Islam in Indonesia: Tolerating intolerance, more churches told to close

And be demolished by congregations, or administration will do it. via Islam in Indonesia: Tolerating intolerance | The Economist.

MAY was a cruel month for Indonesians trying to do nothing more than worship their god. During an Ascension Day service on May 17th (and again on May 20th), about 100 Protestants were attacked by a Muslim mob at their church in Bekasi on the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta. The mob hurled stones, bags of urine and death threats at the congregation. The church was still only half-built when it was attacked; the pastor has been waiting more than five years for permission from the local district administration to complete it. Since May 2nd local government officials in the ultra-conservative Muslim province of Aceh, in northern Sumatra, have closed at least 16 Christian churches, citing lack of permits.

Such intimidation, and the ongoing rows over permits, are now so commonplace that they are barely reported. On May 26th, however, the issue of religious intolerance in this Muslim-majority nation made international headlines when Islamic hardliners forced the cancellation of a sold-out concert by Lady Gaga, an American pop star. The Islamic Defenders Front (known by its initials in Indonesian, FPI) had threatened to provoke “chaos” if she entered the country. Her promoters said that they could not guarantee her, or her fans’, safety. They were probably right.

Critics argue that these are only the latest incidents in a remorseless rise of religious intolerance, and often violence. Human Rights Watch, a New York-based lobby group, reports that incidents of sectarian violence became “more deadly and more frequent” last year. Islamic hardliners attacked not only Christian churches but also Muslim sects, such as the Ahmadiyah, that they believe to be heretical. The most shocking incident occurred in February last year when a mob of 1,500, stoked up by local FPI leaders, attacked the house of a local Ahmadiyah leader in west Java, killing three people.

The government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has been accused of doing too little to stop such attacks, or to express enough concern about violent Islamic groups. His critics say that he panders to Muslim fundamentalism for political gain, despite his obligations in the constitution to protect freedom of worship. Mr Yudhoyono has dished out cabinet posts in his broad coalition to the leaders of the country’s main Islamic parties.

Certainly, cabinet ministers from the Islamic parties have been less than helpful in promoting Indonesia as the moderate, pluralistic country it claims to be. The religious-affairs minister, Suryadharma Ali, has blamed the Ahmadiyah itself for inviting deadly attacks, saying it had strayed from mainstream Islam. In March he suggested banning women from wearing skirts that were above the knee, calling them “pornographic”. The information minister, Tifatul Sembiring, has made offensive comments about homosexuals.

The president has uttered a few vague public statements about non-violence and respecting other people’s rights, but he has largely left the problem to local governments. This has appeared only to embolden extremist groups, which now feel that they can act with impunity. Sometimes the police are in cahoots with the hardliners. The situation continues to worsen.

Soon non-Muslims won’t even have a place to pray. via Home Affairs Minister Saddened by ‘Rumored’ Demands for Church Closures in Aceh | The Jakarta Globe.

Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi said that he was disheartened by “rumored” demands to close 20 churches in Aceh, explaining that local residents need to accept that Indonesia is a pluralistic nation with more than one recognized religion.

The minister was responding to a rumor that residents of the conservative Islamic province have demanded the closure of 20 churches. Last month, 16 storefront churches — locally called “undung-undungs” — were shut down in the Aceh Singkil district amid demands from local Muslim groups.

Gamawan warned Aceh residents to resist religious intolerance.

“Let people of a different religion build a place of worship if they want to,” Gamawan said. “The majority shouldn’t force their views on the minority. Tolerance should continue to exist.”

The minister heard the rumor from Aceh’s newly-elected governor Tarmizi Karim. The two men have discussed the issue and share similar opinions on the matter, Gamawan said.

“The governor told me about this issue. I said, ‘please obey existing regulations,’” Gamawan said. “We live together. We’re pluralistic, and there is more than just one religion in this country.”

Aceh, Indonesia’s westernmost province, practices a local version of Shariah law that bans everything from unmarried couples fraternizing after dark to skinny jeans.

More Regent orders churches closed, destroyed in Aceh

The closures were ordered by Aceh Singkil Acting Regent Razali AR in a letter signed on April 30 that also ordered members of the congregations to tear down the churches by themselves.

“The local administration says that if the church members refuse to comply, the administration itself will demolish the buildings,” Veryanto Sitohang of the United North Sumatra Alliance, a human rights group, said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Razali ordered the closure of 17 Protestant churches, two Catholic churches and one place of worship belonging to followers of a local nondenominational faith.

He issued the letter following a protest by members of the hard-line Islam Defenders Front (FPI) at the regency office on the same day.

But thanks for all your donations helping to build a sharia-compliant state after the tsunami, dhimmis.

21 thoughts on “Islam in Indonesia: Tolerating intolerance, more churches told to close

  1. You can lay all this at the feet of the Obama Regime and his State Department.

    I posted this quite a while back, is still an appropriate post.

    By Jerome Ennis:

    With the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the U.S. presidency, every leftist and subversive kook fringe in America came out in the open with their subversive views and behavior.

    The Obama election was a green light to the United States of… America’s Domestic Enemies within our own borders and it was also a Green Light to Our Foreign Enemies, Especially in Islamic Countries, that The Radical Muslims Had A Green Light to Overthrow Their Quasi-Democratically Elected Governments and Replace Them With Radical Islamic Law of the Ayatollahs and other Murderous Imams who practice Strict Sharia Laws of The Koran, and that the USA would not lift a hand to defend our allies, and would in fact, arm the revolutionaries.

    The recent Meetings by Obama with China, India, The Russians coupled with Obama’s Earlier Apology Tour To Europe, Africa and The Middle East was a Deal Making Session whereby Obama was Assuring The Egyptian Radicals and Radicals in All Muslim States that they Could Go Ahead and Riot and Overthrow Their Duly Elected Governments and Replace them with Radical Islam and that The USA would not intervene. And, Obama likely has a pact with Russia, China and India that they too, will not intervene. The New USA Agreements with our Enemies is Akin to the so-called Non-Aggression Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939 where the Fascist Nazis of Germany Made a Deal with the Totalitarian Communists not to interfere with one anothers aim of Expansionism of Their Respective Empires. And, this Deadly Pact Lead Up To WWII.

    (NOTE: sincde I first penned this last year, Obama took Direct Orders from the UN and NATO and attacked Libya by air and supplied intelligence and weapons on the ground for that country to be overthrown, and he totally side tracked the Constitution and bypassed Congress altogether, and got away with, and basically had Leon Panetta tell the U.S. Congress that Obama could do whatever he damned well pleased, and would, if chose to, at least advise them, AFTER THE FACT about his decision, and he believes it is OKAY to do this with orders from the UN and NATO.—This is the First Test of the now and what they found out was, they can get by with it. We no longer have a Representative Constitutional Republic. The New World Order has arrived, and our Congress and Media are not protesting a bit, which should make it obvious is that our Congress is Part of the OWO conspiracy, and it has already been ushered in. And, our own government now is totally FASCISTIC and will enforce any sanctions and destroy anybody in our own government or citizenry who dares to oppose them or criticize them openly.)

    Obama’s Dirty Back Room Deals with our enemies is the reason for this uprising, and you will see these revolutions popping up all over. Not only in the Middle East and Africa but in Central and South America and In Eastern Europe as well.

    NOTE: Obama’s recent trip to Columbia, SC where he also entered us into another Dirty Deal with that criminal enterprise, AKA a government. In the meantime, he continues to not Enforce Illegal Immigration Laws in order to allow as many Anti-American Invaders to invade our country as possible so that when the time is ready, they have a standing Army of Non-Americans already in place. Most of central and south America have been in revolutions for decades and now these revolutionaries move freely about us in the USA and nothing is done, except the Obama Regime sues Arizona, Alabama and any other state if they dare oppose him or to make and enforce their own laws in a responsible manner, while Black Panther and other Terrorist-Criminal Organizations are allowed to threaten and intimidate voters and to put out Death Threats and Bounties while advocating Blood In the Streets of America, and Obama does not lift a finger or say a word. REASON being, he and his regime are behind these Street Gangs, Thugs, Occupy Wall Street, and all the other Radical movements now happening in the United States of America.

    Obama has Entered The USA into Deals With DEVILS, and Most Importantly The Devils of Radical Islam and with The Equally Radical, Chinese Communism.

    Wake Up America, we have an Anti-American and Anti-Western Civilization President Occupying the White House and he is Making Deals With Devils.

  2. No, I’m sorry, while Barack Hussain Obama is a Muslim, and his policies are destroying America, “We the People” did this to “Ourselves”. We knew what Obama was… an inexperienced, unknowledgable, arrogant man of questionable moral character. “We the People” knew he was a Socialis, a Muslim, a man filled with “Hate” for this country; and “We the People” elected him anyway.

    And just why did “We the People” elect Barack Hussain Obama?… because we hated “Bush”… “We the People” did have another choice … McCain; a man who with all his faults and flaws was still a “decorated war veteran,” which showed that McCain had integrity; something Obama never had. But “We the People” choose a Muslims, a man who said, he was ashammed he was an American. A man who’s first duties were to go to the very people who murdered over 3000 innocent American’s on 911, and to bow lower than low and kiss their (our enemies), “royal arses” in an apology. Is there any reason why anyone should have expected Barack Hussain Obama, to do anything differently than he has over the last 3 1/2 years? … He told us what he was going to do … and “He’s” doing exactly what he said he would do; destroying this country.

    Did “We the People” become enraged at any of his impeachable offenses?… NO! Did “We the People” stand up and demand that Barack Obama be “Impeached” – NO! … Did “We the People” even raise a “PEEP”?… NO!!! … “We the People” applauded him, patted him on the back and said how progressive, how wonderful he was.
    With all the numerous Impeachable offenses, that Barack Obama has committed, “We the People” have done, Nothing … that’s right … Nothing. And here’s the real clintcher… “We the People” haven’t even TRIED!!!

    Remember our Founding Father’s gave “US” – “We the People” the right … the authority, to remove corrupt governmental officials, even the president! If “We the People” don’t rise up and apply our rights, take responsiblity, its “US” who are ultimatly “accountable” for our actions.

    You didn’t vote for him you say … and you didn’t approve of his actions and pat him on the back… Really?… I say to you that, by your silence you are condemed, and you (“We the People”) have allowed “Evil” to flourish.

    Oh … and just for the record … to all those “I will not vote for Obama in November” people. waiting around to vote him out. Barack Hussain Obama wasn’t put in office to loose, not 4 yrs ago and not NOW! The powers that “Be” who supported him then and support him now, will not let him fail. Their report card for Obama gives him striaght “A’s” and their comments on “HIS” preformance are “job well done”. The “Fix” is in, and Obama knows it. That’s why its buisness as usual at the Obama White House. Barack Obama’s not scared, he hasn’t back peddled once … no, no, no… Obama’s on “full throllte” to OUR destruction.

    So, “We the People”… come November, are gonna vote Barack Hussain Obama out of office?… Question … is “HE” or the powers that are behind HIM, gonna let you?… And why, with ALL the “Impeachable Offense,” that Obama has committed, are “We the People” waiting?………

    What’s your excuse? … Get up “off” your duffs … Make a difference Now! … while you still can, and do Make it count!

    • Hello Lynn!!!

      This “imposter” doesn’t even deserve to be “impeached!!!” He never should have been on the ballot in the first place!!! He NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, SHACKLED AND PLACED BEHIND BARS FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE AND OR SHOT! period!

      To “impeach” him…would be “admitting” he could be President!!! When in fact, he is NOT “qualified!”…PERIOD!!! ALLOW “me” access to his so-called “Hawaiian birth certificate, and I can “prove” to you and everyone else…it is fake! NOT by the birth certificate itself, but by the computer records that “recorded” his birth!!! EVEN if the records have been “MODIFIED”…”I” can prove them to have been “MODIFIED!!!”

    • Well said, Lynn and Jerome. Nice to see there are at least some ‘getting it right’. With obama thumbing his nose at the American Constitution, calling it a ‘failed experiment’ I expected Americans to rise up in fury–I was wrong.

      And the much vaunted ‘Amendments’–obama just ignores them. And he’s still the President??!!

    • @ Lynn I am on your side to vote out Obamanation. But I was not one of the voters who voted in Obmanation and only a little less than half voted for Obmanation so please when you say we the people it is not entirely correct.

      What we have here are a lot of young voters who have their heads in the sand and I am not saying all but a good percentage of Obamanation voters were and are the young. They want to see a peacefull means to an end. I can hardly blame them for that but not being aware what Islam is really all about has led them in to the trap of the Obamanation vote.

      We must do our best to educate them and that is going to mean explaining graphic things to them in order for them to understand such as Sharia Law….

      • I just wanted to say the posted comment to Lynn should have been posted under the name Common Sense instead of Anoymous. I have been using the name Common Sense the entire time I have come to this website. I just wanted to clarify…

  3. But the mosques are going in here full steam. Soon they will be closing churches in the US, as they are so offended by them. And the left, if still in power will be assisting these anti-christ people

  4. So… “notunderstood” … “islamophobe” … “creeping” … what are you gonna “DO”! The men and women who fought and died that this country might be formed did so at the cost of their very lives. The “idea” of a free nation .. of free people, who governed themselves was just that … an idea… a dream! These men and women did what had never been done, to achive what had never been concieved; and they put their wealth, and the lives of themselves and their loved ones on the line. Patrick Henry’s statment “give me liberty or give me death” wasn’t some “idle” statement; it was a war cry and he put his life on the line when he said it.

    Obama should be IMPEACHED, not voted out! Barack Obama has committed numerous impeachable offenses.

    Start the war cry or apoligize to your children’s children for the loss of their freedoms and the life that once was.

    Freedom its free… it hasn’t to be guarded … fought for … protected … and if you thought this would be easy, forget it, it won’t. For to long we the people have sat by and done nothing. We have allowed the liberal news media to spoon feed us half truths and out right lies, without so much as a wimper from us.

    If … You want what you no long have … then you are going to have to do what you have not done. To expect different results from doing the same things over and over again is stupidty.

    United “WE” can stand, divided “WE” will fall… So Unite … the choice is either to stand or to go quitely into the night … I’m not going quitely into the night…..

  5. Well, “bobby90247”, I agree, he should not have been allowed to be in office. But hey … that’s not the problem. Just like the people who are still mad at Bush and screeming about Him. The past is done and gone, Barack Obama is in the “White House” – Take him OUT! LEGALLY – IMPEACH THE BAST***D! THE IMPOSTOR!!

    Obama in his arrogance has committed impeachable offenses, forget the “let’s vote him out in November”. He needs to be removed NOW!

    Our War Cry should be “Impeach Obama Now!” not wait and vote him out! He’s corrupt, he has blood all over his hands. How much more destruction does he need to accomplish?… He has already thumbed his nose at congress, bypassing congress. Obama looks at “We the People” as bugs to be squashed … He’s an arrogant SOB! And he’s corrupt!

    “We the People,” still have rights and the authority to remove Obama from office … its called “Impeachment” and we’d better use our rights and our authority, before Obama and the powers that are support him take our rights and authority away.

    We’re in the final strech here people, Obama will not go quitely into the night! And WE need to Impeach HIM NOW!

    • Okay Lynn!!! So exactly “how” do we get enough people to start passing the papers around to “impeach” this “imposter”…


      • to “bobby90247” and “Omega” – start writing your Representatives … your Senator’s. Push, shove… keep on it.

        Get with like minded people. To those who support Obama, challange them (at ever occassion).. To those who are undecided give them the truth, make them aware of the facts. To those who do not want Obama in office, but are diluded into thinking we have no recourse but to vote him out, give them the facts … organize them; get them involved. Demand accountability of the liberal news media … “Truth is not Hate Speach”… every time they give out a lie .. a half truth we should be there to confront them … to demand they retract their “LIE” ON the front page.

        The “Key” here is Unity … if ‘We the People” are not unitified they will pick us off one by one.

        They will pick off some of us … but we should not be dishearted! and we should not stop! Our founding father’s risked everything, both the wealthy and the poor. The American revolution was not won in a night, and truth be told we were loosing for a long time. But we never gave up. The first Patriots wanted what they had never had, and they fought and died to bring about the “freedoms” they only dreamed of.

        These are just starting points people; and if you think they, the liberal left, the Muslims or the Obamities, will go quitely into the night, forget it! The “Tea Party” whether you liked it or not was a movement who’s time was long over due; but when the fighting began they lobbed a few rounds over our heads and we all but gave up. We can’t do that people, we have too much to loose. This is a fight that the liberal left , the communist, the socialist and Muslims, have been planning for along time; and they smell blood … they smell victory. Be prepared for the fight of your life, because that is what it is … your life and the lives of those you hold dear.

        Organize… organize… organize… Challange … challange … confront, push … shove … Never give up.

        American was a country that never should have been, never had been dreamed of, but it became the land of “We the People” – an unheard of idea.

        Thomas Jefferson said … every generation needs a new revolution … “We the People” are long over due! And the fight is just beginning….

        Oh, by the way, I’ve already started my writning campaign … they know my name… so when they come for me at the end, they will find their bookkeeping is in error, they took me long ago….

        I have children and grandchildren I wish to leave freedom to …

      • Or to anyone else of like mind …

        Winston Churchill said …

        … if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

        I do not know if we are in the last stage of the fight for right, but I do know one thing … I will not live as a “slave” … Everyone will have to make their own decision … I’ve made mine!!

        I’m a Christian and I will do everything I can to stop this destruction of Amercias “Freedoms” … Also, I see no contradiction in fighting for “Freedom” and in being a Christian.

  6. All that is needed to remove OBUUMMMMAA from the Presidency is for BOEHNER TO START THE PAPER WORK ROLLING. Simple but

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  8. To “Omega2”

    Lock and load? … yes, but do it the right way … we still have rights. And one of our rights is the removal of corrupt governmental officals, including presidents … Barack Obama has’t to go … Obama has’t to be Impeached … Why? … because He has committed impeachable offenses, and we the people shouldn’t wait to vote him out. He’s corrupt … criminal …

    The “Fast & Furious Sandal” is bigger than “Watergate”; and Watergate destroyed Nixon! the problem is that the liberal news media is biased and a bunch of liars. The blood on Barack Obama’s hands is unbelievable; and what’s worse HE doesn’t care. Congress is looking at their jobs and paycheck. We need to make them realize that we are looking at them too … and if they do nothing, it is their jobs.

    If The thing is we must do this in unity … for united we stand and divided we fall. We must push, shove, shout … Achive critical mass…

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  10. eventually I’m an Indonesian Muslim and i have non Muslim friends too. thank God, me and them can live in harmony by respecting each others’ belief. increase in popularity of Islamic hardliners in Indonesia is a sad news actually, they made they look that now Indonesia changed from moderate into hardliner Muslim country, but actually they are dangerous minority group. I condemn Indonesian govt that was failed to protect minority because I believe that being minority and different doesn’t mean being enemy or can’t practice their belief and culture. I also didn’t see defense to my religion from violence and intolerance acts that were done in my religion’s name, those who did that just tarnished my religion’s reputation

  11. too many non-moslems asians and moslems asians in asia, such as malaysia and singapore are known to employed or employed or employing moslems live-maids from indonesia that appear to be moderate(they looked ordinary with uncoverd head) and that worsen the situation for other nonbelievers like myself. I see no difference in indonesian christians and indonesian moslems behaviour in one place that I worked. they are equally abusive.

  12. Perhaps it is better indonesians stay in their own country and solve their own internal religous problems instead of exporting their attitude to other places that also have the same problems.

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