Stockton mosque leader faces deportation over tax fraud

His brother who also led the mosque was also convicted on tax fraud charges and jailed. via Stockton Muslim cleric faces deportation to Pakistan |

STOCKTON, CA – The spiritual leader of Stockton’s largest mosque faces deportation to his native Pakistan because he cheated on his taxes.

Saeed Ur Rahman, imam of the Islamic Center of Stockton, was convicted by a federal jury in Sacramento last fall on two felony counts of tax evasion.

News10 has learned the federal government will seek a one-year prison term for Ur Rahman at a July 5 sentencing hearing, which would trigger permanent expulsion from the United States after his release.

Tax evasion with a loss to the government exceeding $10,000 is considered an aggravated felony for immigration purposes.

Sources said the criminal investigation was initially launched by the FBI’s anti-terrorism task force because of Ur Rahman’s ties to Pakistan.

The US Attorney’s office in Sacramento would not comment on the investigative path that led to the tax fraud conviction.

Ur Rahman was convicted of underreporting his personal taxes by $238,000 in 2004 and 2005.

He underreported his personal taxes by $238,000 in 2004 and 2005? Do imams make that much money? Are mosques revenue generating entitites? Who was paying this guy? That’s more than the average person makes in 5 or 6 years, or more.

Ur Rahman, 45, spoke to News10 through a translator following an afternoon prayer service on Wednesday.

“The problem he’s facing is an error in filing his income tax.  He didn’t do it intentionally,” said Mohammed Saeed.

When asked if he believed the prosecution and potential deportation were motivated by his nationality and religion, Ur Rahman said he didn’t know the reason behind it, but considered the circumstances unfair.

Ur Rahman’s wife and five children are all US citizens, but Ur Rahman’s citizenship application stalled in 2001 for unknown reasons.

“If he’s deported, it’s going to be a loss for the community and for his family,” Mohammed Saeed said.

Ur Rahman’s attorney, Mark Reichel, said he would fight for a lighter sentence to allow his client to remain in the US.

“I’m outraged by this,” Reichel said.

Ur Rahman’s older brother Obed, a former imam at the Stockton mosque, pleaded guilty to a separate tax fraud charge earlier this year.

Obed Ur Rahman will be released Thursday after serving three months in prison.

Deportation was not an issue for the older brother because he’s a naturalized citizen.

11 thoughts on “Stockton mosque leader faces deportation over tax fraud

  1. It is so hard to find legal reasons to deport these people because they are so good at using our laws against us. Here, we have a clear cut reason to deport him and pressure should be put on the judge in that community to deport him. If it were my city I would be on the steps of the justice center yelling for it to be done and every county official would have a letter and they, in no uncertain terms, would know how I felt! We have to start by fighting these animals on a local level.We need to take every opportunity we can to DEPORT every damn one we can!

    • If and when he is deported, he’ll just walk back over the border in Arizona, especially now that Obama has chosen to pull all federal support from Arizona….And to think that anyone would vote for Obama is truly astounding.

  2. hope they collected the taxes before sending back to the 7th century . sell off the mosque. send the back to their own country and stop letting these people in with visa s to go to our schools just so they can turn against us. This country and this government never seems to amaze me.

  3. Send the whole damned congregation back! Then round up another congregation. They cannot be trusted.

    Am I the only one who notices how evil and despicable muslim males look when wearing their traditional X-Long shirts (i.e. pajamas, man dresses), skullcaps, and those shaggy, long beards w/goat poo matted up in it?

    Didn’t think so.

    “No kllz me plz!”


    • No you are not the only one to recognize these camel drivers for what they realy are. The only ones that dont are in all the GOVTS. of the U S A that need an EDUCATION on these gutter rats from the 7th CENTURY and there intent to OVER THROW OUR WAY OF LIFE AND GOVT. AND CONSTITUTION. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. “The problem he’s facing is an error in filing his income tax. He didn’t do it intentionally,” said Mohammed Saeed. Incredible BS! Thats the face of hate. Why is RAGE BOY upset? Believe me I won’t feel a sense of loss.

    • Don’t you believe him? I do…. he sounds like a “peaceful muslim” to me, just trying to get by. I bet he forgot all about that 238,000 and misplaced it and that is why he forgot to report it! I am sure he has not sent it to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or some other Islamic country to purchase bombs from OBAMA to use on OUR own troops! Nahhhh! Probably not….Maybe we should ask ERIC HOLDER! Bet he would not allow us to see the bill of sale!!

  5. Did you not catch it in the article? He was under the Feds radar because of his ties to Pakistan. Our good friend Pakistan, Home of Osama and the recipient of massave foreign aid from America, is fronting this terrorist training camp called a mosque. America is already lost because we have been taken over by the enemy right under our nose.Have you not ever heard the phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemy closer?’ Islamic countries practice that.

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