North Florida Muslim set wife on fire, faces life in prison

via North Florida arsonist burned wife: Palatka man faces life in prison for torching first wife – South Florida

Khalid Abeljawwad Mohd of Palatka was found guilty Tuesday of various charges related to the attack on his wife, Rema Jamel, in March 27, 2010 after she asked him to help extend her visa. (Putnam County Jail)

A 41-year-old Palatka man who doused his first wife with lighter fluid and set her on fire two years ago faces life in prison when he is sentenced in August.

Khalid Abeljawwad Mohd was found guilty Tuesday of various charges related to the attack on Rema Jamel in March 27, 2010 after she asked him to help extend her visa.

“Mohd told her he would not help her and that he intended to bring his second wife from Jordan, where it is legal to have multiple wives, to live in Palatka,” the State Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Mohd then told her she could not take her children with her back to Jordan and he threatened to kill her and bury her in the back yard, the statement said.

She suffered second- and third-degree burns over 75 percent of her body. She testified at his two-day trial this week.

A jury deliberated for a little more than an hour Tuesday before finding Mohd guilty of attempted first-degree murder with a weapon, arson and aggravated battery causing serious bodily injury with a weapon.

“The defendant carried out this crime with chilling brutality. Because of the testimony of the victim and her son, Mohd’s vicious and senseless rage will not go unpunished.” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said in a statement.

Circuit Judge Patti A. Christensen is scheduled to sentence Mohd on Aug. 8

When she was taken to Putnam Community Medical Center after being burned, Mohd told officials she had a grilling accident. Later, he said that she set herself on fire.

A police report said she told officials Mohd got so angry with her, she tried to call police. But he removed the phone line from the wall so she couldn’t call. Then she tried to go to a neighbor’s house, and that’s when he sprayed lighter fluid on her.

“She stated that when she went to the front door to leave, Mohd pushed her to the floor in the living room causing her to blackout,” the report said. She “stated she remembers walking up in the hospital with her body burned.”

Her two children were playing on the trampoline when she was attacked. Both told police they heard their parents arguing and they said their mother on fire with “yellow stuff” dripping from her body.

In Sweden, a Muslim cut off his wifes lip then ate it…so she could never kiss again.

16 thoughts on “North Florida Muslim set wife on fire, faces life in prison

  1. Keep bringing in these low life inbreds into our country. How can Obastard allow them to continue to arrive? Oop,s he is muslim.

    • This is the group we are becoming a minority group to. Its typical Islam, and he would do that to his wife, what would he do to your daughter, if she became a daughter in law? The RAGE Islam generates is straight from their master, satan.

    • The special attention needs to be death by dropping them off over their “Homeland” by plane or deportment by plane for the abuser. No placing them in the prison system for the taxpayers to feed,clothe,give medical care or legal defense to at American taxpayers expense, then letting them out to perpetrate more crime.We cannot rehabilitate their murderous ways of thinking. The real answer to the problem is to never allow them entrance into our country to begin with and stop issuing work and student visas to them. There is a group fighting for the government to stop issuing work visas to immigrants because of our countrys lack of jobs status.On a local level we need to cry out publically for the strictest punishment in these cases and we need to do everything we can by protesting their immigration into our communities to begin with. Protest the building of these mosques in your communities by making this known to your local politicians in mass numbers.Put up every road block available. Just as the tea party started from a grass roots movement, ridding our country of Islam is going to have to have a grass roots movement.

      • They are coming in as family class. The first cousins he married are coming in as cousins, btw. Gets around the marriage bigamy issue, Tell him if he divorces his sister, what is she to him then> Answer; he did not divorce his sister, he burned her,

      • With deportation comes the ‘obama pardon’ by allowing them to reenter the U.S. as immigrants who are in fear of their life.

      • Sensible comment, I particularly like the bit about “dropping them off over their homeland”; makes a lot of sense!

  2. Cases such as this are as well reasoned an argument for banning moslem COLONIZATION of the United States. What they do to people only finds its nearest expression in the Third Reich. By this I mean how NAZIS (read nasties) treated everyone who didn’t fit their mold. I deliberately used the term ‘nearest’ because European countries are enabling this behavior with rewards and legal protection. Collaborators came forward in EVERY conquered country, willing to help. Just look at France, for example. How about Poland? The U.S.S.R.?
    Here and now in the U.S. we have an undercover moslem imam as president. Since mohammad’s koran is 95% politics and law and only 5% confused Judeo-Christian ramblings, obama fits the definition of political leader who is looked to for guidance.

    • I’m a history buff so I read A LOT. If you read ‘Berlin Diary’ by Shirer and/or ‘Mein Kampf’ by Hitler, you will see similar patterns of thought and action to what the moslemites who live in what I call an ‘alternate universe’ say their god allah tells them is sanctioned behavior.

      • Maybe my “god” is machine gun and it tells me to mow all of them down. This makes no sense. Their behavior makes no sense to most people.

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