San Diego YMCA enforces sharia: women-only swim hours & gender segregated gyms for Muslims

YMCA – Young Muslims Conquer Again? Submission and utter dhimmitude in San Diego, not to mention apparent discrimination against men and non-Muslims as one Muslim woman interviewed implies. via YMCA Offers Women-Only Swim Hours For Muslim Women |

Each Saturday, staff at the Copley YMCA in City Heights begin clearing out the pool and locker rooms early. They send their male lifeguards home and a female lifeguard and swim instructor clock on for a special after-hours lesson.

About 15 East African women and girls then file through the back doors for a women-only swim class. The YMCA began offering it this spring after moms and daughters in a group called City Heights Hope told the directors they can’t swim in front of men because they’re Muslim.

Not the first YMCA or other city pool to submit as we’ve covered many times now.

67 thoughts on “San Diego YMCA enforces sharia: women-only swim hours & gender segregated gyms for Muslims

  1. All this butt kissing on behalf of muslims MAKES ME VOMIT! When are Americans and the ACLU going to stand up for the rights of all other Americans!!!!!


      • idiot, no it isn’t. you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about claiming Sharia is Mosiac Law.Oh sure there are elements you can point to but it is undoubtedly not the same. Stop repeating lies you read on huppnpuff.

      • Is-lam is totally Luciferian, women have no idea how degrading it is towards them, men & women better wake up and resist this crap, NOW!
        Americans have to read our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Learn how intelligent our Founders were, nothing even comes close to ‘their’ depth of knowledge in DC today. The idiotic morons are the ones who say that our founders were nothing but a bunch of old dumb men!
        Mow-hom-mad was a pedefile (yea, i do know how to spell!)

  2. In Americas, excepting perhaps Jews, every one else, Christians, Buddhiss, Hindus, Atheists, et el are fully oblivious to the Islamic aggreandisement, and continue appeasiing them in every which way. A dangerous signal that one day or the other, sooner than later will slap thier face. This is the way of Islam for the last 1500 hundred years. They start their thrust early when they are small minotiry. Democratic institutions are usually sympathetic to minorities and Islmaists take advanage of the situatin and accept everything that is democratic always defending and associating with its principles, at the same time keep on creeping relentlessly. History has taught them the benefits of being insisting on minorityism and equality and they learnt the lesson of patience and persistence. The world order is in trouble as soon as they get to 15% to 20% of the population when protests defending thier way of life and violentlt reacting to everything not palatable to them will begin
    with murder, rape and forcible rape and abduction of women. History of every country they attacked from Iran, Adghanisthan, India and Bangladesh is living testimony of this. So America awake, arise and protect your liberty and dignity when time is in your favor.

  3. I thought YMCA and/or YWCA meant Young Men’s “Christian” Association and Young Women’s “Christian” Association! Don’t they realize they are swimming in us infidels pools?

  4. Called the director, she said it was a cultural thing not a religion. So I said ok can I have white men only session… which she was silent for a few seconds, then started blabbing about how it is not the same as that.

  5. OMG! It’s almost like a…Curves! Or a men’s sauna. Or like a Promise Keeper’s meeting! Or a high school football team. HEEEEEELLLLP! THE MUSLIMS ARE TAKING OVER AMERCIA BECAUSE…oh…wait…they’re not.

    • Yeah, not even close to the same. You’re comparing apples to oranges. Promise keepers IS a religious group. High School football? What? That makes no sense and neither does saying a “men’s sauna.” If you’re going to make a comparison, use one that makes some sort of sense.

  6. In my opinion…..I believe this would be discrimination. Against the general public. Against the male life guards. Against male members.
    Someone…get on the phone with the ACLU.
    That will wake them up.

    • The only reason they get away with this nonsense is because they do more whining and complaining. The squeeky wheel gets oiled first. Make some noise, counter their demands by your demands for “special treatment.” If I were a man…I’d go jump in the pool naked.

  7. “We don’t have access like others (since they choose to follow Islam)”.

    Boycott the YMCA for bring Sharia compliant!

  8. Slowly they demand more. Always there ammo. The destroyers of cilvilisations dressed as young swimmers but they are nevertheless that.

  9. Yeah. Im all about making islam illegal and even enforcing the same kind treatment to converts as your beloved friend and ally S-arabia does.


    Its really lame and transparrent and obvious when you americans start preaching about womens rights. Hypocritical even. Lying is wrong. Chritianity forbids lying. Doesnt seem to matter with american jesus.

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  13. “There are not any gender separated gyms *in this city* like there are in their home countries…” <…..ummmm, go back then.

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  15. What is wrong with this country? The most racist, facist people on earth are getting their way in the U.S. We need to wake up!

  16. The only way to fight against Islamic discrimination and domination in the supposedly civilized an denlightened West is through using the law of anti-discrimination. There’s no other way! When Muslim fanatics abuse the Western law to demand discrimination against non-Muslims and women/children, then brave justice-loving people must fight back recaliming that law, and hence to also reclaim enlightened and civilized West!



  18. I am not debating the religions but I am pretty sure that YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association. The ‘Y’ sold out long ago.

  19. What I want to know is why? Politically correct? They have asked to allow a private place to pray in a retail store. We accommodate by allowing use of a fitting room. Space is set aside in schools and businesses. I am a Christian and would like to be accommodated to pray and practice my belief. ??????

  20. Years ago in my criminal justice course work I did a paper on Sharia law and discovered by the time a youth leaves their education system they have memorized about 6,500 scriptures of their belief scheme. And from their adult population judges and officials may only be selected from a pool of individuals who have graduated from a Sharia law institution. In early America I believe it was John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice, that said we as Americans should prefer Christians as our elected or appointed public servants. Contrast the difference in tolerance level, “may only be selected” compared to “should prefer.” Those adhering to Sharia want the utmost restriction in their system to the point of discrimination against any non-adherents, whereas American “tolerance” has been so open minded that it is in fact discrimination against our very our beliefs and people. BTW- to all who brought it to light, I really like the reminder re: “Young Men’s Christian Association” comments.

  21. Incredibly, the KPBS representative just threatened censorship on the comment board based on ‘complaints’ from those who don’t like the truth.

  22. Attention ‘me’ – There are fools, especially anyone says that Sharia is the same as Mosaic – Heres another shocker, Holy Biblical Scripture (which has a 100 percent record in being correct) warns the world of this coming war in the mid east where all the Edomites will be destroyed along w/many of Ishmaels brotherhood. Many, many people who once called themselves Mus-limb are coming to Jesus, the Lord does not have to force people to come to Him, Jesus does not have to force Himself on us, thats one reason that He is King of kings & Lord of lords – He gave His life for us (anyone who denies this is totally ignorant of history or their agenda(s) are of Satan. Mankind has just 2 choices, the Creator God (Lord Jesus Christ) provided just one way (it was at a huge cost to the triune Godhead) and Satan has created religion(s) to keep many from the truth! It’s wrapping up time, the door is closing, it’s your eternity. The proof of His witness is written in the stones, true science points directly to the Biblical God. Ps 83, Isaiah 17:1-4 is at the door and then theres Ezekiel 38 & 9!

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  27. Do not a use and fight with each other, stay on the subject everyone’s opinion is respected, even if you do not agree, the major problem is how we can handle, and what we can do regarding this Islamization of our country. First stop further immigration, if they cannot assimilate and learn English, deport them back. No more mosques to be built. No sharia law in our country, only our laws allowed. If any crime, but esp hate crime is committed immediate deportation of the whole family. And above all let us not be divided otherwise they will win, and do not lower yourselves to foul vitriolic language.

  28. I can’t wait till the gender confused males demand and get to join these swims and locker rooms….it’s only fair and there is no way they can get around it Welcome to America Muslims… Don’t like it… Leave… You will not be missed

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