Full video of All-American Muslims gone wild at Dearborn Arab fest

Where sharia law is in full affect and enforced by the police. h/t Bud

Watch as the “religion of peace” introduces you to the next generation of islam in America.

73 thoughts on “Full video of All-American Muslims gone wild at Dearborn Arab fest

  1. It is not until us Americans quit remaining silent and confront muslims,as these Christians did, and demand our rights back,demand our freedoms protected and protest the invasion of these Islamic/muslim plants into this country, that those Americans, who turn a blind eye to the take over of this country,will see the true colors and intentions of muslims who come to this country. If I did not already know that this video was made in America, I would have thought we were watching a video of the civil unrest on the streets of Iraq or some other Islamic country. This type of demonstration is all we are ever going to see if we do not stop the immigration of muslims into this country! Yes I believe in racial profiling!! We cannot afford NOT TO!!! It was muslims who blew up the world trade center buildings. NOT BABTIST, Methodists,Catholicsor Jews. IT WAS MUSLIMS!!!

  2. Also,ARAB FEST???!!! Come on people, where is the ACLU???Is this not discrimination against all other races and religions? The Christians in Dearborn need to regroup and handle this differently by having a “Christian American and White Anglosaxon American fest” on the same day, right beside our Arab Fest nazi plants!!!

    • having a “Christian American and White Anglosaxon American fest”

      Now that would bring out the ACLU for sure. Muslims and blacks can’t be racists only whites are.

      • You are right! It definitely would bring out the ACLU!(American Caucasion Lynch Unit) It would be a good way to publically expose their hypocrisy as well!

      • These prognosticators make all Christians look bad;they should be minded thier own bizz and leave the idiots alone instead of joining them in an idiot fest.They only add fuel to the fire.Whoever is directing these SO CALLED Christians to debase the Arabs is an idiot ;a fool ;and aperson or org that identifies it’s command by its idiot preaching.NO RIGHTIOUS AND WISE GOD WOULD EVER ATTACK LIKE THIS;THESE CHRISTIAN ATTACKS ARE SATANIC BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DIRECTED BY PERFECT WISDOM EMANATING FROM THE PERFECT CREATOR.BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.

      • wooww!! only a racist white person would say that.. everyone can be racist.. and you do know that you cant say ” muslims cnt be racist” because Islam is not a race nor is it a nation, it is a religion, your sentence makes no sense, you could say arabs cant be racist, then it would make sense..

        • I didn’t say Muslims were a people or a nation. Would you like to me use a different name when referring to them? Give me a name. Everone knows what a Muslim is and what their so called religion is called.They are the cancer that will eat any country they inhabit. I hate muslims when they kill our soldiers in the back. They are cowards, they can’t take care of themselves or clean up their own stinking country so they move somewhere else and see what country they F up. Why is every country they are in they are considered scum of the earth?

    • Our LOCK and LOAD rights are going to be taken from us if Americans allow president Obama and Erik holder to get away with “Fast and Furious.” President Obamas executive order protecting Erik Holder tells me exactly who Erik Holder is covering for…Obama! His agenda is to set up this country the best he can while in office to be taken over by his Muslim friends and he is doing a bang up job of it. I guarantee you that “Fast and Furious” was some covert plan to remove gun rights in this country. I also believe the death of our border patrol agents was part of it. We all need to write Boehner in support of his contempt of Congress and encourage him to press on…

      • lol, im not a muslim.. i was just very curious because i always see your post are all only bad things about muslims.. personally i dont hate them because i dont think hating them will solve anything.. Hate is pretty useless i think.. but i still find your blog very interesting though..

          • Ok, you can not ask me to tell you something good about muslims because they are not one being, they are not all the same.. Generalising will never get you anywhere, if i ask you can you tell me something good about christians what will you say? you cant think of them as all the same, they are humans, they are different, they are polite, they worship god( just like all other religions) they read their holy books and get different meanings from it( just like all other religions).. so really your question is pretty much unanswerable!!

          • Can you tell me they want to kill infidels? If you don’t believe like they do, they are supposed to kill you. Have you seen some of the signs at other of their rallies when they say to hell with freedom. Do you want to live under Sharia laws? Educated your self.

          • Ok it’s not what i want, sharia law is their way of life, who are you to judge on what their law is? im not saying i agree with all of it, but i also do not agree with a lot of other american laws and way of life, too much freedom makes the country bad.. so you should just let them be and live their lives and not hate them for what they do in their own countries…

        • abichica, you say let them live the way they want? Have you read the Koran I have, they want to kill anyone that doesnt believe the way they do. Women are just slaves to be abused. They kill them if they think they have dishonored their family, Sorry they can not live the way they want in our country! e have laws that protect women from this type of abuse. And yes Im willing to bet you are a muslim!

        • Responding to your comment further down…”it is their law” there is no “their law” they are in the United States and it is “our Law” that is the Law of the Land. If they want to live by “their Law” then they need to go back to “their country”

    • I have hate for anyone who tries to take over my country and my freedoms. I have hate for all who blew up the world trade center, the Uss Cole and our soldiers in Lebanon and the many other places muslims have killed Americans.I hate all countries whom we send aid to who are not grateful to us and bomb us and kill our citizens in return. I hate all muslims who come here and use our freedoms against us and mooch off of the freedoms our soldiers fought and died for. Lastly, I hate the Islamic muslim terrorist who shot my son in the head while he fought for this country and it will take more than a muslim or a American who is ignorant about the deception of Islam to shut me up.

      • So sorry for your great loss and heartache. Love and prayers for you from Anne…”the Lord is close to the brokenhearted”

        • Thankyou Anne. It was not until this happened that I really new how valuable and at what price we were gifted with freedom of speech.Blood paid for that gift and we can never repay it. So in honor of my son and all other soldiers who suffered and died and still suffer today, I vowed that I would never defame that gift by allowing political correctness into my life.I ask all of you out there to honor my son and others by doing the same. Your freedoms and freedom of speech WAS NOT FREE. DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED. Those who take it for granted risk losing it.

      • fist of all just because a small part of a nation is bad does not mean all of the nation is bad..secondly americans do not help any country without an ulterior motive.. you guys pretend that you help while in fact you do not( you just go to the particular country and take their resources).. why would anyone ever be grateful for you to go into their country, kill their man and kids, rape and kill their women, destroy their country and leave it in tatters( i mean look at afghanistan) all in the facade that you are bringing ” democracy and freedom to them”.. how can you give people freedom, you cant, you just leave them worse than they were, and they never asked for your help anyway.. and as for the soldiers who die in battle for America in all these countries( i feel sad and sorry for them) but really what do you expect when you go into a snake pit, for it to just lay down and take it? ofcourse they will try to fight for their country and in the end causalities will exist. Another thing is America really does not belong to anyone but native Americans, so you guys should really stop complaining about people coming into your country and not following your rules or whatnot because it isnt really your country to complain about. And i am truly sorry to hear that you have lost a son in this terrible ridiculous war made by american presidents just because they want to hold power and bully every other nation.. but hating muslims is not going to solve anything as i have already said, because muslims are not the problem, american presidents, terrorists and close minded ignorant people are..

        • If all the Muslims went back to their filty litter box, America would be 100% better. Muslims also honor kill, rape and the women are held accountable and not the man, they hang gays even thought they like to mess with boys dressed as women, they behead people, they stone people, they can have sex with a dead wife for up to 8 hours after she is dead, he can lie at will as long as it is for Islam and they can have sex with animals. I am sure this is just the tip of their sick society, Oh, one more thing, the prophet was a pedophile.

          I wouldn’t give a dime to any country that hated us, what does Afghanistan have that we would want? Sand don’t think so. They are so inbred that they all just go around in circles and chase their own asses. If they could, they would screw them selves!

          • woowww!! i have no idea what so ever where you are getting your information from, but you are more than wrong, you are so wrong that there is no more wrong to be made by you.. muslims can not sleep with animals, nor dead people… and i am pretty sure that i can not reason with you because you are so full of hate that your head is up your ass.. open your eyes and ears and stop being so ignorant…

          • Maybe this information came from the thousands of our soldiers who went to these God forsaken countries and seen it for themselves!

        • Then that makes YOU one of the problems because You sound like the “Close minded ignorant people” YOU speak of! You are the perfect example of the ignorant people I have been speaking of! Thankyou for writing to prove my case and point!!!

          • hahaha.. ok, you know it’s clear to me that we will never agree on anything here.. i am not close minded or ignorant, i simply look at the facts with out being blinded by my hate to see that what has posted is both wrong and super ignorant.. How can i be ignorant when i dont simply hate a whole society because of a small part of it, or when i tell you that you shouldnt hate either..?? lets just agree to disagree.. i dont believe in hate, of anyone or any nation or any religion..

        • uh… we pay for their resources abichica….. as far as the rest of it… the United Nations is guilty of the rape etc…. and do some reading …it is what islam has done for centuries….. it continues to this day to engage in slavery of Abids. This country has seen honor killings…. not in a time of war…. so explain what Koran those people are reading……
          The Muslim Brotherhood itself has said it will take over without lifting a weapon… and it has begun with the aid of those in power willing to sell
          this Republic out for a few pieces of silver to Islam….. I point out to you now, Theocratic Islam is the problem.

        • Mate, Afghanistan harboured terrorists that attacked America. Case closed

          Get on You tube and watch what the muslims want to do to the free world. If you believe in freedom you too would be offended and would want to protect your family and way of life.

          Ignorant people like you should STFU and let those who care to do what they have to.

          Islam forces their rhetoric on free thinking people.
          Islam is 7th century ideology and has no place in the free world.


        • yes you’re right we should have left the Afghani people in hands of the Taliban and just let little girls who dare to want to read book die from acid attacks – so what resources have we taken from them? poppies? um nope, oil from Iraq? nope-In fact we spent a butt load of money rebuilding only to see it ruined by sectarian violence (Muslims vs. other Muslims) Perhaps you think Saddam should still be in power massacring Kurds with poison gas? Warring on Iran who send children armed with Korans only against his tanks?
          USA soldiers job is to kill militants- in cases where murder or rape has occurred outside WAR those men have been arrested and tried as criminals- as for tatters well dear- USA has done nation building in all places we did war-suppose you never heard of the Marshall Plan as you are weak on facts and knowledge- you may wish to rethink your racist attitudes. USA land was found by WHITE MEN FIRST research CLOVIS people from the NORTH Atlantic. Who youcall natives arrived much later.
          You say : fist [sic] of all just because a small part of a nation is bad does not mean all of the nation is bad

          You may wish to follow your own advice miss- You refer to us as “all americans” and you judge us as bad, at fault for doing the things we signed onto (UN agreements in case of IRAQ)

          You say we act in our own self interest, are you suggesting that is a bad thing? Or that other nations don’t? a stable world is not just in USA interests but makes sense for the whole planet. If you would like to live under ISLAM please go live in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. I suggest it is we who LOVE Muslims more than you whiners b/c we hate to see anyone live in such shackles, such repressive regimes, such a death cult. Don’t you care about women having their vagina sewn shut? Clits cut off? Noses? Maybe you agree we should just let them hang gay people. Whip and stone adulterers. Just watch and do nothing while Muslims burn down churches, Bahai temples etc? Yeah just ignore all that.

        • Its not like the US just ‘takes’ petrol–the ME places get paid for it, it’s called petro-dollars–also, many of us are descendants of native Americans. Including myself–so think before you speak or get out of your ummah and assimilate. The USA is not perfect but it’s better than any other IMO and I am proud to be a citizen of this nation–a small part of a ‘nation’? islam is not a ‘nation’ its a ‘ummah’ with no borders–that’s one of the truly creepy things about it. True that most muslims are good people because people are generally, inherently good, for the most part, and they are inspite of the teachings which lead a significant minority percentage to terrorism. Cant wait till tonight when I have time to watch this entire vid! Furthermore, our fathers and ancestors fought for the freedoms YOU enjoy while here, including MY family and that makes this MY country asshat, as well as the fact that assimilated Americans are all RELATED to each other A-wipe! And we’re not inbred. Now you go on hajj and stay there already.

        • It is when I hear people like you, I am disgusted and regret that one drop of my sons blood was shed for YOU. You are one like I was talking about that mooch off our blood bought freedoms.

          • My above statement was made to abichica. Did not want to offend anyone else. Those with anti-American views and opinions that need to live in a Islamic country do not bother me to offend.

        • Mr Abichica, I spent 10 years reading and internalizing the Koran, the Hadith of Bukhari and Tabari, the Sira all 10 volumes of the Tam sir and the Umdat all Salikh. There is zero chance that I misread the hateful dreck on every page
          they want us dead or enslaved to the rantings of a 7th century lunatic.Islam is Fascism no different than Hitler.

        • Sorry I disagree any Muslim who follows Sharia law is bad. They do not tolerate others beliefs and want those who believe in the Christian religon dead! Muslims religon is definately a problem ( you muslims just dont want us to know your plan!) Read the Koran it is all in there!

    • You are a liar; YOU mozlems are the haters, as the guy says it’s in your book. Takkiya and kitman we also know. you are born liars, colonists, thieves, looters, rapists, child rapists, murderers.

    • No hate just that if they are true muslis they hate us and want us dead just because we believe differently. They expect us to tolerate them but they are intolerant of others with different beliefs!

    • Probably he read the Qur’an. That is the most hate filled thing I ever saw. Here is “Fitna” Watch it and get back to us.

      This will open the Koran for you. They follow a black god of death. Enjoy the part where the child says we are apes and pigs.

      The muslims will only co exist with you till they can eliminate you.
      Thats their religion. And Islam is not a religion it is a political system.

      What they do to their own children, killing them, marrying minors, genital mutilation, wife beatings, stonings, bombing children, and acid in the face is pure, raw unadulterated hate from Satan. What part of this Don’t you have a problem with? Islam should be seen and NOT tolerated!

      Please read the Koran.

  3. Yes and notice they call it an arab fest to give the impression that all arabs are muslims. In fact, arabs who are christians suffer as much as other christians do under the tyrannical boot of islam.

  4. So nice to see the HATE of the children of Islam in America on full display. I wonder how long it will be before REAL Americans and patriots force Islam out of America?

  5. such vile language…. and the media is falling all over itself over some boys on a bus…. this is a town of young people doing the same….
    but the media will not ever bring this to light……. and CAIR and the Brotherhood has infiltrated our schools… teaching Islam is the holy religion…the rest are fabled tales…. it’s sickening. More sickening are those who refuse to do their homework and see the danger of this infiltrating Theocracy called Islam.

  6. This is EXACTLY what happens in UK! We get moved on so the muzrats can occupy the places WE are demonstrating in. The London police even take thousands of screaming muzlims right across the capital to protest against the British government, we are not allowed even a small demo!!

    BTW, the Christian is holding a pigs head!! Heh!!

  7. That sure stirred up Satan! Those people are Satan incarnate!
    At first I felt that the Christians were antagonistic but after sitting through 45 minutes of the video, I changed my mind. Not to mention motion sickness now due to the videography. ugh.
    If I were there and had a gun, I would have had no problem turning it on them when they were attacking by throwing garbage at me and the others. Why didn’t the stupid police use fire hoses?
    Sickening. They don’t belong here. Even the young girls with rags on their heads- the language. How dare they!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Please look at my tag name. I get the point. However, no one will come to Christ this way. There is a difference
    between a Christian and being godly.

    No 2 Mo!

  9. All those children need their butts whipped freedom of speech is not just for the nonchristians! If this is an example of what the muslims teach their children then they need to go back to their own countries! Here in America we still at this point in time have freedom of speech apparently unless you go to Dearborn Michigan where the police allow non muslims to be attacked! I am from Michigan origanally an am totally sick in requards to how the police in this responded! They are allowed to set their prayer blankets out to pray,

  10. As much as I detest all this pisslamic infiltration of our country – and some cities/neighborhoods being totally overtaken by the muzturds – I wouldn’t have wasted my time, energy, breath – and well-being! – going among the muzzie throngs in Dearbornistan!! Nothing was to be gained – and much danger was tempted!! The idiots at the “arab fest” would NEVER listen to the “Word of God” that these misguided
    Christians were trying to convey. Let them (the Arabs) have their “fest” and be done with them. The time & place to challenge them is in the schools, courts and other venues.

    • wow you fake ass kkkristians are so full of hate and what’s wth the pigs head didn’t jesus say it was bad

      • My God hates false gods. I hate false gods and people trying to shove them down my throat and the throats of American citizens. As far as pig heads go, after the death of Christ on the cross which established a new covenant between God and His people, pigs were not mentioned as off limits to eat. Besides that,those folks we not eating them, they were making a political statement with them and nowhere in the Bible does it address not using pig for other purposes! God put them here for a reason!I LOVE BACON!!!

    • Joy,
      I agree with you but I also think these Christians show the rest of the world who do not see the dangers of Islam how it IS NOT A RELIGION OR IDEOLOGY OF PEACE

    • if your unwilling to “waste your time, energy, breath” in public streets open to all, then you’ll have no chance in the schools when they are 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90%+ as they are in Dearborn where the adults will bully you much worse than those little kids

    • Hey pinky,
      I bet you think the murdering, stinking, wipe their butts with their left hand, Arab muslim terrorist rag heads that took down the WTC,bombed our boys in Lebanon while they slept,bombed our boys on the USS Cole, shot and killed those at Fort Hood, beheaded our our American citizens and taped it for all of their family to see and those who killed our soldiers and dragged their dead bodies through the streets of Mogadishu are innocent sunday school children or saints don’t you???!!! Folks on this forum, DON”T GIVE THIS TRAITOR ANYMORE OF YOUR TIME OR THOUGHTS!!!

  11. Hey Anonymous,
    For the record, Muslim believers are every bit as ignorant and superstitious as Christians. Stupid is stupid; doesn’t matter which group of credulous idiots you’re talking about.

    • Hey pinky,
      Muslim believers are not ignorant, superstitious or stupid, they know EXACTLY what they are doing and how to carry it out and Christians are not either, for they know exactly what the arab muslim murders are up to and that is why they do what they do…they are educated. I would advise YOU TO GET EDUCATED!. Seems the only ignorant,nieve and stupid person on this forum is YOU. I hope none of those ignorant, stupid Christians come save your ass when those arab savages are cutting your head off! Too bad innocent blood was shed by our soldiers for you to spew your ignorance around.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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