Life Under Sharia: 8 Examples (video)

via Islamist Watch.

Brutality and Injustice

Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, defends the freedoms and liberties of Western society against “stealth jihad,” a campaign by Islamists to slowly and methodically implement a Sharia-compliant theocracy in the West. Sharia is Islamic law, based on the Koran and the teachings and personal actions of Mohammad (known as The Sunnah, noted and reported in Hadiths).

Below, very personal examples of life under Sharia in Islamist societies. The intolerance, the brutality, the inhumanity. The extreme lack of religious pluralism, women’s rights, free speech and equality under the law.

1. Sudanese Woman Lashed (Video)

2. Saudi Woman Harassed in Mall By Sharia Police for Wearing Nail Polish (Video)
3. Woman Stoned to Death Along Pakistan-Afghanistan Frontier (Graphic Video)
4. Turkey Indicts World-Famous Pianist for Atheist Tweet
5. Kuwait Man Receives 10 Years In Prison for Anti-Mohammad Tweet
6. Homosexuals Executed in Iran (Graphic Photos)
7. Tunisian Demonstration Demands Death for Man Accused of Heresy (Video)
8. Tunisian Islamists Slaughter Convert to Christianity (Extremely Graphic Video)

All videos viewable here.

14 thoughts on “Life Under Sharia: 8 Examples (video)

  1. These people doing the whipping and the people watching are so far gone. These people are nothing more than inbred animals and they don’t deserve to live.

  2. Slimy bastards. Not a religion but a cult that teaches complete control of the lives of it’s people and they want to bring it to the whole world. Don’t ask what they do to the underage girls they marry. Thier females are just cattle to use as they wish.


    • I agree omega2, I can’t wrap my brain around how they could beat someones mother, sister, aunt or cousin like this. Why haven’t they evolved in human beings yet!?

  4. How about we ship everyone who supports sharia in the US or any other civilized country over to these countries? They love it so much, right? Let ’em live it!

  5. WE the people are standing on top on a mountion and yelling our lungs out about this sick cult BUT NO ONE IS CAN HEAR US! Why are these vids not on mainstram media? oh it not PC would not want to offend a inbred group of ANIMALS

  6. These videos show how far apart are Islamic and Judeo-Christian worlds. The only solution is to erase Islam and its 7th century culture from this earth.

    If we do not stop Islam in the United States now it will not be long before we will become dhimmis or dead.

  7. What I would like to know is: Why on Gods green earth would any woman want to convert to and become muslim? These ragheads are infiltrating our college campuses and converting college girls to Islam. They are also setting up banks on college campuses called Sharia banks and this money is funneled back to Islamic countries.

    • It’s a guaranteed way to get a husband if you’re desperate and it also might appeal to masochists, and some people have low IQ’s (although normal intelligence is nothing to rave about), other than that I’m at a complete loss.

    • the Muslim men run a sophisiticated con- they act in love and many young women fall for that- the mosques lie to converts- it is easy to get in – out?? not so much.
      many of these women will awake to the truth way too late- many who stupidly wen to”visit” his home or family- will have passports taken away- if they can get out these men keep their children- how many mothers would leave even abusive relationship if they will lose their kids??

    • Where mu hubby worked I’ve over-heard pne of the young girls say “Oh he has such dreamy eyes”…. I walked over and told her..”Yes, but if you look deep enough into them you’ll find there is no soul in there. Be careful not to get sucked in by a pair of dark eye such as his”.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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