Congress Asks Holder For Evidence in Holy Land Terror Trial, Again (video)

In case you missed this a few days ago. Holder doing what he does best, give cover to terrorists. via

Members of the House Judiciary Committee on oversight on Thursday called on U.S. Attorney General to provide documents and evidence relating to the landmark Holy Land Foundation trial – the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history.

The committee made a nearly identical request more than a year ago, however, the documents were never made available by Holder or his department, lawmakers say.

Who might the Attorney General be under Romney? Would he do anything?

17 thoughts on “Congress Asks Holder For Evidence in Holy Land Terror Trial, Again (video)

  1. That Atty. Gen. Holder is as incompetent to do his job as
    President Obama is incompetent to do HIS JOB!

    A real sick Sick SICK administration… that MUST be REPLACED ASAP!

    • Joe, I know what you mean. However, quite the contrary, both Obama and Holder are very adapt at “Completely Transforming America”, just as they promised.
      Our Republican elected Representatives continue to allow this administration, lead by Obama, to cirvumvent the rule of law and the tenets of the Constitution without any reprisial what-so-ever.
      Leadership is sorely lacking from those elected to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.

      • “Completely Transforming America” is NOT performing the functions of the President & the Administration!

        That is Why they are incompetent to do the job properly!

        IMHO, they are NOT loyal Americans!

        They are EVIL and want to transform our Nation and the World into their sadistic view of how it should be.

      • Couldn’t agree more, particularly with your last sentence! I’ve been saying all along–Americans are allowing it to happen.

  2. The arrogance of Mr.Holder is breathtaking! Congress needs to immediately impeach Holder, call for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Holder for crimes against the Constitution and other Federal Laws.

    • Indeed. Notice that he thinks he can brush off congressmen and not answer their questions directly the same way that politicians try get get out of answering TV interview questions directly.

      The difference is that this is not a TV interview with some pliant liberal journalist, Mr. Holder! This is a congressional hearing. You’re under oath. The Senate confirmed your nomination in the first place. So you have a responsibility to answer the dang questions!

  3. Impeachment doesn’t seem to be the best answer. Fifty years, without parole or pardon, doing hard labor, like making little rocks out of big rocks 12 hours a day, would be much more rewarding for the public.

  4. “It’s interesting to note in this passage that Paul compares selfishness to “empty conceit”—a term that could be translated “vanity” or “arrogance.” It refers to an overly high opinion of oneself. Selfishness, then, is akin to narcissism.

    Applies to the the pres too!

    No 2 Mo!

  5. He won’t answer questions. He is in contempt, Jail him till an independent team goes through the Ag office. Use the Israelis

  6. Incredible. What a smarmy, lying sleazebag Holder is. For the life of me I cannot understand why the US has not impeached both Obama and Holder.

    The mere fact that Obama refers to the American Constitution as: “A failed experiment” and thumbs his nose at it, should infuriate Americans, but it’s not happening–why?

    Constantly, on this site I see Americans referring to the 1st, 2nd etc. Amendment; again, what’s the point? Obama doesn’t recognize them, or skirts around them. Again I ask, how can this man be President? Anyone like to answer?

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