FIFA medical chief mysteriously withdraws hijab opposition after Muslim FIFA exec balks

Textbook example of how Muslims infiltrate an organization, then press for sharia from the inside. via FIFA medical chief D’Hooghe withdraws opposition to headscarves for Muslim women players |

A campaign to allow Muslim female soccer players to wear headscarves has been given a boost by the chairman of FIFA’s medical committee withdrawing opposition.

The change of medical opinion from Michel D’Hooghe was a key step before FIFA’s law-making body could approve two scarf designs when it meets in Zurich next week.

D’Hooghe told The Associated Press: “The problems I had (with scarves) were medical, and I don’t have those problems anymore.”

The panel, known as IFAB, asked in March for further medical advice on whether new designs were safe for women players to wear. Headscarves were banned from FIFA competitions for safety reasons in 2007.

Last month, D’Hooghe said his committee’s tests suggested scarves “represented a danger” to players who could sustain head and neck injuries, or overheat.

That drew an angry response from his FIFA executive committee colleague, Prince Ali of Jordan, who has led a year-long campaign seeking respect for Islamic cultural tradition, and creating more opportunities for women to play, by overturning the ban.

Prince Ali said he was “quite shocked,” and produced medical research which challenged FIFA’s position.

On Friday, D’Hooghe said he would no longer object to the designs after “more discussions” in recent weeks.

“There is no risk of strangulation. I was asked for a medical opinion, and the discussions I had were purely medical,” said the Belgian doctor, who did not elaborate on what swayed his opinion.

IFAB could accept one or both designs — one from the Netherlands, which uses quick-release velcro fasteners, and a Canadian scarf fixed with light magnets.

However, D’Hooghe cautioned that the scarves must still abide by football’s rules regarding players’ equipment.

“Those aspects are the uniformity of players’ equipment and the idea of religious and political statements,” D’Hooghe said. “That is a discussion for other people.”

Law 4 of football states that “basic compulsory equipment must not have any political, religious or personal statements.”

Still, Prince Ali’s campaign has been backed by the United Nations, the Nobel Prize Committee and the global players’ union, FIFPro.

The IFAB panel which will decide the issue next Thursday includes the four British football associations, which have one vote each, and FIFA which has a four-vote bloc. Six votes are needed to change a rule.

IFAB also will vote on whether to approve two goal-line technology systems, plus UEFA’s five-officials system which uses additional assistants beside each goal.


13 thoughts on “FIFA medical chief mysteriously withdraws hijab opposition after Muslim FIFA exec balks

  1. I hope they are wearing burqa’s too, with official FIFA numbers on the back. After all, we can’t be televising 22 naked muslim women running around a football pitch wearing only head scarves…Shock, horror!

  2. And will they have to die too, in the event of an accident, because paramedics won’t be allowed to remove head coverings or clothing to treat them? Remember the Saudi girls who died in a fire because the “morality” police wouldn’t let firefighters or rescue people in to save them? They weren’t dressed right, doncha know, in the middle of the night, sleeping, when a fire broke out.

    Some “morality”.

  3. If a few heads are pulled off, this would be colateral damage, and make the sport more interesting, like the gladiators and lions.

  4. If countries do not want these rag heads coming in their countries, America included, and taking over everything then they should never let them in to begin with. Their goal is to dominate the world and they are not going to be happy just living in another country and minding their own business.If they are already in your country as in this example, QUIT GIVING IN TO THEIR EVERY DEMAND! If they want to wear frickin scarves on their head let them go back to their homeland where they belong!That is what they should be told! People need to quit with the poliyical correctness!

    • Depends on what Islamic country it is, but for the most part yes. Most Islamic countries require it. Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton cover their heads when they go to these countries but our liberal media does not show it. However, last year they slipped and showed Michelle Obamas head covered one time that I saw. Do you see these people being respectful of OUR CULTURE???!!! Absolutely not!

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