Muslim Brotherhood wins Egypt’s presidential election, Christians already leaving

While Newsweek declared Obama blew it on their February 2011 cover, we’d argue everything is going according to plan. Back in 2009 and before Creeping Sharia was alerting the tiny minority of folks who pay attention that Obama was embracing and legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

via Morsi wins Egypt’s presidential election – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi has officially won Egypt’s presidential election and will be the country’s next president, the electoral commission has announced.Morsi picked up 13.2 million votes out of just over 26 million, giving him about 51 per cent of the vote in the runoff round.His competitor, Ahmed Shafiq, the final prime minister under Hosni Mubarak, received 12.3 million votes.More than 800,000 ballots were invalidated.

Despite Morsi’s victory, many of those questions about his power remain unanswered.

“This is not the end of the game, it’s a start of a huge responsibility,” el-Haddad told Al Jazeera.

“It comes with more challenges, turning from being the largest opposition group in Egypt to leading the country with its national front.”

Shortly before the polls closed last week, the generals issued a decree sharply limiting the powers of the new president. It permitted him to declare war, for example, only with the approval of the military council.

SCAF will also keep control of legislative power, and the budget, until a new parliament is elected.

Egyptians went to the polls in November to elect a legislature, which was dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, but it was dissolved earlier this month after a high court ruling found parts of the electoral law unconstitutional.

Saad el-Katatni, the speaker of the now-dissolved parliament, also met officials from SCAF, and told them that the Brotherhood would not accept the court ruling or the election-night decree.

But it is unclear whether the Brotherhood ultimately accepted those decisions in exchange for the presidency.

Either way, the military council – which has promised to hand over power to a civilian government on June 30, in a “grand ceremony” – will remain a powerful force in Egyptian politics, despite the election of a civilian president.

The impact was felt even before the verdict declared, via Christians Already Leaving Egypt:

Egypt (MNN) ― Protesters are already in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt’s Presidential Election Commission announced yesterday they are delaying the results of this week’s presidential election indefinitely. The commission says they’re investigating election irregularities. Egyptians are in Tahrir Square demanding the results be released.

Rody Rodeheaver, President of IN Network USA, describes the atmosphere. “I’ll just quote my director there. He says ‘it’s just crazy.’ He’s referring to the atmosphere. He’s referring to the confusion. Everything that they thought they had gained has fallen apart.”

Rodeheaver says it’s not only a confusing time for the average Egyptian, but especially for Christians. He was told that most Christians voted for Ahmed Shafik. “Even though he represents going back to the Mubarak era, they were much more comfortable with him than they were with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Why? Rodeheaver says, “The institution of Sharia Law will basically stymie Egypt’s ability economically, politically, and religiously to really have any kind of freedom.”

And even with mounds of evidence, as the Muslim Brotherhood told the world they wanted sharia law the Obama admin and the media told us the Brotherhood was not a threat, a secular organization, had no interest in sharia law and no chance of winning the election it was clear the Muslim Brotherhood was shaping up to be everything Obama said it wasn’t.

Also keep in mind elected officials and the media also keep lying to Americans stating Muslims living in America don’t want sharia yet earlier this week we told you that Over 75% of Egyptian Americans Voted For Muslim Brotherhood & sharia.

Flashback video below the fold:

26 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood wins Egypt’s presidential election, Christians already leaving

  1. I’ve said for sometime that the Arab spring has Obama’s name written all over it. Its too simplistic to say that MB’s rise is due to Obama’s foreign policy failure. This is Obama’s shinning moment. Remember Libya. WTF was that all about. The one ME country that provided cradle to grave hospital care for their citizens. The one ME country that provided all their citizens an education anywhere int he world. The one ME country that refused to cow down to the Saudis.

    What we are seeing is the rise of the Caliphate. Will the Caliphate’s name be Obama?

  2. sadly the response to Ferguson was typical of the left who refuses to see reality until it is upon their own doorstep. Obama has done much, since being in office, to accommodate Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood. No Christian makes the error of saying, “My Muslim Faith”.

  3. OBUMMMAA IS A TRUE MUSLIM, has been all his life but lacks the GUTS TO ADMIT IT!! Nothing more than AN ISLAMIC SNAKE OIL SALESMAN of foreign birth. The DUMOCRATS sure got a winner with this nut job. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • Obama did not blow anything. He did exactly what his intended purpose was for running for president in this free land. He is no dummy. He was raised and educated muslim. He knew exactly who the muslim brotherhood was, what they believed and practiced including Sharia law.He knew their agenda and accommodated them in every foreign policy decision he made.His election into our whitehouse could have been prevented if every american would have read his book which was out prior to our election. What he believed and everything he stood for was in that book.In no uncertain terms you knew that he sided with the muslims over America.Yet he was still elected to our highest office of the land because democrats AND REPUBLICANS ALIKE PUT HIM THERE.This cannot be blamed solely upon the democrats. There are republicans out there in sheeps clothing that helped elect this man whether they will admit it or not.

      • You can blame McCain for not putting any light on Obama’s Muslim faith. To me it seems that McCain wanted Obama to win. McCain and the Republican party did not vet him so they do share some of the blame. His true colors are shining through. Obama had his people working way before he even became serious of running, scrubbing his past. Where are the real Americans that know real truth?

  4. The Arab Spring, has turned into an Arab Winter; and worse it looks like its becoming an Arab Neuclear Winter, with all the nations of the world watching as a mentally unstabe “Toleratian Ideaology” takes power.

    As for Barack Hussain Obama, is there anyone who has even the slightes knowledge of the destruction Obama has caused believe that his fingers prints aren’t all over this destructive mess? …

    I’ve said it before Obama is the “OBAMANATION OF DESOLATION” he has live up to that title sice he took office. Anyone believe that Obama is going to allow this people to vote him out of office? …

    Our best hope, try is for his Impeachment. he’s committed over 50 impeachable offenses. And our battle cry should be, IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. Will it stop all the destruction, no … but its a start. And right now, Obama IS the head of this country.

    So if you want what’s been and is being taken away from you … start doing what you haven’t done … and don’t stop. They, the powers that be already have your name, number ect. – you really haven’t got anything to lose … well unless the thought of you living as a slave is appealing to you.

    Contact the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and let your voice be heard … over and over and over again. Post this anywhere and everywhere.

    Look the worst that can happen we’ll know that the Revolution truly has begun; but take heart … Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new Revolution” – We’re wasy over due. This is not only our problem, but our fault.


  5. I am surprised they didn’t thank Obama. On on show there was a man who said Americans shouldn’t be afraid and that they should come to Egypt to visit and see how things have changed. On another like they kept saying the United States of Arabs. Now that boild my blood. As Omerga2 always says LOCK AND LOAD

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  7. Obama didn’t blow it. This is what he wanted all along. The entire middle east under Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in control. If I was Israel I’d be preparing for war in a hurry. Time to arm those nuclear subs with Nuclear tipped warheads. Shits going to hit the fan shortly now that the brotherhood is in control. First target on my list would be Mecca. Blow that shithole to hell.

  8. This is all part of obozo’s plan. The muzzie brotherhood in Egypt will attack Israel, Iran and the Palestinians will also attack Israel. obozo is helping to push the middle east into a regional war.

  9. there was never an arab spring. 2 or 3 months when money starts running out the egyptians will put their hand out and ask for aid from the west. and obamas will give them aid. personally let them sink into the hell they will make for themselves- although we all know they will blame the west. f ing peices of shit.

  10. To “Anonymous”

    No, I disagree with you at least in part; while McCain and the Repblican party did not vet Obama, there were those who did. In McCain with all his faults he was still a honorable decorated war veteran….

    But We the People chose (and elected) ….

    Barack Hussai Obama, an inexperienced, unknowledgable, arrogant, man of questionable moral character; and we knew he was: a Socialist, with Communists sympathies; who told us he was going to redistribute the wealth in America. He told us what he thought about our Constitution; openly he stated he wanted to eliminate the the 2nd amendment at best and highly restrict it at worse (his best, his worst). His birth place was and is, still in question. A Muslim, who claimed to be a Christian; electing Muslim Obama was like pissing on the graves of every victim of 911 and the terrorst attacks since. The church he attended was no more than a reverse racist club led by a black preacher. Obama loved Islam (he said the sweetist sound he had ever heard was the Muslim call to prayer), and let us know where his loyalities; with Muslims and everything Islam. Obama openly boasted of how he was going to restore our relations with the very people who aided the 911 terrorists (oour enemies). He let us know what he thought about the war on terror; … it was all our fault. Obama was the best preacher for everything Muslim and Islamic; so much so that when he went to the Middle East , our enemies, said he was a man they could work with. When he bowed low, and said he was ashammed to be an American did we impeach him, NO, we gave him rave reviews.

    No, no, Anonymous we did this to ourselves. Barack Hussain Obama has committed over 50 impeachable offenses, have we the people raise our voice in protest?…No! For almost 4 years now, additional Americans have lost their homes, jobs, savings, and retirements. Obama has given multi-billions taxpayor dollars to the Middle East; monies of of hurting, suffering, Americans. Has Obama shown any sympathy? … No! and apparently neither do We the People… Oh we’re crying and blogging about it, but we do little else. We the People, don’t even require our news media to give out unbiased, truthful news; I mean at the every least we could DEMEND that, but no we sit and watch lies and more lies being told. We the People are still crying about “Bush” and what he did … News flash for anyone out there still crying, Bush isn’t in office … Obama is; … so, if you voted for Obama because you hated Bush, well … Obama needs to be voted out because he isn’t working either.

    Our founding father’s new the “evil” that lurks in the hearts of men of power and they gave us rights and authorities to remove corrupt governmental officicals; even the president. Fast and Furious Scandal is bigger than Watergater, bloodier; and Obama and his administration have their finger prints all over it. What are We the People doing? …. Nothing, yeah! did you contact the Speaker of the House? the News media? your Senators and House Representatives? .. Or are you like the “I will not vote for Obama in Novemeber crowd”; which is a joke! Obama wasn’t put in office to fail, his report card says job well done. The “FIX IS IN” – Obama’s not going quietly into the night? … He’s already showing us how he thumbs his nose at congress; and while he holds congress in contempt, he basicly thinks We the People are useless eatters. oh he hasn’t said it that way, yet … give him time … give him 4 more years.

    We have the right and the authority to impeach Obama now, do you see or hear of it happening? … Do you think our founding father’s who had less ability to communicate would have waited this long to “kick Obama out?

    What I’m angry about is that we the people are the do nothing generation, who talks alot, but sits on our duffs and does nothing. We need to start learning how to live as “SLAVE” because that is the future we the people have given ourselves.


    • Aprilyn,
      I am confused at what you disagree with. I did not say anything about Mccain.I voted for him and have stated in shorter terms the same thing you did.

    • I have said it since ‘our fellow Americans” as you call “we the people” voted in the Obamantion- I spoke against his election in 08 and still do- there used to be artoon that said “I have seen the enemy and the enmy is US” – it’s true- I cannot be angry with Obama- I just cannot forgive nor forget that my fellow citizens did not only vote for him but still make excuses for and praise him – in their mind he can do no wrong- and I am quite sure they will run tothe polls for him again- and yes still blame BUSH for four more years of OBumbling.
      Itis becoming more difficult for me to even speak to friends and family who are still so enamored of this dangerous admin. No fact or statistic seems to penetrate their bubbles of utopian visions- they are like religious fundamentalists in their worship of this man and his plan.
      Other than voting and discussing campaigning for R. writing our reps, what do you think we can do? I do not advocate violence or uprising as that is exactly what Nappy wants our side to do.

      • I do not rule out anything. Perhaps it is time that we excise the cancer that is destroying our Republic. I believe we must pursue treason charges against the many who facilitated Obama’s election to office. I believe we must restore states rights, limit the power of the federal government, and cleanse our nation of those who would do us harm.

        History demonstrates that those in power do not give up their reign peacefully. You may not advocate violence, but your enemy will not hesitate to use violence to suppress your freedoms. For me, the answer is obvious. And, it should be obvious to you too.

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  14. How on earth could Niall say this? Obama didn’t “Blow it” This is what he WANTED to happen. I despair of people ever understanding that Obama is NOT a Christian! Everything he has done in the last 3 1/2 yrs has been for muslims–and AGAINST Christians.

  15. To “Anonymous”

    I guess I read you wrong awhile back, sorry. I do agree with you Obama didn’t blow it, this is what he wanted.

    Also, I too am tired of people referrring to Obama as a Christian. Just because you sit in a pew for a few years doesnot mean you are a Christian. A true Christian has realized they are a sinner who can never make things right with a righteous God; also, they accept God’s plan for salvation, Jesus’ death and resurrection. But you hear it all the time the Norway mass murderer was a Christian: the man hadn’t attended church in over 10 years. And then there’s Barack Obama, the man who was raised a Muslim and even went to Islamic religious training classes; but hey he sat for 10 years in a church and listen to a reverse rasist, the Rev. Wright preach his hate messages and that makes him a Christian? No, its makes Obama a man who learned through his Islamic training the Islamic art of “deception”.

    Barack Obama has done everything to promote Islam; and no cost was too great. He has given away billions to our enemies, supported our enemies, allowed our military men and women to be murdered. He has made this nation extreemly vunerable to another Jihad attack. Tried to destroy the freedoms of this country and made truth the new Hate Speach.

    But like I said before what is it going to take to wake people up and generate the anger, the resolve to remove Obama from office. I don’t want to see or hear another post that says “I will not vote for Obama …” I want to see people stand up and DEMAND Obama’s impeachment. Barack Obama is corrupt he has committed over 50 impeachable offenses, he deserves to be impeached, he needs to be impeached. And the Impeachment of Obama should be our battle cry.

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