Video: Muslim youth assault Christians at Dearborn Arab fest

Would they have been verbally assaulted and had bottles and cans thrown at them if not for the pig head? No doubt. h/t @CausingFitna via Martyrs Nudie Bar

Try this:

They’d get their asses kicked by a bunch of Muslims according to this Dearborn Muslim who tells Christians “Go home”, sharia is coming (video).

54 thoughts on “Video: Muslim youth assault Christians at Dearborn Arab fest

  1. Allah sucks donkey dicks! If the muzzies don’t like it then GTFO and go back to that litter box you came from! Sharia will die a very slow and painful death…

  2. Nawwwww…sharia will die period! 80 million Christian Gun Owners in this country! When push comes to shove, we will not push. We will simply aquire our targets and gently squeeze! Sharia Law will be blown off the face of the American landscape!

  3. To those who protest “Christians” witnessing to Muslims at a Muslim organized event and say this is looking for trouble, I say no it is not. Accourding to the courts, this is a Civil Liberties issue. People, orgainzations, have the right to present opposing points of view, as long as it is done without violence. The Christian witnessing was done on basicly a limited level, like a one to one bases and Muslims points of view were not only encouraged and listened to, but responded to in a non-violent manner. This type of civilized discussion is acceptable; and the judical courts have ruled that No One, including Christian orgainzers can prohibit a free excerise and exchange of information.

    Muslims do not have any problems interjecting themselves into other “Organized Events” by non-mulsims, and they are noted to cry and whin loudly when they can’t participate; they also, engage the liberal media in their cause, who then slants the news in the Muslims favor. Muslims are noted for showing up at the door at these events and demanding addmittance into the events; even when the said event required pre-regristration. Muslims are also known to highly disrupt these events, with LOUD comotion and martches as the events try to proceed.

    So, when you indicate that non-muslims, Christians, shouldn’t be witnessing to Muslims, without expecting a violent response, you’re wrong. How we respond to negtive information that challenges our beliefs, shows our growth and our intelligence.

    No one, not even Muslims should expect to be received with a violent outburst, either verbal or especially physically.

    Muslims object to being witnessed to because they feel themselves “Superior” to non-muslims; and therefore non-muslims shoud be silent, humbled and in a state of subjugection. Poppycock, hourse manure …. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and other religions are insulted and assialed daily, and their followers do not promote or participate in violence. Why because it is unacceptable!

    Muslims not only want special treatment they demand it. TOUGH IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.


    • Where do you live–Tierra del Fuego? It IS happening! Courtesy of obama, (piss be upon him) courtesy of holder, and indeed the whole obama gang; courtesy of the MSM and the Democrats, courtesy of the blacks and hispanics who are stupid enough to vote for obama–just because he’s black, (how ridiculous can you get?) and lastly, and most perfidiously; because of ‘political correctness’, the marxist/communist crap, courtesy of the Frankfurt School, whose high-minded, holier-than-thou ideals, have seemingly failed to take into account that if the present course is maintained they will not inherit the world–islam will.

      You say “It isn’t going to happen”, but you have a President who thumbs his nose at your Constitution–and the amendments, and still he’s the President? No people are as proud of their Constitution as Americans, yet there is no move to impeach this thinly-disguised muslim. And obama was a muslim in Indonesia; when did he become a Christian, and isn’t that apostasy?

      Naiive Americans may call obama a Christian, but it’s clear muslims regard him as one of their own. After the take -out of bin Laden, muslim leaders considered targeting obama, for “Breaching muslim etiquette”.

  4. Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Even more proof to the reason why we should be deporting these little satans. They are not assimilating to our Nation nor are they trying or have a want too…

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  6. Look Muslims are “human beings”, they are caught in the web, the insaity of Islam and they need to be treated decently. They need to be given the truth time and time again.

    I “Hate” what Muslims do as much as any of you here on these and other sites. I “Hate” what Islam teaches, its a lie from the pits of Hell. And as a Christian I am determined to stop the spred of Islam because it is “tolertarian ideaology,” that destroys people and enslaves them from birth to death, in an insane mind set.

    Name calling and biasness, does nothing to thrwart the Islam Islam, its destructive force; it also does not stop Muslims form committing the violence which Muslims do in the name of Islam. It only gives Islam fuel to destroy thsoe who believe in freedom.

    While we must always fight the lies, the oppression, the violence of Islam and Muslims, we have to temper the urge to reduce Muslims to useless beings.


    • You had better read the QURAN before you open your mouth. The only thing they understand is REVERSING THERE TACTICS AND DO UNTO THEM WHAT THEY ARE DOING UNTO THE CHRISTIANS IN THE WORLD. No sympathy for this ISLAMIC SLIME!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Sorry, I don’t make excuses for muslims, they are simply cult members and when push comes to shove they will do what their “religion” requests. Every one of them is a ticking time bomb or potential terrorist and they all support jihad & terrorism if only by their
      silence. They are commanded by their “religion” to do jihad.

      I’ll save my compassion & respect for the apostates, the ones who have left the foul cult behind and consider all cult members enemies. It’s the only sane thing to do when you school yourself in the facts about islam, something you should do.

      As for “giving them fuel to destroy those who believe in freedom”, all the “fuel” they need is in the koran, hadith & sira. We are their targets because we are non-muslims and will continue to be their enemy until we either convert, submit or die.

      Muslims are never “useless beings”, they are incredibly useful to the ongoing drive by islam to make the world an islamic caliphate and force everyone to submit to shariah. Your compassion is wasted.

    • Roams 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

      That is Islam. Look for the antichrist the koran talks about. The antichrist mujahideen discussed by “Im a dinner jacket”

  7. As a Christian I understand your point an I try to temper my feelings. On the other hand, however, I see a cult that has invaded my country and is attempting to install THEIR belief system, THEIR form of government etc etc and kill everything that IS AMERICA: our freedoms. In other words, we have been INVADED by hostiles and I, and millions like me, will do anything and everything we can to repel the invaders. If we do nothing and allow the monster to grow it will be to our own peril.

    • God commanded his followers to destroy an entire nation of people. The Canaanites had lived in their land for centuries before Joshua and his people came to claim it for themselves. The Israeli soldiers “destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys” (Joshua)

      This is why they will and must kill all Christians. As the Canaanites and the Israelites began to live in closer contact with each other, the faith of Israel tended to absorb some of the concepts and practices of the Canaanite religion. Don’t expect any mercy from Islam.

      • Yeah, you would! “swissdefenceleague” writes like he’s a ten year old.It may be a language difference but it also may be ignorance, judging by the topic, pigs AGAIN, I’d say ignorance..

          • No the misinformation about pigs stopping muslims from building etc. does. It makes counter jihadists look like idiots.

        • Hello What
          Thanks ! actually I’m 9 and 1/ 2 .. in Pig years that is.
          I agree with you …and I don’t..

          Making Counter Jihadist as Idiots.. I surely don’t want to do that, but in my eyes let’s face it
          What is to be a Counter Jihadist : It is to expose yourself into so much trouble, on the top of every daily problem of everybody.. you put yourself in the outside of so many..explain not be racist no to be neo nazi not to be this and that.. exhorting. Counter the Information on the Religion of Peace.. that in the common sense have to be stupid to go through all that..(and often even worse).. (especially as 9 years old) So why we are we keeping going on ? AND THAT’S OUR POINT !

          To get back on the Pig thing, sorry but they hate that, sure your books, according to this or that surat ..
          but try to build a mosque and that in the morning it is desecrated by pigs..Oh dear !

          Pig Nation Wont Give Up!

          Support Your Local Pig Farm ! (which are in danger in the States !) AND WHY ?

          You don’t need to support this action “What” But it is a part of the Counter like it or not, and everything what Counter is not to be put aside (says a 9 years old)

          and here some Islamic FEARS :

          Salami lee come!

  8. Well it’s good that the foul language the muslims were using was caught on camera. The F-Yous’s and allahu achbar being uttered by the same crowd was an “interesting” juxtaposition.

    I’m of a mixed mind about the pig’s head. In one sense it was overt provocation — an expression of contempt for islam and/or muslims. On the other hand, islam has made it sickeningly clear that it holds non-muslims in contempt.

    I don’t know what the psychological term is for when an inferior group tries to pretend it is superior, but this is a particular pathology that affects the psyche of many muslims.

    They see that Western civilization has surpassed them morally in many ways and materially so unimaginably far, that muslims feel deep shame and impotence, and since they have no ability to catch up in any meaningful way, they choose attempting destruction and/or usurpation, so they can feel superior and redeem their savagely bruised egos.

    It also seems that this muslim crowd learned the lesson of assaulting, manhandling, taking possessions from the Apostles crowd.

    In any case, there are an estimated 35 radical islamic terror training camps that are openly operating inside the U.S. (

    Through their words (in Arabic translated by MEMRI) and their actions, they have made it abundantly clear to their islamic audiences that they mean to wage war here, first through Lawfare, propaganda campaigns, and yes, when the time is right they will tell their muslim audiences that they will wage violent Jihad.

    I agree with the writer above who says that we must all be armed. If you don’t own one, look into getting at least one shotgun for each household. The day or night is coming when they will attack us violently on a grand scale and we need to be ready to stand up and give it back and utterly destroy them in our own self-defense.

    • When they come door to door, you may no longer have weapons.

      Eric Holder and Obama conspire against the American people to take the weapons away. Fast & furious was the latest attempt covered by “executive privilege”

      But there is an election in November. I just hope they have not rigged the voting machines.

      Acorn/black panther thugs will be in districts intimidating elderly voters everywhere. If anyone sees that call the local VFW to get some intimidation equalizers down to the polling booths. Bike clubs are even better. Let real Americans stand in the midst of these black panthers, escorting the elderly through the gang of obama thugs.

  9. No quarter should be given here. We need a take no prisoners approach. Muslims have consistanty proven time and again that they cannot be treated respectfully as other groups can. The muslim’s depraved ethics call for extreme measures to get their attention. Fear is the only thing a muzzturd respects. I’ve been to 3 Arab countries, and seen Arabs up close, and they live in an extreme honor based culture that perpetuates blood feud and retribution. They cannot be handled with kid gloves and this is why the so-called “war on terror” shall be an abject failure. It was the day GW Bush called islam “…a religion of peace.”

    As I stated above, a take no prisoners attitude. Confront their buffoonery by insult, derision, or force of arms if necessary. I attribute this use of ridicule to the Egyptian Coptic Priest, Fr. Zacarias Botros who’s TV brodcasts attack islam from it’s own twisted sources, the quran and hadiths. What makes his approach effective is that he never gives in to the death threats he initially received, kept hammering his points across consistantly, and relentlessly to the point that the threats tapered off in volume. In other words, unlike the lady who started the “Let’s Draw Muhammad Day” events, he didn’t fold, thereby he deprived muslims of a victory over our free speech.

    As for the muslims of Dearborn MI, Here is my manifesto to you. I do not care whether you emmigrated here, your parents or grandparents did and you were born here or whatnot. This is America, we have guarrenteed First Amendment rights to lawfully, peaceably protest, and that understanding was made chrystal clear to any and all who came to our land, so do not get your turbans unravelled over protests you do not like. We also have Second Amendment rights to back them up with, and believe me, there are tens of millions of us that are armed to the teeth, many with military and law enforcement experience, and this is NOT China, As a US soldier, I will emphatically state to you, we are not bound to follow unlawful orders and we will NOT fire upon our fellow Americans! There will be no American Tiannmen Square here! You will not shut us up, you will not establish sharia here either. We use English Common Law in 49 states, Louisiana uses the French Code Napoleon. We have not established Ecclesiastical law, nor Rabbinical law here, so why should we allow sharia? The vast majority of us are non-muslim, and will have none of it and our Constitution does not allow it.

    Be forewarned oh muslim, November is not looking very promising to progressive types, and they just got collectively “pee pee slapped” in Wisconsin. You do know what that means. If you muslims cannot accept this reality, and have a problem with being an American first, muslim second, then you can promptly shove your sharia up your wudu-washed ass, then take that smelly, wudu-washed ass out of our country!

    This is our country, we were gracious enough to let you come here, and it damned sure isn’t allah’s land, nor will allah ever hold title to it. Ever!

    “The Cloven Hoof Posse Hath Spoken!”

    • Well said; good rant Randy! And you’re right, muzzturds are not like any other people. What am I saying–they’re not like people; the’re sub people. Cheers!

      • Hello Pete, Thank you! Perhaps they’re relic precursors/proto-hominids, you know, like “Paleostinians.” Now that is quite lithic in it’s implications, don’t you think? It sort of suggests their penchant for the lithic method used in their execution of adultresses and we all know how they absolutely love to chip the paint off of Israeli tanks, lol.

        All I know is we cannot constrain ourselves in this civilizational war, for if we do, (as in Afghanistan) we will most assuredly lose. Afghanistan will revert to Taliban rule once we pull out, you can bank on it. All those lives lost, and for what?

        We must be objective, pull our heads out and get rid of our deplorable political corectness.

    • I live in Canada.
      I love both Canada and the United States.
      We have a legal system in this country that is so pathetic and useless it defies belief.
      We, as a nation, do not share the same right to bear arms as our U.S. brothers.
      So if islam ever raises it’s ugly head, as you state, and I believe as you do, that it will…I, for one Canadian, will be counting on my American brothers to come to our aid, because we are such PUSSY’S up here.
      Hunter’s can have long guns, but not many people can own hand guns. Hand guns are “restricted” and some weapons, such as military guns etc. are “prohibited”…only the cops can have them.
      That’s fair enough, but cops up here only carry guns to protect themselves, not really to protect the citizenry.
      Argueably it’s the same in the States.

      Randy, your post was EXCELLENT…just EXCELLENT…and I am one Canadian that stands with you 100% right down the line against these vermin.
      I also fear we can’t take “the high road” against them…
      we’ll have to get down to their level, in the slime and sewage they wallow in if we’re going to win this thing.
      They are going to make the Nazi’s look like a bunch of kindergarden boys if they’re not stopped.

      Those bastards in Dearborn should be “corrected”.

      • Amboy my friend, as an American, I too love Canada,. We have far too much in common besides a mere border. Same mother country (UK), same language, (except Quebec, of course), and the same tradition of Anglo-Saxon Common Law. We also, despite what some progressives may say, share many, many, if not most, national interests together, and a common culture. These bonds are stronger than anything EU supporters could ever claim about themselves. That’s one reason why I would love to see the mother country come to her senses, leave the EU, and deal with her growing insular islamist threat.

        I have no doubt you, Don Laird, Peter76, Redneck Woman, Kell, Eeyore, and a host of other Canadians “have my back” and likewise, I have yours. Please don’t sell Canada short, you guys have plenty of sustains. You’ve got fine people like Michael Coren, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Bloggers such as Eeyore for Vlad Tepes, Blazing Cat Fur, and his wife Kathy Shaidle and more. You also have Stephen Harper, who puts our “Kenyan or whatever squatter” to shame, and it looks like you guys are going to scrap the long gun registration crap too.

        Hang in there, it’s Cloven Hoof Party Time!

  10. To “Omega2”,

    I have read the Qur’an and I have fully researched Islam. I absolute hate the Qur’an and all it stands for; and I am fully aware of the depth of the “evil” in the Qur’an. I want to see the Qur’an and Islam fully disclosed as the plague, the evil it is.

    Also, I am not condoning what Muslims have done or do; I don’t make excuses for Muslims, giving them a pass on anything. I am completely aware of the deception that is going on by both, Muslims and the other groups involved in the destruction of our freedom; like the liberal left.

    Also, I am as flustrated as any of you and I have become as angry; because I too want people, the world, to wake up and realize that we are in the fight of our lives, against the “evil” of Islam. I am sickened at the holocaust I see decending upon this world.

    The problem I was addressing, was the posts that were were demeaning Muslims as human beings; the name calling that was being done. When we as civilized people cease to see people as individuals and catagorize them with biased name calling we reduce them and ourselves to a lower level. HItler called the Jews, useless eaters and called the gassing of Jews, bath and inhalations houses. He did this because it is easier to murder people if you first de-humanize them.

    We must fight and destroy Islam; but we can’t reduce ourselves to the mentality of Muslims or Islam. Muslims blindly “Hate” and hate is an acid; a destructive force. Acid destroys not only those on who its poured, but those in who its stored.

    Temper your Hate people … be wise and see Islam and Muslims for what and who they are … fight against Islam and Muslims; but don’t lose your humanity.

    • With respect, Lynn, unfortunately we must fight fire with fire. We will NEVER win against this crowd of inbred, vicious rabble by “turning the other cheek”–that nonsense is out.

    • Evil wins unless good is very very careful. Let me ask you, “would you torture one of these to save American lives?”
      That is what being a soldier is. (oh, I forgot we don’t do that although they torture, rape and behead us) That would be wrong. They raped Lara Logan,
      but not a word was said by our administration as they propped up muzzie bro hood there.

      Why do I think our current Attorney general or president would do this to us as Christians?

    • The only way to win this war is to fight fire with fire, there is no moral high ground when fighting islam & it’s followers, it’s strictly survival. Don’t waste your time worrying about their feelings or us lowering ourselves to their level because that is exact;y what it will take. Turn the other cheek and the golden rule here will get you killed or enslaved.

      Don’t worry about our integrity, worry about the bottom line because we are losing right now.

  11. To “Peter76”

    There is a part of me that agrees with you and there is a part of me that is as mad and outraged as any. Blind hatred doesn’t really win wars; because in the end after the war is done all your left with is hatred. What wins wars is courageous, determined men and women of honor and moral character.

    I know what you are saying, because I have said it too, I just know that it can’t be all hate.

    • Lynn, I admire your nobiity and like Peter76, I respect your opinion, but Peter is right.
      Sadly, as much as I agree with you about taking “the higher moral ground”, so to speak, I honestly don’t think that will be possible with these things.
      When you really get to know what they believe and how they think, and just how really insane (literally) their belief structure is, it will be impossible to stay “chivalrous and noble” methinks.
      I might be wrong, but I don’t think so.

      And about the “hate” thing…I have never been in a war…but I have talked with old soldiers who have seen and done some pretty horrific things, and hate is a very big part of warfare.
      You are right about blind hatred not winning wars.
      It has to be “eyes wide open, focussed and targeted hate”.
      But it is hate none the less.
      War is based on hate. Sadly so.

      • One more brief comment:
        Lynn, you stated they (muslims) are human beings and they caught in a web of insanity.
        No agreement there. But the key word is “insanity”.
        I have worked in a mental institution, and truly insane people are unreachable…they can never be reasoned with…never ever.

        Assuming they have a “collective insanity”, that poses a very real and serious problem with no real solution.
        How do you deal with 1.7 billion lunatics?
        That might be a bit of hyberbole, but you understand what I mean.


        • Amboyduke, before I retired I worked in and around Calgary. One day the talk during lunch was about handguns, there were 12 of us there. Turned out I was the ONLY one who did not own one. Some owned several.

          I knew these fellows pretty well, and they would NEVER have given up their weapons. I also knew two Calgary cops very well, and when I broached the subject, was told that the police reckoned their were/are AT LEAST 4 million unregistered handguns alone in Canada.

          Perhaps there are a lot more firearms than you think in Canada. (I bloody hope so!)

  12. This is totally off post, and I am sorry for that, but it is a subject that is a concern to most of us here, if not all of us.

    It concerns President Obama’s Executive Privilege Order and the pending charges against Attorney General Holder.

    There is a move to going forward to contact the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and have him go forward with the vote against Attorney General Holder and charge him with contempt charges in the Fast & Furious Scandal.

    Those interested please follow the link provided and contact the Speaker of the House. Let him know what you as an American expect; be respectful, but be direct and to the point.

    Prehaps, We the People can get Barack Hussain Obama, impeached too. First things first.

  13. As much as I dislike, very strongly, most Muslims, I think the pig’s head and while trying to “witness” is ridiculous.

    Either you go there to piss them off with the pig’s head OR you witness to them about Jesus without the pig’s head. Doing both will NOT work and only makes Christians look stupid.

    I like the tactic David Wood and Acts 17 takes… Now THAT has gotten results! Using your brain to persuade people and showing the love of Christ to convert the Muslims – not pissing them off with a pig’s head.

    Counter jihadists who are Christians need to be a little more strategic than these idiots!!

    • have to agree- the pig thing is quite un-Christian- Jesus was a practicing JEW, and also did not eat pork- these men are just being provocative and make themseleves look like fools- mean ones at that-as a JEW it also reminds me of the ways my people have been taunted and treated in the past by so called Christians. The Muslims laws for food are directly from the same source as your book- What I saw in this video was Muslims trying to diffuse a situation = they pulled off their kids and stopped the throwing of objects-This is not the way to change minds and hearts of Muslims

        • I can only speak for myself, but I don’t think anybody here thinks you would “roll over to muslim demands,” Isahiah. I know I don’t think that.

  14. Where were the police? I saw not one police officer in that video protecting those Christians exercising their free speech. Had it been Islam exercising their free speech our government would have demanded the police be there with bells on to protect Islams free speech.Political correctness is killing us people!

    • Indeed, where were the police? If I heard correctly once, Dearborn’s Chief of Police is himself muslim. A bad deal all around. That, or having a fool for a sherrif such as LA County’s Leroy Baca, a presumably non-muslim ass-clown for CAIR, and a total embarrasment to any sane, self-respecting, inteligent American.

  15. The Pygmalion effect :

    “The inability of a human being to be objective is the ultimate source of this bias”

    Introducing Halal to the World
    (For Health Reason !)
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization

    Family Pig Take Action
    Today, I am urging you to join hundreds of thousands of NaturalNews readers, DrudgeReport readers and InfoWars listeners across the country in taking action to loudly and aggressively denounce the Michigan state government’s actions in terrorizing farmers and forcing a slaughter of their traditional animal herds.

    Farmers into Felons that could face four years in prison
    March 28, 2012

    Then can watch the Propaganda Video that I did put already :
    “Why pig is prohibited in Islam ? ”

    And I agree with the view of first the Pig and then what is represented in Islam as such !

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