Dearborn: Muslim tells Christians “Go home”, sharia is coming (video)

Answering Muslims via Atlas Shrugs, Sharia is Coming Baby (To America)

The future ain’t bright America. Videos like the one above and stats like those below tell you why:

50 thoughts on “Dearborn: Muslim tells Christians “Go home”, sharia is coming (video)

      • The muslims will not go home on their own. Why would they when we are allowing them to all the freebies? They need to be deported. I don’t understand why the left has chosen them as the next popular “flavor”? If the left thinks they are safe with muslims because they protect them, they are mistaken. The left will be the first to go, unless they suddenly decide that wearing a burka is okay.

        • True Obama won’t deport, he won’t deport anyone. They think they are protecting them but like you said, they will be the first to go. What I don’t like is they are in our country and have more rights than us.

          • He used the black in the first election he is now dumping them for the Mexicans and the Muslims. If the black ever realize that he is keeping them on the plantation, they will not vote for him. We have taken many sectors of citizens an put them on the freebie train where you are rewarded to stay on it. It should be the opposite.

        • The left are feeding the crocodile hoping he Will eat them last. The crocodile needs to be killed not negotiated with.

    • Just start getting rid of the muslim by what ever means it takes,they are evil people and meaner a junk yard dog.
      want to get rid of them fast put up a pig farm and make sure it is a jointing to their house..
      I am so sick of the cult, that are nasty and dirty people,
      You can see in the paper and on the news how they beat and kill their children ,a man shot his wife to death in front of their 5 children,a father shot and killed his 4 daughters. and they think this is not going to land them in the pits of hell?
      They wouldn’t be to safe coning to my door.
      I don’t care if you were born here we will find a way to send you to any Arabic country.

      • Makes you wonder why the libs aren’t in a tizzy? Especially when they see the gays hanging from the gallows. It doesn’t make sense to normal people.

    • This confrontation approach is a no brainer;do unto others as you would have them do unto;would not want Muslims or others coming and causing bad vibes at a Christian festival;it is totally ridiculous to preach Christianity at a Muslim fest .wrong approach.The TRUTH is the only thing that can overcome the lies of false religion…..Publish the truth

      • Hey John
        I don’t think it was confrontation but rather expressing another view to what they believe. In this country there is the freedom of Speech. It looked to me like it was pretty low key, by the side of a car. Not on a podium with loudspeakers. Can we not go to a carnival and hand out literature to people about our faith? Then why not go to a Arab festival and do the same. They need to accept our country and realize they have the right to pick and choose what they want to listen to. We don’t have sharia safe zones where you are not allowed to practice your freedom of expression.
        Do you defend the reaction of that Muslim saying they will kick ass, swearing and threatening to overrun our country with their beliefs??

        • When Obama took office, he brought close to 80,000 pakistan muslims to michigan and gave them citizenship and money……Blood will be shed as they have always been Satans people….their prophet Muhammed was a criminal, murder, pedifile and worse…these are the types they follow and look up to!..The Islamic religion evolves to meet whatever needs it desires……they are ignorant people who are pawns of Satan!

      • And just how do you get the MSM to do that? They are too petrified of muslims to print anything. Don’t know about USA but here in Canada if your letter to a newspaper contains the words ‘muslim, islam or jihad’ –it’s in the waste basket.

  1. Muslims need to go home if they have this attitude. well all should this is our home, we don’t want the cult killing, wife beating, child molesting, raping, filth over here. And we have lots of dogs here they are good pets.

  2. Liberals think that they will be spared the wrath of “allah.” Can’t the homosexuals and gender feminists see how stupid and suicidal is their enthusiastic support of Islamists’ invasion of America?

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  4. To “Catholic Glasses” & others with like mindedness, Muslims aren’t going home, they came here for one purpose, to establish “Sharia Law” as the dominate law of the land; this is the mandate of the Qur’an.

    And as Omar Ahmed, Chairman of the Board of C.A.I.R. (Council on American-Islamic Relations), said, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on earth. First comes worldwide Sharia Law, that is the goal. Why? … because once Sharia law has been establised all non-muslims become 3rd & 4th class persons; you notice I didn’t say citizens. And just why was that? … because under Sharia law non-muslims are not cannot be considered citizens; they are considered a protected people, and inferior people, to be harrassed and subdued.

    Once Sharia law becomes final worldwide, non-muslims and their faith will dwindle. Non-muslims will be harrassed, tortured, starved, beaten, murdered, raped, force converted; they will be forced to hold menial jobs; and even education and healthcare will be denied them. There holy books, places of worship and objects of veneration will be systematicly destroyed. There will be ethnic cleansings and outright genocide. They will be forced to endure the un-endureable. the final out come will be Islamic dominantion through opression and destruction.

    How do I know this? … Look at the Middle East, it has not always been Islamic; there were many different religions, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddists and Zorastrians, plus a multitude of others; and for the most part they co-existed in peace. But then the evil of Islam came, with the sword; over 270 million people have been murdered since the beginning of Islam. Mohammed was truthful when he said he conqured by the sword.

    Look if you don’t know the in’s and the out’s of Islam and Muslims, ok! Learn and there are plenty of places to do that … here, Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, but while you are learning start standing up for your rights. That’s if you want to have any rights left.

    Muslims aren’t leaving, but we can let them know we’re not giving a inch; and we won’t change any of our laws to suit them.

    Tell your friends, your family … hell tell the person in line with you at the supermarket what’s on your mind; inform people. The only thing that can really happen is that someone gets educated; your probably not going to see that person again anyway.

    • Everything you say is true. Muslims say” smile at them but hate them in your hearts”. I tell people all the time and they look at me like what? Are you on some crazy pills, my friend has a friend who is a Muslim and says she would never hurt anyone. I said your a fool she is only nice till there is enough of them around her than they will kill you. People are really blind to what is going on even my family say everything is ok. I show videos where they show Sharia Law and my daughter says that will never happen here this is America. Like the Titanic would never sink. Just keep talking that’s what I do to people I don’t know too And when I see Muslims walking around with their heads covered and bodies and want to scream “Get Out Of Our Country We Are On To You.
      I was reading a book at the Dr. office about Muslims and two of them walked in across from me pointed at my book and laughed I just looked at them the whole time, they stopped. I was thinking this- this is my country and you will not take it and when you try we have our guns and will fight. Read and learn all about our enemy the Muslims !

    • Is Omar Ahmed human? Yes, then he bleeds, and if he bleeds he can be killed just like any other human being. That’s not a threat, I’m just saying he’s as big a target as it gets. If muslim’s start causing trouble and hurting people I know where my local mosque is. This is a passive invasion that is taking over our country and if we don’t stop it now there may not be any stopping it later….

    • Or do them like they have done to Americans,BEHEAD THEM.
      I am really sick of them and all their threats.
      If their belief’s are so right ,then why are they leaving their countries and bringing their hate and filth to countries that don’t want them???????
      It must not be to wonderful and right if they escape to other countries to try yo find a bettter life, but dont want to leave it behind.
      I say tie them all up put them on a boat and put them out to way back.
      He will furnish the COCAIN for the party, He knows the GUY,

  5. These stupid MUSLIMS had better wake up! There are 80 million gun owners plus, ALL GOOD MARKSMEN that like to hunt SKUNKS and CAMELS!!! Hope you all have eyes in the back of your heads!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  6. To “ronenglan” …”KeithM” … and “notunderstood”
    I agree forcing Muslims out is where it is going … Too many have been born here and even sadder still too many idots have believed the lies of Islam. Can’t do anything about the brain dead and the insane, but I can do something about their “take over”.

    And the One in the White House, well …. HE absolutely has’t to GO… IMPEACH OBAMA, NOW!


    I have the same problem in my family, but I don’t stop … I can’t, there is too much at stake! I’m a talker and I talk to everyone … at the store, waiting at the doctors office, wherever. I’m a thinker, a gatherer of information … and I never stop!

    Even now I see the light coming on in others. I have friends who used to be timid around Muslims, hoping they could win them through their kindness; they are seeing the light.

    The blog I’m on, on Facebook, is filled with those who state “I will not vote for Obama in November” … well my posts to these people is … that’s great, I’m glad you see the light, but “voting” Obama out is not the answer. I let them know we can not depend on “voting” Obama out … that Obama’s is corrupt and because of that corruption Obama needs to be impeached. Just the other day, one of the friends on that blog spoke frankly to me; and he was actually someone who at one time was conserned of “me” being around his Muslim friend. Now, he’s speaking of how disgusted he is and how HE wants to get involved; and that HE wants to do more … to confront people … to wake Christians up … It was good to hear him say what he did; and I admit it was an encouragment.

    So…. don’t stop, “notunderstood” get more involved; find those of like minds, write, talk, push, shove … challange and organize; that’s the answer. That’s what I am doing …..

  7. Everywhere else in the world, indigenous population cower in front of “multi-kulti”. But these mooslimes have no idea what they are getting into here…in America! Let them bully us up to a point…but when we respond it will just be awful for them. It is too bad that they just can’t get along. Mooslimes are doomed in America. We will shred them and deport them. Stupid mooslimes. Piss-ant moo-ham-mud! It’s allah or nothing, right? I got your allah hanging!

  8. Bring it baby,me and my little friend would love to play with you, vengeance is mine saith the lord,but it doesn,t cover justice ..a Christian Extremist

  9. i will tell you idiot muslim’s this, there is not one of you that will change this nation and her ppl on how we feel about your damb [RELIGION !]=your [RELIGION] is from satan himself and the way i see it,if it’s a fight you want well there is a hell of a lot of us that will help you out on that part oh there is one more thing i’ll say about your damb god=====ALLAH IS A WOMAN THAT WILL GET YOUR SHIT GOING I BELIEVE LOL LOL

  10. America needs one new law: The law of reciprocity! Where a immigrant will be treated here exactly as an American would be treated in their country of origin.

    My personal feeling is that islam should be purged from the earth!

  11. Muslims ARE changing the face of America. Sharia Law, Islamic law is encroaching into our judicial system. The liberal left, the socialists, the communists and the Muslims are all in bed together. These people have one agenda, destroy American and her freedoms. Islam’s goal is worldwide dominantion & Sharia Law (worldwide).

    To “Anonymous”: Good luck guy; I don’t avocate the murder or whole sale slaughter of Muslims, but you are gonna need more than luck. And Obama is making that more difficutl for everyone; including those who just want to defend themselves. He’s making it more difficult because he knows an armed populous makes an easy take over imposible.

    The “Fast & Furious Scandal” is Barack Obama’s bloody attempt to destroy our 2nd amendment. Obama has always said he wanted to change the gun laws in America, and that he was going to chance the 2nd amendment. Anonymous, you may lose your right to have a gun let alone purchase one.

    I say IMPEACH OBAMA, NOW! Obama has committed numerous impeachable offenses. We can not wait to vote him out of office … the fix is in . Obama and the powers that support him didn’t put him in office for him to lose.

    And if you think we can’t impeach Obama, why do you think we have a snow balls chance in Hell, of voting him out of office.

    Our “War Cry” in unision, must be Impeach Obama, Now!

    Here is a brief list of Barack Hussain Obama’s Impeachable Offenses,

    Aprilyn (Lynn)

  12. We read and hear people say they have muslim friends who are just like anyone else–but I wonder if they have ever sat down and asked about the prophet mo, the koran, suras, haddiths–when that is done I want to know what everyone thinks then. When questioned it’s my experience they can get scrappy and angry really fast! Even though my experience is limited, it rings true with the many examples I’ve read about over the past 4 or 5 years. If you have muslim friends you need to stick your necks out and find out for sure what’s up in your friends’ heads. Then you will really know if they are just like everyone else or supremacists like they are often taught and like their literature teaches. This only works if you’ve studied islam beforehand.

  13. To “ms.kafir”

    I read the “Questions to ask every Muslim” – liked it, but the problem is that most places of employment have “rules” about controversial conversations.

    What is it they used to say, you can’t talk about religion or politics … Well … now its you CANNOT talk about these and other things, especially in the work place. Controversy in the work place will get you “fired”. And “IF” there’s anything Muslims know how to do, its to play the “unfairly treated or harrassed card”. In Muslim dominanted countries non-muslims are not allowed to preach, discuss, or even express an opinion about their faith; its illegal.

    Muslims believe themselves to be Superior to “Kafir” – unbelievers; and it is not only acceptable to deceive, non-muslims, but to harrasse them, and to cause them disgrace; such as in having them lose their jobs.

    I’d love to be able to speak with Muslims, but I’ve been very careful in the work place with what I say. Even speaking to another non-muslim while a Muslim is present can get you in trouble.

    So, I liked to ask Muslims questions, but I’m wise enought to know when and how to do it.

    • Muslims ‘superior’ to kafirs? In the entire muslim world the average literacy rate is 56%! Yes, they’re superior alright!

      As we who comment on this site know, they’re illiterate, intolerant, inbred, brainwashed, barbaric, backward, arrogant, bullying, murderous filth.

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  17. All I am seeing on the video is that the Christians are intentionally provoking the Muslims. They invaded an area made up primarily of people of the Muslim faith waving their bibles, carrying signs. Why?
    Ironically, people of both faiths share much of the same heritage. Calling their activities “Freedom of Speech,” is tantamount to crying “Fire” in a crowded theatre. I’m not defending the mouthy Muslim, but I think the so-called Christians were way out of line.

  18. Reply

    The Christians are not intentionally provoking Muslims or invading an area made up of Mulsims. The Christians are doing “street witnessing,” and they are not “out of line,” but totally within their legal rights, in the US. This is being done at a Muslim festival which is advertised as open to “ALL”. Islam is sharing their faith and the different Islamic cultures. There are booths with Islamic litature which non-muslims can take and read. In the beginning Muslims were answering questions; and when I say beginning I’m speaking of several years back. So, this is a Muslim outreach for Islam.

    Why is it your protesting the Christians? … yeah, why? I don’t agree with Islam or say Mormons, or Hari Krisnia, but should they set up shop at an open “Festival” – signs or no signs, engaging in witnessing or not, I wouldn’t be,

    1) threatening them with bodily harm or …
    2) throwing rocks and other objects at them or …
    3) swearing, shouting obsenities and insults at them.

    If I didn’t want to engage in a discussion with them, I would mearly ignor them and go about my buisness; but then I’m civilized. I am a born again Christian and I am passionate about my faith; but, I am not enraged that others believe differently or that they would try to convert me to their faith.

    The Muslims were doing more than being “mouthy”, they were being criminally violent. Why do you feel Muslims have a right to violence when their faith in Islam is challenged? Why do you feel its acceptable for the Muslims to endanger people, throwing objects … and threatening other forms of violence?

    I have witnessed “Black Muslims” an off shoot of Islam doing “street witnessing” in Miami. They had signs, bullhorns, and a podiumn on the sidewalk. These Muslims were not threatened or accosted; no Christian did anything but go about their buisness. And they were loud! Also, if anyone had thrown anything or threatened to harm these Muslims, the police would have arreated that person. Remember 2009, the Muslim protests, the apposing crowds, the signs that said,”Build Bigger Ovens” – things were pretty heated, but no one was allowed to commit violence against the other.

    Which brings me to my next question, where were the police? Which is another question you didn’t address. The job of the police is to, “protect and serve” – ALL the people. How come they didn’t… and wouldn’t …; even when protection was requested by the Christians … even when violence was committed right in front of them.

    Also, since I am a Christian and I do know who, what I believe in … don’t tell me that the God I worship has anything in common with the evil, demon called “allah” – you may have been told that alllah and the Judeo/Christian God are one and the same, but they are NOT, they are totally different, one is evil and the other good.

    This isn’t the Middle East or any other Islamic dominanted country; Dearborn, Michgan trampled on the Constitutional Rights of the Christians, and the city and the police departments actions were Criminal.

    I hope the Christians sue the city of Dearborn and the police department (each and every officer, individually), and individual Muslims for everything they can. That’s the first things Muslims do.

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