Terror-linked CAIR targets Navy SEAL training

CAIR is not only a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood but it is essentially a wing of the Obama/Holder administration forcing mosques on U.S. cities and towns, shaking down employers and schools, and submitting everything from ROTC to military training and now Navy SEAL training to be sharia compliant. Is there a single leader in this country willing to uphold the oath they took to defend it from foreign and domestic enemies? Time will tell but it’s running out fast.

via StreetInsider.com – CAIR Asks Pentagon Not to Use Target of Muslim Woman, Quran in SEAL Training.

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today called on Pentagon officials not to use a target depicting a Muslim woman wearing a religious head scarf (hijab) and verses from the Quran in combat scenarios for training Navy SEALs at the new close quarters combat range at Joint Base Fort Story in Virginia Beach, Va.

The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said that military facility, referred to as a “kill house,” features a number of combat scenarios, including a mosque and a movable target of a Muslim woman wearing hijab and aiming a handgun. Verses from the Quran, Islam’s revealed text, are also displayed behind the target.

SEE: Fort Story Range Creates Combat Scenarios for SEALshttp://tinyurl.com/6wtxeb2

“Using a Muslim woman wearing a religious head scarf with [verses from the] Quran behind her as a target for our nation’s military personnel is offensive and sends a negative and counterproductive message to trainees and to the Muslim-majority nations to which they may be deployed,” wrote CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad in a letter to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. “This is yet another example of why the Department of Defense needs to fix what appears to be an ongoing problem by consulting credible scholars and experts to review all training and training materials related to Islam or Muslims.”

We didn’t even ask the obvious: How does an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Islamic terrorist funding trial (conviction) in U.S. history know training details in the Navy SEAL compound?

19 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR targets Navy SEAL training

  1. Let CAIR weasel from within…80 million guns in the hands of indigenous Christians say that they don’t stand a chance in hell of ever closing the deal in America!

    as written in the CONSTITUTION for protecting this country. And if you cant do it there is 80 to 100 MILLION THAT CAN!! LOCK AND LOAD.

  3. I agree. Why they allow all of this is beyond intellectual understanding.
    What exactly can americans do about all of this? Our leaders seem to have lost their minds. However the bible does say in the last days only the wise will understand. Perhaps this blindness must needs occur
    to cause the changes that will happen. Hard to know where that line actually falls. Just saying… turtledove

  4. I live in Va Beach and we don’t even have a damn mosque anywhere in the entire city!!!! someone tell the muzzies that if they come here, they should know that most of this area was used for pig farming!! I’m not even joking….my neighborhood is built on what was once a hog farm and the main farmhouse is still standing a block over from my house!! Tell them to stop in Smithfield for some ham on the way in too!!! effing slime!!

    • We need a Team 6 to clear them out of the US. The pres. will wait until on of those muslim idiots kill a member of the elite left wing. Then you might see some movement, but I have my doubts.

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  6. Another example of destroying from within. We must replace O-bummer and his entire entourage. It may take many years to clean Islam, Muslims, the Koran and Sharia from our American System, but if we don’t there will be no American System. Sedition, even treason, is readily visible in the actions of some of our government officials, starting with O-bummer himself, followed closely by Hillary, his cabinet, and his 34 unelected Czars.

    • We’ve posted on Norquist numerous times and the scary part is he is NOT an elected official of any kind but he has infiltrated fully.

      Bush was touting Islam as a religion of peace, funding the Saudi’s & Egypt and Hamas and so Republicans are just as much to blame as anyone else but you are quite right, many if not most Republicans and so-called Conservatives refuse to acknowledge that.

    • Its not just some members of the GOP that are financed by Islamic countries, many democrats are funded by Islamic countries as well, the biggest one whom you should not under estimate and downplay IS the one in the Whitehouse. However, the biggest fault and blame should rest on the shoulders of the American people. Many Americans put the one we have in the whitehouse, who has furthered Islam in this country. the biggest fault must be put on those Americans who have sit back and allowed this to happen by not speaking up to our
      government officials.We should be writing letters to ALL our representatives not to mention being very vocal on a local level to stop these mass murderers from moving into our communities and setting up their terrorist training camps called mosques. It is the American people who have allowed this to happen by turning a blind eye when they little by little creep their way in to our communities and country. It is the American peoples fault who do not hold our officials accountable for the types of things as listed in the above articles. It is Americas citizens who are responsible for rallying to get bad laws changed and put new ones on the books to protect us from these animals. Furthermore, it is Americans who practice political correctness because we fear losing our jobs, or fear being labeled if we speak up. Political correctness has infiltrated all of us to some degree because we fear we will lose something if we do not speak up. It happens in our schools, in doctor offices, in our churches, in our nuclear power plants and our universities. Whatever your employment may be, PC is there in some shape or form and as Americans we may practice it or ignore it just so we have a job to go to every day. I urge every American out there to keep practicing the “Obama Practice” of blaming everything on everyone else and on our government. That is the easy way out. If Americans do not quit complaining about Islam infiltration and accept responsibility for it they are not going to have a job to go to or a government to complain about because the muslims will have taken them over while Americans were sitting in the Lazy boys complaining.

      • Time to vet everyone running for office…. dig deep, make sure there are no ties to any corrupt or threatening people. And I don’t care who those people might be. Further.. we need to dig deep into the Congress and especially the White House. If the ppl in DC won’t do anything, it’s time we do. Democrat or Republican….. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our country.

    • Absolutely! Not only is Grover Norquist involved, but also Eric Cantor. Very few realize how many in congress are bowing to Islam. They know the demographics are changing and are rushing to obtain the Muslim vote. This should be the primary concern come November.

  7. This is life or death stuff for the SEALs! You DON’T get a second chance. I’ll take any and every advantage I can find to kill the enemy. I did my time in the early 70’s with the field arty but my kid is active duty Air Force.

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