Canadian Security Intelligence Service rewrites lexicon to not offend Muslims

But they’d never admit that. Like our CIA and FBI, kowtowing. via CSIS rewrites lexicon to better differentiate ‘terrorists’ from ‘sympathizers’.

Is he a “terrorist” or an “extremist”? A “supporter” or “sympathizer”?

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service has created a set of standard definitions for commonly used terms to guide staff through the super-delicate task of labelling the individuals they’re watching.

According to a confidential memo obtained under access-to-information laws, the spy agency says it was compelled to create a “standard lexicon of CSIS terminology” following two inquiries into the detention and torture of Arab-Canadian men overseas in the aftermath of 9/11. Both inquiries concluded that Canadian officials had failed to accurately describe the men in intelligence reports.

“The objective of the lexicon is to increase clarity of communications internally, as well as with foreign and domestic partners,” says the October 2011 memo, which was delivered to the public safety minister, RCMP commissioner and other senior officials.

Apparently terms like Muslim, Islamic, jihad, jihadist, jihadi, and mujahid were already removed.

14 thoughts on “Canadian Security Intelligence Service rewrites lexicon to not offend Muslims

  1. Why does everything have to be made so politically correct and detailed. Make it easy…… muslim murderers.PERIOD. I think everyone universally will ‘GET IT”

  2. Absolutely–Major Nidal Hassan was a terrorist U.S. Army Major who was a known terrorist, and the Obama Regime’s Rules disallowed Hassan’s commanders to remove him from duty and put into custody as a Terrorist Suspect due to his associations and writings. This scoundrel murdered 13 innocent U.S. soldiers and officers, and he is being treated like an oridnary citizen who went Postal in the work place. Hassan’s attack was a Jihadist attack, and he is still getting treated like a shoplifter instead of being tried and executed as a murderous Islamist Terrorist. Even our soldiers are not protected as long as the Obama Regime is in power. That is why in November, we have to send this traitor, Obama and his crew of thugs and subversives, packing.

  3. I find it hard to believe that the land of my FATHER’S BIRTH is now following the P C ROUTE like the rest of the STUPID WORLD. It is past time for ALL OF NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA to eradicate this P C CANCER from the earth. Anyone who shows P C ATTITUDES need to be DESTROYED PERIOD. In all my years I have never seen anything like this taking us down the ROMAN ROAD TO TOTAL DISTRUCTION. Wake up, stand up and DESTROY THIS CANCER now. LOCK AND LOAD.

    • PC, lets hope, will end with Obastard. The MSM has lost all credibility. The only way to find the truth is reading different papers and blogs on the pc and then reading between the lines. We need to call things what they are, you can’t make sucide bomber or terrorists bomber into anything else so that it doesn’t sound scary. Time to tell it straight.

  4. In the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms….special interest groups have more rights than the individual citizen.
    At some point ( hopefully in the next three years)… the Harper Government will have to open the Constitution and the Charter. The Constitution needs to be re-written in terms understood by the average Canadian and not in Legalese and for other obvious reasons as it is lacking. The Charter also needs to be re-written so as individuals have the right to defend themselves and are looked upon as having rights that allow all to be treated equally in Canada. Not “Animal Farm” equality….some are more equal than others.

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