably in danger of breaking his nose if the ambulance stops suddenly!

    • Maybe you should recommend some pigs to remedy this situation too, they’d work about as well for this as they would for a mosque…..NOT.

      • Good idea!

        I think we should mix Pig Blood into everything!
        Add it to: ink, shoes, clothing, food, bullets, books, everything!
        Then, Pass a LAW that it cannor be removed… for any reason!

        Advertise it in front of ALL of their Mosques!

        Simple… Problems solved!

  2. If he gets to go to the Police Academy then the people who say all Muslims should be shot should go to. In fact that should be standard in the application process.

  3. The NYPD should just tell them
    If you don’t like it… GET OUT!
    This is OUR country… Don’t tell us how YOU WANT IT!
    If you don’t like it, go somewhere where you WILL LIKE IT!”

  4. These stupid muslins and their supremacist ,racist, mysoginist and discriminatory minds! They must be deported …they must go back to their islamist countries as they don’t like our occidental way of life! They love their fucking muslin religeon but they don’t like to live in their original countries, where they can be punished , on a violent way! So they decide living in America or Europe , where there is freedom, speech freedom, freedom press, obvIously because THEY LOVE FREEDOM! And they take our freedom speech and our freedom experience against us, breaking the LAW, breaking the CIVIL LAW!! Then the american people must wake up as the american first amendment is clear: the government won’t establish a religeon or the STATE AND RELIGEON CAN’T BE MIXED!! SO OUT OF AMERICA , STUPID MUSLINS!! REXLION RJ/BRASIL

  5. Notice that his lawyer is Jewish! The lawyer should have his butt kicked just for the principle of it!

    Anyone want to bet that the muzzie gets on the police force?

  6. They should ask him to take the oath of allegiance and tell him he must support the president, and US constitution to be a cop. Assign him to gay bars? Hilarious! Likely he would start jihading all over the place, and they love to make threats against women too. I assume the inbred muslims at CAIR sent him.

  7. $Millions for Muslims

    Anyway he was only down there to get the lawsuit started. He really does not want a job. Cuts into the welfare. They should have hired him. I am sure they could think of a few beats to assign him to. Harlem comes to mind. Tell him its a muslim community. Probably does not get up before morning prayer, anyway. But the lawsuit with CAIR lawyers; they will settle for may be a few million.

  8. If a white or non-muzzturd person made that comment, wouldn’t they be arrested for some sort of homophobic hate crime?
    So why is it different for these slime?

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