Rally for Egypt’s new president: “You are all Hamas…brandish your weapons; Jerusalem is our goal”

Title updated.

That would be the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. From Big Peace via MEMRI: Egypt’s New President: Our Capital ‘Shall Be Jerusalem, Allah Willing’.

NOTE: The speaker in this clip was previously misidentified as new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. It is actually Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi, introducing Morsi’s campaign on May 1.

And the more than 75% of Egyptian Americans who Voted for the Muslim Brotherhood & sharia are Hamas too, led in the U.S. by CAIR, and now led in Egypt by a strict Islamist educated at the University of Southern California!

More from MEMRI: Muhammad Mursi During Election Campaign: Jihad Is Our Path, Death For The Sake Of Allah Is Our Most Lofty Aspiration, The Shari’a Is Our Constitution

68 thoughts on “Rally for Egypt’s new president: “You are all Hamas…brandish your weapons; Jerusalem is our goal”

  1. Now time for the 3rd CRUSADE TO BEGIN. This CRAP has gone on long enough trying to take the world back to the 7th CENTURY SLUMS OF ISLAMIC LAW AND DISTRUCTION. Wake up AMERICA and kick C A I R out of this country who are undermining our GOVT. as there goal. Even HOOPER, the CANADIAN REFUGEE, represents the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the JIHAD IN AMERICA, admits that he is working to DESTROY OUR WAY OF LIFE. I say and we all should say, DEATH TO THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD no mater where they are. Where are the KNIGHTS TEMPLER’S of our time? They did it before and can do it again. Rise up and help to send this ISLAMIC SLIME back to where it came from. LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. “I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed.” (President Barack Obama, June 2009 speech to the ummah, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

  3. Our “president” assisted in the establishment of this latest Islamic terrorist nation. Remember that in November.

  4. This is just Bibical prophesy happening before our eyes.

    “Isaiah 62:1 for Zion’s sake, I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, and her salvation like a torch that is burning. (v2) And the nations will see your righteousness, and all Kings your glory: And you will be called by a new name, whcih the mouth of the Lord will designate.”

    He (God), who keeps Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.

    Egypt and the whole Muslim population may hate Israel, with the intent of genocide, but … God doesn’t


    • CNN I can understand. Keep in mind Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (of 9/11 ground zero fame) has a seven or eight percent share in Fox News parent corporation.

    • Have you tried sending the video to FOX news to see what kind of response you get if any? I would but I have no clue how to. I will work on it though and try. Maybe we all need to blast them with muliple e-mails of the video! Yeah! Why don’t we do that to see if the overwhelming response will result in a response. Never hurts to try. Maybe Shaun Hannity will play it. It seems he is more verbal about the Islamic movement than most on fox.Maybe we need to all see it to Shaun. If you remeber he broadcast “Iranium” and no one else did. He had a special about it. Like I said it never hurts to try.

  5. Pull out a chart of the area and look at the Suez Canal and environs, say, from Alexandria to Haifa. Put a sheet of plastic over it, hang it on a wall and pick up some grease pencils to keep nearby. You are now better prepared to track events than the msm obfuscators, who will be too busy getting Dear Leader re-elected to have time for side issues like this.

  6. We all need to pray and pray hard. Our friend Israel is in trouble as well as the USA.We WILL be next. Heck we are in trouble now because they are coming over here in droves! Our president and his half muslim administration is responsible for alot of this. We have sorely let Israel down and I hope Israel knows that not all Americans side with this president where they are concerned.

    • But at least Americans (many of us) are fighting this evil man in the White House, quite unlike many / most German in the early nineteen thirties. Some fought Hitler but not nearly enough. One more thing, Obama is not my president. I don’t call him “our” president.

      • Sorry about that and thankyou for drawing my poor choice of words to my attention. He is not my president either and I certainly did not vote for him. He is not this countrys president either, he is this countrys grim reaper and dictator. I have a hard time even having respect for the office with Obama sitting in it.

      • Be respectful. He is President of Muslim brotherhood. He CONSTANTLY has terrorists come to the white house. The FBI and CIA could do well to pick up his guest list as a whos’ who in terrorism. You try to see him, and the ONLY way is if CAIR arranges it. As far as being President of the USA, this was the biggest fraud the saudis EVER perpetrated on America, as far back as us paying muslims NOT to attack us in the 18th century. Thats why Jefferson had a koran, to learn about his enemy, the same book Ellison swore in on.

  7. It stinks and we better figure out what to do about it. They are coming at us like the old movie: The Living Dead. Zombies that keep coming no matter what we do. After 9/11 and Fort Hood we are still letting these people have their way. We look really stupid.

    • We are doing the same thing Europe did by letting them come in our country in droves and Europe is overrun with them like the zombie apocalypse.You would think our government representatives would learn a lesson from Europe. However, half our elected officials and appointed representatives ARE MUSLIM and AMERICANS PUT THEM IN THOSE POSITIONS AS AMERICANS DID OUR MUSLIM PRESIDENT! I feel like I live on the TITANIC!

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  9. Obama, warm up the jet and break out a fresh chapstick! Time to kiss more moslem ass! More than that, fill the plane with OUR MONEY to give to the ‘heroes of the islamical revolution’.

  10. so martyrdom is what they want?? I am quite sure they will get it!! Tiny Israel kicked their asses last time they trie this crap

    Jerusalem is NOT holy to Muslims- Mohammed never set foot there- it is a LIE like most of ISLAM

      • I was taught by someone well versed in Islam that Mohammad was a real person but just a ordinary man who was believed to have had these so called “visions” which were actually seizures because he had epilepsy.He also said that some was of the belief that he was mentally off and that his early years were peaceful years but as he aged he became more violent which explains why the Quran is not in Chronological order. just thought I would throw that in there.

  11. To “s.Kevin”: Why aren’t we hearing about this on CNN, MSNBC, or any of the othe liberal news media? Because we don’t hold them accountable; for over 50 years truth in journalism has been on the decline and like “sheeple” we have been silent. If your tired of the news media lying to you start holding them accountable; each and every time call, write, e-mail … yell, shout, make a noise … and have all your like minded friends do the same. Only when they know that they can’t get away with it will they think twice and start telling the truth.

    To “Anonymous”: Yes, we need to pray, we need to hold Israel up in prayer as well as all the persecuted Christians and non-muslims in muslim countries. This message should be heard in every church every time the doors open.

    To “Jerry”: Yes, they are coming at us from all sides and its not going to get better until we start to fight back hard with all we have. We the People have to get up out of our comfort zones, get off our computers and get active in the fight.

    To “Isaiah 62”: My favoirte verse is Isaiah 62: 11- 12. Jesus wasn’t called Jesus by his family, friends, or disciple he was called, Y’shua; and his name means, “God saves or Salvation”. So, for everyone who has ever asked where’s Jesus’ name the OT, here’s the answer, and this verse should read …

    “Behold, the Lord (Jehovah) has proclaimed to the end of the earth, say to the daughter of Zion, Lo, your Y’shua (Salvation), comes; Behold, His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him. (vs 12) And they will call them, The holy people, the redeemed of the Lord (Jehovah); And you will be called, ‘Sought out, a city not forsaken.’ ”

    But to all of you who are fed up with everything from Obama to the whole world going to “hell” in a hand basket; its basicly up to us people. Our founding father’s gave us rights and authorites at the founding of this country; We the People, have the right and the authority to stop tyranny, end corruption in government all the way to the White House and the Presidents position.

    If you think Obama will let you “vote” him out of office in November your a fool. The “FIX” is in – Obama knows his rating are down, but he’s not stopping, why? because he’s not finished destroying this country. Barack Hussain Obama, has committed over 50 impeachable offenses, He’s a crook, he’s corrupt, and he should be impeached. But its not going to happen until we the people demand his impeachment. Obama’s not impeachable, because he’s too powerful; well, demend his impeachment anyway and then start the Revolution.


    • of course as a Jew, we do not write Jesus into Isaiah- but I know Christians do. Although I appreciate that evangelical and other Chrisitian denominations oppose ISLM and support ISrael- I cannot condone replacement theology- or the idea that Jews will be “perfected” by belief in Jesus- that makes the goal the same as Islam – get rid of Jews- one with Love, one with killing- same results-
      Of course youare free to think as you like – my faith does not cut yer heads off for disagreeing with us

      • It does not matter if one sees that scripture from Christianitys standpoint or Jewish standpoint because Islam wants to kill US ALL and we do not need to let our differences divide us. Satan plays on division and Islam has one up on us if we are divided.We need to unite for the common good which is our lives and country so that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to practice their faith in freedom whether it be Christianity or Judism.

        • Thank you I agree we must unite to defeat this attempt at world domination by ISLAM together- and I do appreciate that Christians support Israel even though I am suspicious of the motivations of some of them

          • Isahiah62,there is more of Christianity backing Israel than you may think. I am 48 and I do not think I have ever heard my Christian faith speak badly of Jews. that type of discrimination is not taught At my Church and never has been. Our church building was beside a Jewish synagoge (forgive my spelling please) and my ladies class hosted the Jewish ladies for dinner and the Jewish ladies reciprocated. It was so nice and I so much enjoyed it. I will never forget it. I learned SOOO much about the Jewish faith and it helped me with my study of the Bible, especially the old testament. It helped me understand the customs of that time period and shed the Bible in a whole new understanding for me.Our preacher is very concerned with how Obama has turned his back on our friend Israel. He is very concerned for your homeland and expresses it often from the pulpit.I do not see how any Christian could call themselves Christian yet wish harm to your homeland. I do not. I call Jesus my Lord and savior but I cannot ever forget that He was a Jew and you are His family according to how we believe and just as I could never turn my back on my family, I would not be one of His if I turned my back on His family.As I saw someone on this forum write and I believe it “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and I count you my friend..alot of Christians call you friend.

          • thanks anonymous the one who wrote the nice things – I am the one who said the enemy of my enemy LOL- and to be clear USA is my homeland born in NYC and I am married to a Christian- so I get what you say- sadly not all are on board with that and some churches are openly siding with Fakestianian causes and condemn israel- History proves that the nations who most loved and assimilated their Jews are the very ones who later turned on and persecuted them- Israel is my spiritual heart and refuge in case history repeats- to LYNN- not all Jews are the same either- I am also saddened that my liberal friends still adore Obama and remain loyal to Dem party- in many cases are the leaders of anti Israel groups- In every generation of Jews we have schisms, crises of disunity and in each of those times we do find destruction of Jewish land and dispersement of the people.

          • isahiah62 I too am on your side, as indeed most elderly people should be because of the many medical advances made by Jews; however that isn’t the only reason. I have friends in Holon and Tel Aviv, decent people whose safety I worry about, surrounded as they are on three sides by illiterate, inbred barbarians

      • The G-d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob has given you your path to him. Follow it and don’t think twice about Christians. This from a Roman Catholic convert.

    • We will not be having a election in November and Obama plans on seeing to that. You would think he would be afraid to pull all the crap he has pulled because you would think he would be afraid the American people would vote him out…WRONG! He has no fear because he has no intentions of allowing a election to happen. It is rumored by many and some of those are higher up in Government that the”Occupiers” whom are funded by some anti-American person or group (maybe Sorros)are going to come out in droves like zombies in order for Obama to declare marshal law. Folks, it may seem outlandish but with all the other things Obama has pulled, I am beginning to think its true. What will we do?The DOJ is just as crooked as he is I have written letters to my congressman, about my congressman and to anyone that will listen but I do not think it is enough and I for once in my life am REALLY AFRAID for our country.

      • I don’t think he can get away with it at this point in the history of the U.S. At some future point, maybe.

        Might he be capable of such a thing? Probably but I think our institutions (along with the people) at this point are strong enough to withstand such a scenario. We’ve heard this theory applied to at least the past few presidents. Though I would agree, Obama is very dangerous.

        • With the latest executive order he has pulled off regarding Erik Holder which is a direct refusal to give the Terry family ANY answers regarding their son, I DO NOT PUT ANYTHING PAST HIM. He cares nothing for the American people.He is power hungry.I can see him trying it in order to divide this nation. That is all he has done since he has been in office is DIVIDE THIS NATION and pitted other nations against us even our friend Israel.He has some major money backing behind him and if you noticed he is using our tax dollars to campaign on. His election contributions have not been touched.

          • I do not disagree with anything you say about this man. He is a nightmare. He is very dangerous. I don’t think he could pull off what you are suggesting. Not yet. I could be wrong. Americans are plenty disposed to tolerate abuse from arrogant leaders, but what you are suggesting would be akin to Hitler’s Enabling Act in Germany, whereby he assumed dictatorial power and the Constitution was suspended. It would probably result in bloodshed. Americans are already on edge. At this point, I see an America quite unlike Germany. Americans are not so easily led as Germans.

          • I agree with everything you say as well and I hope what you say is true..I want to believe it is anyway. However, due to the fact I have worked as a healthcare professional in our education system I have seen some pretty dum, what was suppose to be, college educated professionals. I have met so many people who do not like Obama but they have no clue and look at you like you are crazy when you speak of Obamas support of Islamic nations. I go to church with a retired preacher who teaches at our church and does guest speaking at other churchs on the dangers of Islam. Still, many of the members are so ignorant on the dangers of Islam. They just do not have the time in their schedules to be concerned about it.You mentioned the Germans, the Germans were a bit hungry at that time too and many did not believe what they heard was going on.Heck we may be hungry eventually.The way food prices are soaring and government debt for entitlements are astronomical we may have some very hungry people if all this hits the fan.

          • I think you can gauge what he thinks his chances for re-election are by closely watching his decisions and choices. The more radical, the less confidence; the more moderate the better. As in all presidential elections, there are matters left unsettled. In imam obama’s case they are most likely to be I.E.D.’s like the ones which kill our young service members.

      • I would be watching the voting machines. I hear the results from the November election in Ohio came in about an hour ago. Stalin said it wasn’t who got the most votes, but who counted them.

    • You over there are ALL our enemy. I would like them to attack Israel. Then there would be no more Egypt Obama spent billions of our dollars of our money on to elect Muzzie Bro Hoodlams. Seems he cannot hear they are killing Christians. Oh well, just another of his goals.

  12. Our goose could be cooked. Might as well go down fighting instead of as a victim.
    No more No 2 Mo! Try this on:
    Don’t sit down in front of my car!

    God said we should expect to
    be persecuted and not surprised by it. 1Peter 4:12

    One more thing…Google “The movie, 2016” coming next month.

  13. Obama has been meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood, supported the Muslim Brotherhood and now the Muslim Brotherhood has won the elections. The good people of Egypt should not find it acceptible for the incoming leader to force feed Islam down the peoples throat and If those attempts are made all non muslims and all muslims who do not wish to live under the brutality of sharia needs to arm themselves and band together and take their country back. This administration has accused the GOP of a war on women (nonsense) this administration by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and knowing that sharia would be implemented they are the ones with the war on not only women but with men and children and all who won’t bow to sharia, so anyone who is harmed because of sharia this administration has their blood on their hands. This administration did not support Freedom there by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. We The People of this Great Country here in the USA need to be aware and stand together against ANYONE who attempts to put the U.N. or the laws of sharia above the CONSTTUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and OUR BILL OF RIGHTS. God Bless America.

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  15. To “Anonymous”

    I’m glad you see that fact that the “Fix is in” on Obama; you are not alone. The problem as I see it is to open the eyes of others, Now! I cringe when I read the blogs “I will not vote for Obama…”. I also can’t understand with all that Obama has done why people aren’t shouting for his impeachment. I understand the ultra liberal media and their deception, lies and support of Obama; Obama is the golden boy the liberals socialist, communists and all the rest have worked to put into office. But we should be requiring accountabliity of them; putting them on notice that we the people will not support their lies. They have sponsors just like the entertainment media, and their lives are built on money.

    As for Obama more people have to stand up and demand his impeachment. Will it work? … frankly I’m not sure, but it is was needs to happen; and at least the Revolution can begin. Its not wrong to speak of Revolution, this country was formed because the people fought a Revolution and won their freedom. But we’ve become lazy, lukewarm and the Chrisitan community is no different.

    We should be hearing the message of our lukewarmness from the pulpit; we should be hearing calls from our churchs for Obama’s impeachment; at the very least those Christians should be forming groups to spread the truth outside the church. But we hear little to nothing.

    To “Isaiah62” I don’t believe in replacement theology either, I believe in the Jewish consept of the fullment of the law; which I believe Y’shua (Jesus), accomplished at his death on the cross and at his resurrection. I don’t hate Jews and like many Chrisitans I support Israel and Jews.

    What I can’t understand is the Jewish support for Obama, especially with all Obama has done to the state of Israel and Jews. Its almost like in Germany when Jews went to their death silently; but Chrisitans are doing the same thing.

    We need to stand up and demand to be heard, but we need to do it in unity.

    • I can’t understand anyones support of Obama, no matter the faith and yet I know there are people who voted this man in to the highest office of our land. However, where are they? I have yet to meet one of them that will admit it. It maybe because I am so verbal against him but still, if you believe in your candidate you should not be afraid to stand up for him.I do not understand some of the Jewish support he has received, however they did not elect him alone.They had help and alot of it.Make no mistake, there are Christians who voted him in as well.
      On the issue of accountability.Yes he needs to be held accountable and more than just at the polls this fall.First,we need to support Boehner with this comtempt of congress of Erik Holder.Its a start. We also need to reign in Obama on this executive order regarding “Fast and Furious.”The Terrys deserve answers and what Obama did was nothing short of obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence and he needs to be called on the carpet about it like you or I would be.I smell a rat from the top position on this one. I personally believe that those guns were sold on purpose for the purpose of murdering our border patrol to make the point that we need more gun control and this was Obamas way of getting this point across.They just got caught and they are hiding it. I believe they had a fall guy for this but it did not work out as they planned. As the mother of a son who took a rocket to his head in Iraq, I demand answers for the Terrys.We all should. These boys are the sons of American citizens and we need to stand beside them in demanding Obama is held accountable for this. I know what I went through to get answers from the pentagon. In fact, if my congressman had not badgered DOD I would not have gotten ANY answers.It was then that I discovered how much the pentagon HATES CONGRESS inquiring of them ANYTHING.I discovered at that point, that our congressmen have more power than I imagined.I know you are going to think I am crazy but I believe the BP spill was Obamas conspiracy and was intentional and was used by Obama to stop offshore drilling.Why?To keep us dependent on oil from Islamic countries..He campaigned that he was going to allow offshore drilling, against what his environmental campaign donors wanted, but soon after he got into office, the BP spill happened and drilling permits were halted.He then turned around and gave his environmental supporters Solyndra on OUR DIME. With all this being said,yes he needs to be held accountable but what is the process for doing that? Who or what branch of government do we appeal to to reign him in?Our justice department?Look how crooked they are! Do our supreme court justices do it? Does congress do it?Who do we appeal to to reign in a out of control president on for his abuse of power?His security leaks which has undermined this country as well as our allies!? If we allow him to get by with this latest executive order, what will he try next? He has abused his powers and if the American people do not stand up against this then we have nothing more than a full fledged Socialist dictator in the office of President. What abuse of power will he execute next? Martial law to prevent a election from even happening? I do put it past him!How,where and with whom do we start with to ban together and bombard to hold him accountable and stop further abuse of power?

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  17. Bitch all you like about obama, but Americans are letting him do these things! And to think you assassinated Abe, Kennedy etc., and drove Nixon out of office–none of those men were trying to destroy your country.

    obama should not just be voted out–he and holder should be imprisoned for what they are doing. America hating, muslim thugs!

  18. To “Anonymous” I agree we have to stop blogging, bitching about Obama.

    We have to impeach Obama, there just isn’t any other answer. Why impeachment? because Obama is impeachable and if we don’t act now there may not be anything left to impeach. Obama is destroying our freedoms and liberties. Those who inform like, Rober Spence, Pamela Geller just to name a few are being crucified. We also need to stop Obama’s free give away to our enemies; the billions of dollars of American taxpayors monies.

    Can we the people impeach Obama, frankly I don’t know, but this I do believe Obama will not be voted out of office; but at least we the people need to try for the impeachment of Obama. If he prevents it, well let the Revolution begin; Thomas Jefferson said, “every generation needs a new revolution” – We are long over due.

    But whatever we do we must do it in “unity” – United we stand, divided we fall.

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