Oregon mosque led by convicted Social Security fraudster

Yet Helen Jung and others can’t seem to figure out why the terror-linked Oregon mosque is under FBI scrutiny. It takes 20+ paragraphs to find out the mosque is led by a convicted criminal. via Masjed As-Saber, Oregon Mosque Under FBI Scrutiny.

In September 2002, authorities arrested Kariye at Portland International Airport as he and family members prepared to fly to Dubai. He was charged the next day with Social Security fraud, but his arrest by the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force signaled a more ominous suspicion.

The arrest was unusual. A federal prosecutor successfully argued to hold Kariye without bail, saying a customs official at the airport had found traces of TNT on his bags. Tests two weeks later concluded the initial findings were wrong and Kariye was released the following month.

Kariye pleaded guilty six months later to understating his income to qualify for Oregon Health Plan benefits and using a Social Security card with a false birth date to obtain the benefits. A judge sentenced him to probation and he paid $6,000 in fines and restitution.

But that didn’t end the FBI’s interest. An affidavit in August 2003 revealed that agents believed Kariye financially supported a group of Muslims — known as the Portland Seven — who had tried to reach Afghanistan to fight for the Taliban in September 2001. Most had regularly prayed at Masjed As-Saber and were turned in by an FBI informant at the mosque who recorded hours of conversations with two primary defendants.

Kariye was never charged. The FBI affidavit stated the informant failed to record a key conversation that allegedly described the imam’s support.

In March, Wells Fargo abruptly decided to close the bank accounts of the imam and the mosque. Both had accounts at the bank for several years.

A Wells Fargo spokesman, Tom Unger, said he doesn’t know the reasons for the bank’s decision, but maintained that “neither religion nor any other factors that could be considered discriminatory are included as part of that process” for closing the accounts.

But Unger advised doing an Internet search on the mosque’s name, which turns up various links to news stories as well as other websites including those that allege a connection to terrorism.

And unlike Helen Jung, we did an Internet search and found this:

Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman Kariye was a co-founder of the Global Relief Foundation (GRF), which the U.S. government shut down in December 2001 because of its ties to terrorism. For at least one year after GRF’s creation in 1991, Kariye was on the organization’s board of directors.

…federal prosecutors would argue that Kariye funded a trip to Afghanistan for a group of would-be terrorists, all of whom were worshipers at the Islamic Center of Portland. In an FBI affidavit, it was stated that Kariye gave six persons (known as the Portland Six) $2000 each, for the purpose of financing their travels to Afghanistan, where they were to join al Qaeda and Taliban forces in their fight against American troops.  One of the six, Jeffrey Battle, described the Islamic Center of Portland as being “the only mosque to teach about jihad.” Battle stated that he had “talked to Kariye about jihad,” that Kariye “had fought in the jihad,” and that “Kariye told his followers they should fight with other Muslims in Afghanistan against Americans.” Battle further stated that Kariye had provided “$2,000 for each of the men and the money was acquired from members of the mosque.”

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10 thoughts on “Oregon mosque led by convicted Social Security fraudster

  1. And the USA is being led by a SSN fraudster that all the politicians are too weenie to care and the media are to weenie to even mention.

  2. Nothing new here. This was, is and will continue to be the moslemite modus operandi as long as our leaders turn their backs on this cancer. It would clear up in a New York minute should our leaders LEAD by rewarding whistle blowers uncovering moslemite corruption of our way of life.

  3. Are we even allowed to prosecute muslims? I thought they were above the law. They are under Obamas’ protection with henchman holder.

    • No we are not allowed to persecute muslims! They are protected under the unwritten law of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!!!

  4. To get our WEEENIE CONGRESS TO ACTION, you have to rid of the heaed MUSLIM IN THE GREY HOUSE and all the MUSLIM FOLLOWERS out of CONGRESS then maybe the remaining members of CONGRESS will act. LOCK AND LOAD.

  5. Is there any question?
    Barrak Hussain Obama was born a muslim?
    BO was brought up in muslim traditions?
    BO went to muslim schools?
    BO first act was to telephone islam and thank the king for his placement
    BO bowed deeply in respect to the islamic king?
    BO stated: ” If the winds of politics turn ugly, I will stand with the muslims”?
    That muslims who leave islam are condemed to death? Unless: they are carrying out the islamic adgenda under taqyya and Jihad?

    Please tell me if any of these points are erroneous?

    • List looks like a good start. Now, all the WH connections with Islam, with its left-thinking supporters should be published. Any to be found involved should be summarily dismissed, charge, serve real jail time, If deemed to be sedtious or tritorous, all holdings confiscated and if of foreign birth, be unceremoniously extradited. One way, that is. All dependants, citizens or not, also be deported. One caveat: no right of return to USA or any other Western democracy. Putting them on a no fly list might aid in this. The sooner the better! Wake up, America! The rest of the West would follow the example, once they have dunged out their respective houses.

      • Right on, Uncle, America could start the ball rolling here and be a real leader, but for some reason…………….

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