State Dept hosts member of banned Egyptian terror group tied to ’93 WTC bombing

Tied to as in the terror group’s leader was convicted for plotting the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six Americans and injured many more. But that’s water under the bridge for Obama and Clinton who claim they had no idea their esteemed guest was a terrorist.Visiting terrorist promptly asked the U.S. to release their convicted terrorist leader.

In his meetings with senior Obama administration officials, Eldin says, he asked Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough about transferring Abdel-Rahman to an Egyptian prison.

via Member of Egyptian Terror Group Goes to Washington – The Daily Beast.

It was supposed to be a routine meeting for Egyptian legislators in Washington, an opportunity for senior Obama administration officials to meet with new members of Egypt’s parliament and exchange ideas on the future of relations between the two countries.

Instead, the visit this week looks like it’s turning into a political fiasco. Included in the delegation of Egyptian lawmakers was Hani Nour Eldin, who, in addition to being a newly elected member of parliament, is a member of the Gamaa Islamiya, or the Egyptian Islamic Groupa U.S.-designated terrorist organization. The group was banned under former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, and is now a recognized Islamist political party. Its spiritual leader, Omar Abdel Rahman—also known as the “blind sheik”—was convicted in 1995 of plotting attacks on New York City landmarks and transportation centers, and is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina federal prison.

Eldin, according to his Facebook page, was born in 1968 and resides in Suez, near the canal that unites the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. He was arrested in 1993 on terrorism charges after members of Gamaa Islamiya got into a shoot out with Egyptian security officials at a mosque. He has proclaimed his innocence in the shooting and says he was arrested because of his political activism against Mubarak.

In an interview, Eldin confirmed he is a member of Gamaa Islamiya. By U.S. law, that means he would be denied a visa to enter the country. Nonetheless, he says, he got a visa from the State Department. A State Department spokesman said, “We have no information suggesting that he or anyone else in the delegation is a member of the Egyptian Islamic Group.”

Eldin said in the interview that he is not a terrorist. “I have taken the American visa from the embassy as a member of the parliament representing a political party that has been elected and is a legitimate party,” he said. “I was personally not involved in any violent action or terrorism against the United States or any other country. The years I spent in prison were under the regime of Mubarak, these were political charges and there was no judicial basis for them.”

In his meetings with senior Obama administration officials, Eldin says, he asked Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough about transferring Abdel-Rahman to an Egyptian prison. He said his request was declined. “When I raised this issue in the White House I was told it was not in their authority and all judicial issues relating to sentences must be discussed with the Department of Justice,” he says. Transferring Abdel-Rahman, says Eldin, “would be a gift to the revolution.” McDonough didn’t reply to requests for comment made Thursday afternoon.

In addition to being convicted of planning the 1993 World Trade Center attack, Abdel-Rahman is also a cause celebre for radical Islamic fundamentalists, including al Qaeda, who have at times demanded his release.

Juan Zarate, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a former deputy national security adviser for counter-terrorism under President George W. Bush, said it looked like the Obama administration made a mistake by allowing Eldin to visit the U.S. “The United States has to walk a fine line when engaging extremists who are now entering the political process amidst revolution,” he said.

Samuel Tadros, an Egyptian citizen and research fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. who specializes in Egyptian politics was surprised that Eldin would receive a visa. “It would have taken the State Department five seconds to Google his name in Arabic and realize he is a member of a designated terrorist organization,” he said.

While in Washington, Eldin also visited the Wilson Center, a think tank that specializes in foreign policy issues. A State Department spokesman said the delegation was “invited to Washington by the Wilson Center. I refer you to the Wilson Center for any additional information on their visit.”

A spokesman for the Wilson Center, however, said the delegation was selected by the State Department. “We can’t speak to the background of Eldin,” said Drew Sample the media relations coordinator for the Wilson Center. “The Wilson Center was one of the places on the delegation’s Washington visit. We did not invite these people, the State Department arranged the visit.”

Among several Islamic terrorists to have recently visited the Obama administration in DC.

16 thoughts on “State Dept hosts member of banned Egyptian terror group tied to ’93 WTC bombing

  1. It would certainly be a shame if Eldin had an accident while in Washington. Like falling in the path of a bus or subway.

  2. Our Islamic muslim president and his Islamic muslim staff he has appointed are entitled to entertain and socialize with those “like-minded muslims” at the taxpayers expense, don’t you think???!!! The American people would not want to deny our muslim president of that right would we??!! Our president is known for “Hope and Change” and maybe he thinks he can change him and talk him out of TAKING OVER AMERICA!!! If you believe that BS you have your head in the sand!! Wonder how many BOMBS were planted when he was here? Obama probably showed him the best placesd to hide them!

  3. Would be interesting to know who signed the ok for this slim to enter this country!! OBUUUMMAA OR HILLARY!!!Both traitors to the CONSTITUTION OF THE U S A. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. THERE ARE NO TERRORISTS;They are all employees of the State Dept;and the State dept is an employee of…………….fill in the blank…any answer will do nicely

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  7. They are killing Christians over there. I am sure the destructive duo refuses to acknowledge that, as well. No one is THAT STUPID! Their agenda is to make Christian Americans a minority group in the US under a muslim govenment.

    Re quote reads better: Obama and Clinton invited Rage Boy, and Achmed the Terrorist to a dinner. These terrorists invited to the white house are the approved by CAIR group, also called muslim murderhood. Is there a 50,000 square foot Mosque coming to your conquered neighborhood yet?

    To get a senior position in Homeland security, these terrorists, or muslims if you will, must verify their Christian body count . The visiting terrorists promptly asked and gets the U.S. to release their convicted terrorist leader, which the request has been passed to Eric “rubber stamp any muslim murderers for freedom” Holder for processing.. A further request for $billions for killing the rest of the Coptic Christians and destroying all the churches was placed as an executive order by the fraudster in the white house. He is nicknamed “behind your back” “transparent as far as you know” Obama born in Kenya, as congress dislikes killing Christians with US aid. His wish is “Grope and Chains” for Muslim America.

    Seriously here is an Obama video on taking the bible out of context.

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    • This is exactly the kind of thing that Michelle Bachmann is concerned about. Also… what if the Colorado shooting was in retaliation for Obama declining to have the blind Shiek transferred. Also the FBI had released a bulletin on May 17, 2012 warning of a imminent attack in theaters or other closed space gatherings. the post was taken down 10 min. after people starting circulating it.

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  11. “transferring Abdel-Rahman to an Egyptian prison” prison? not likely he would get a hero’s welcome and cushy life provided for by the people- to Egyptians he is a hero

    are we insane? do people not remember the lies told so the Lockerbie guy could get a free pass? do people not remember him stepping off a plane to Libya to cheering crowds?

    Muslims honor killers- they are proud of doing DEATH to Americans.
    What universe do these people live in that they are deaf dumb and blind to all of it?? who would trust any MSULIM in any deal? they NEVER keep agreements.

  12. After watching those videos, I have determined that they are “mentally challenged” or “slow” ” or “a few bricks short of a full load” or “one donut short of a dozen” or “they don’t have a full load in their apple cart” or lights are on but nobodys home” because they are the product of inbreding or SOMETHING! No one with any basic sense at all would not turn a blind eye to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann’s and the other congressmans findings!

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