Muslim Persecution of Christians: May 2012

via Muslim Persecution of Christians: May 2012 :: Gatestone Institute.

Elsewhere in Sub-Sahara Africa, wherever Christianity and Islam meet, Christians are being killed, slaughtered, beheaded and even crucified.

Unlike those nations, such as Saudi Arabia, that have eliminated Christianity altogether, Muslim countries with significant Christian minorities saw much persecution during the month of May: in Egypt, Christians were openly discriminated against in law courts, even as some accused the nation’s new president of declaring that he will “achieve the Islamic conquest of Egypt for the second time, and make all Christians convert to Islam;” in Indonesia, Muslims threw bags of urine on Christians during worship; in Kashmir and Zanzibar, churches were set on fire; and in Mali, Christianity “faces being eradicated.”

Elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa—in Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, the Ivory Coast—wherever Islam and Christianity meet, Christians are being killed, slaughtered, beheaded and even crucified.

Categorized by theme, May’s assemblage of Muslim persecution of Christians around the world includes, but is not limited to, the following accounts, listed in alphabetical order by country, not severity. Note: As Pakistan had the lion’s share of persecuted Christians last month, it has its own section below, covering the entire gamut of persecution—from apostasy and blasphemy to rape and forced conversions.

Church Attacks

Indonesia encountered several church-related attacks:

  • A mob of 600 Muslims threw bags of urine, stones, and rotten eggs at the congregation of a Protestant church at the start of Ascension Day service; they shouted profanities and threatened to kill the pastor. No arrests were made. The church had applied for a permit to construct its house of worship five years ago. Pressured by local Muslims, the local administration ordered the church shut down in December 2009, even though the Supreme Court recently overruled its decision, saying that the church was eligible for a permit. Local Muslims and officials are nevertheless demanding that the church shut down.
  • After protests “by hard-line groups including the Islamic Defenders Front,” nearly 20 Christian houses of worship were sealed off by authorities on the pretext of “not having permits.” The authorities added that, to accommodate the region’s 20,000 Christians, only one church may be built in the district in question.
  • The Muslim mayor who illegally sealed the beleaguered GKI Yasmin church, forcing congregants to worship in the streets, has agreed to reopen it—but only if a mosque is built next door, to ensure that the church “stays in line.” “As well as opposition from the mayor, the church has faced hostility from local Muslims, who have rallied against them [the Christians], blocked them from accessing the street where the church is situated and disrupted their outdoor services. It is unlikely that they will suddenly embrace the Christians,” according to the report.

France: Prior to celebrating mass, “four youths, aged 14 to 18, broke into the Church of St. Joseph, before launching handfuls of pebbles at 150 faithful present at the service.” They were chased out, although, according to the report, “the parishioners, many of whom are elderly, were greatly shocked by the disrespectful act of the youths of North African origin.”

Kashmir: A Catholic church made entirely of wood was partially destroyed after unknown assailants set it on fire. “What happened,” said the president of the Global Council of Indian Christians, “is not an isolated case,” and follows the “persecution” of a pastor who baptized Muslims. “With these gestures, the Muslim community is trying to intimidate the Christian minority.”

Kuwait: Two months after the Saudi Grand Mufti decreed, in response to a question on whether churches may exist in Kuwait, that all regional churches must be destroyed, villa-churches serving Western foreigners are being targeted. One congregation was evicted without explanation “from a private villa used for worship gatherings for the past seven years;” another villa-church was ordered to “pay an exorbitant fine each month to use a facility it had been renting…. Church leaders reportedly decided not to argue and moved out.”

Zanzibar: Hundreds of Muslims set two churches on fire and clashed with police during protests against the arrest of senior members of an Islamist movement known as the Association for Islamic Mobilization and Propagation. Afterwards, the group issued a statement denying any involvement of wrongdoing.

Pakistan: Apostasy, Blasphemy, Rape, Forced Conversions, and Oppression

  • A 20-year-old Christian man was arrested and charged with “blasphemy”—a crime “punishable with life imprisonment”—after vengeful Muslims accused him of burning a Koran soon after a billiard game. The Muslims kept taunting and threatening him, to which the Christian “dared them to do whatever they wanted and walked away.” Days later came the accusation and arrest, which caused Muslim riots, creating “panic among Christians,” who “left their houses anticipating violence.”
  • Two years ago, after a Muslim man converted to Christianity and told his wife, she abused and exposed him, resulting in his being severely beaten. “No one was willing to let me live the life I wanted [as a Christian]—they say Islam is not a religion of compulsion, but no one has been able to tell me why Muslims who don’t find satisfaction in the religion become liable to be killed.” He eventually divorced, escaped, and remarried a Christian woman. Now that his family has again discovered his whereabouts, they have resumed threatening him. According to his wife: “Every other day, we receive threatening phone calls…They are now asking him to abandon us and renounce Christianity, threatening that they will kill me and our child.”
  • A new report indicates that “on average, eight to ten Christians are being forced every month by fanatic Muslims to convert to Islam, mostly in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. The victims of forced conversions are often girls from poor backgrounds who are then subjected to harrowing and traumatic ordeals. Most of the girls are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves against extremists because their community is deprived, defenseless and marginalized. Christians, who constitute about two percent of the Pakistani population, are paying a high price for being a part of the minority community.” Two such cases from May follow:
  • In an attempt to force her to drop charges against them for raping her 13-year-old niece, a band of Muslims severely beat a pregnant Christian woman causing her to lose female twins to miscarriage. The rapists came when all male members of the Christian household were out working and beat the women “mercilessly.” “They murdered our children, they raped our daughter. We have nothing left with us,” lamented an older family member. As usual, police ignored both cases: both the raped Christian girl and her beaten family.
  • A 14-year-old Christian girl was abducted and forced to convert to Islam by her uncle, who himself had earlier converted. Pakistani police refused to liberate her, and said she converted of her own free will. According to her father: “After converting, my brother is conspiring against our family and kidnapped Mary with deception.”
  • The investigation into the murder of the nation’s only cabinet-level Christian, Shahbaz Bhatti, has become mired amid suspicions of a possible cover-up. Lax investigations, a series of freed suspects, and lack of coordination across law enforcement organizations have stalled the case after the March 2, 2011 slaying of the federal minister for Minority Affairs, who was an outspoken critic of, and targeted by, those who support Pakistan’s “blasphemy” laws.
  • Christians are being threatened and abused for trying, since 1947, to save their community’s graveyard. Despite failing to produce any proof, a retired Muslim official who claims he “recently discovered” that the land really belongs to him has already built a boundary wall, reducing the graveyard to less than a third of its original size, and turned the seized land over to agricultural use. Police, as usual, are failing to react.


[General Abuse, Debasement, and Suppression of non-Muslims as “Tolerated” Citizens]

Egypt: A court verdict that was criticized by many human rights groups as “unbelievable” and “extremely harsh” towards Christians was decided according to religion: all twelve Christians were convicted to life imprisonment, while all eight Muslims—including some who torched nearly 60 Christian homes—were acquitted, all to thunderous cries of “Allahu Akbar!” [“Allah is the Greatest!”] in the courtroom. Another Muslim judge in Upper Egypt dismissed all charges against a group of Muslims who terrorized a Christian man and his family for over a year, culminating with their cutting off his ear in a knife attack while trying to force him to convert to Islam after they “falsely accused him” of having an affair with a Muslim woman. And a new report describes the plight of Coptic girls: “hundreds of Christian girls … have been abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced into marriage in Egypt. These incidents are often accompanied by acts of violence, including rape, beatings, and other forms of physical and mental abuse.”

Eritrea: Activists taking part in a protest outside the Eritrean embassy in London revealed that “Some 2,000 to 3,000 Christians are currently detained in Eritrea without charge or trial… Several Christians are known to have died in notorious prison camps,” and “thousands of Eritreans flee their country every year,” some falling “into the hands of abusive traffickers, and are held hostage in torture camps in the Sinai Desert pending payment of exorbitant ransoms, or the forcible removal of organs.”

Ethiopia: A Christian man accused of “desecrating the Koran” spent two years in prison, where he was abused, pressured to convert to Islam, and left paralyzed. Now returning home, he has found that his two young children have been abducted by local Muslims: “My life is ruined—I have lost my house, my children, my health. I am now homeless, and I am limping.”

Greece: Abet Hasman, the deputy mayor of Patras who recently passed away, left a message to be revealed only in his obituary—that, although born to Muslim parents in Jordan, he was “secretly baptized” a Christian (demonstrating how some Muslims who convert to Christianity, knowing the consequences of apostasy, choose secrecy).

Indonesia: A predominantly Christian neighborhood was attacked for several days by “unidentified persons,” who set fire to homes and cars. Dozens of Christian families fled their homes, “many fear[ing] the involvement of Islamic extremist groups.”

Iran: A prominent house church pastor remains behind bars, even as his family expresses concerns that he may die from continued abuse and beatings, leading to internal bleeding and other ailments; authorities refuse to give him medical treatment. Also, the attorney of Youssef Nadarkhani—the imprisoned Christian pastor who awaits execution for apostasy—was himself “convicted for his work defending human rights and is expected to begin serving his nine-year sentence in the near future.” Meanwhile, in a letter attributed to him, the imprisoned pastor wrote: “I have surrendered myself to God’s will…[and I] consider it as the day of exam and trial of my faith…[so that I may] prove my loyalty and sincerity to God.”

Jordan: After the Jordanian Dubai Islamic Bank decreed that all females must wear the hijab, the Islamic veil or be terminated, it fired all female employees who refused to wear the hijab—mostly Christians, including one Christian woman who had worked there for 27 years. There are suspicions that this new policy was set to target and terminate the Christian employees, as it is they who are most likely to reject the hijab.

Lebanon: A 24-year-old woman, the daughter of a Shiite cleric, who was “physically and psychologically tortured by her father for converting to Christianity three years ago,” managed to escape and be baptized by a Christian priest—who was himself then abducted and interrogated to disclose the whereabouts of the renegade woman. In like manner, Muslim assailants fired gunshots at the house of another priest and at a church — “part of an escalating pattern of violence against local Catholics,” in the words of the region’s prelate.

Macedonia: After some Muslims were arrested in connection to a “series of murders of Christians,” thousands of fellow Muslims demonstrated after Friday prayers, shouting slogans such as “death to Christians!,” and calling for “jihad.”

Mali: Ever since the government was overthrown in a coup, “the church in Mali faces being eradicated,” especially in the north, “where rebels want to establish an independent Islamist state and drive Christians out….there have been house to house searches for Christians who might be in hiding, church and Christian property has been looted or destroyed, and people tortured into revealing any Christian relatives.”

Nigeria: Muslim gunmen set fire to a home in a Christian village and then opened fire on all who tried to escape the inferno, killing at least seven and wounding many others, in just one of dozens of attacks on Christians.

Sudan: Without reason, security officials closed down regional offices of the Sudan Council of Churches and a much needed church clinic for the poor; staff members were arrested and taken to an undisclosed location: “Their families are living in agony due to the uncertainty of their fate.”

Syria: Jihadi gunmen evicted all the families of a Christian region, “taking over all the homes of the village, occupying the church and turning it to their base.”

Uzbekistan: Police raided a Protestant house-church meeting, claiming “that a bomb was in the home.” No bomb was found, only Christian literature which was confiscated. Subsequently, 14 members of the unregistered church were heavily fined—the equivalent of 10-60 times a monthly salary—for an “unsanctioned meeting in a private home.” Between February and April, 28 Protestants were fined and four were issued warnings for the offence. Three Baptists were also fined for not declaring their personal Bibles while crossing the border from Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan. Fines and warnings were accompanied by the confiscation of religious literature.

Read more about the author, this series and previous editions here.

18 thoughts on “Muslim Persecution of Christians: May 2012

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  2. They are coming for us too. They have moved into every city in our country. They smile sweetly while their numbers grow and they open stores for their people. Now what will we do about it? What will we do when they our number us?

  3. AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH so sayeth the BIBLE!!! Time to turn there tactics against them for a change!!! Be YEA NOT AFRAID, STAND TALL and fight for our way of life as our CONSTITUTION GRANTS. LOCK AND LOAD.

  4. Saved Patriot,
    First you educate. If everyone educates one person that is one more person to help fight our cause.You protest their moving to your communities and first do all you can to find out their immigration status and if they are legal or illegal. If they are illegal, ask your Congressman to pursue the matter with the immigration office to act on it…THEY CAN.Then you harass the hell out of them in every legal way you can. I put signs in my yard and it works. You broadcast every neighborhood or county-city code they may be breaking and make an issue about it by putting it on a sign but not listing their name. Everyone figures out really quick who you are talking about and it brings it to the forefront of everyones attention.We got rid of our neighborhood slime this way. Its private property and the police say they can do nothing about it unless you directly list their name. There were only TWO HOUSEHOLDS in my neighborhood who placed signs in their yards in protest and that was me and one more household. The others were too politically correct or too afraid. Those who were afraid would tell us in secret they were afraid and to their credit, wrote letters behind the scenes. The politically correct were the worse they CALLED US names because they thought we were being mean,which showed how ignorant they were! I could care less though.I personally think political correctness is nothing more than laziness on a citizens part. It is easier to be politically correct and fit in with the crowd than get off your ass and do anything about it. Doing something about it would mean work on their part and they do not have time for work.And of course their attitude is “Oh dear! What would my sons ball team think??What would my PTA friends think??What would my Church think??”I did not allow their ugliness and stupidity get to me and neither did the other family who put signs in their yard.It
    just showed their ignorance. Those people today are glad they are gone but will not admit it.
    I cannot stress enough writing your Congressman and expressing your fears of the immigration of muslims into this country, legally and illegally on student or work visas…it doesnt matter. Urge them to close the immigration of people from Islamic countries to this country on the grounds that AT THIS TIME it is a matter of National Security and our homeland security simply cannot follow all these immmigrants. They are too big of financial burden on this economy.Use Europe as your example. Many say it will not help to write your congressman and senators but sitting back and doing nothing definitely will get us NOWHERE! Start with your congressmen because they represent your district. Then carbon copy it to your senators. If a bill is sent to the senate it first has to go through congress. Most representatives have their e-mail listed on their website so its really only a matter of a click of the button. I keep one standard letter to send and tweek it for that particulasr person as needed. I also send them articles from creeping sharia website.Most newspapers have sections where citizens can write their opinions. Put articles in that section to educate your communities. Educate your community BEFORE muslims try to invade it.I might add, stick to the FACTS when presenting information as to why they are a threat to our national security and communities. NO NAME CALLING. Liberals will use that to call you racist. Save your venting for blogs on creeping Sharia! These are all FREE WAYS of combating this animalistic cult.Good Luck! If we set back and do nothing, be assured, your freedoms will be taken from you.You have to be willing to take a stand, get active and quit worrying about political correctness or politically correct people.


    • I told my representatives not to enable Islamic issues, from my councilman to congresswomen Judy Chu, every one of them not only enable Islamic issue’s they assist CAIR here in California raise funds alongside Sheriff Baca, Maxine Waters, Tony Cardenas, Loretta Sanchez, FBI Mike Manning, LAPD Chief, the list goes on and on, not one of my so-called representatives bothered to respond to my request for their view of the Muslim Brotherhood in California, in America, no response but they continue to support Islamic issues. I asked if any one of them has any information about Muslim Day May 7th in Sacramento arranged once again by CAIR, the issue they were and are working on is to ignore the American Laws for American Courts other states have recognized, CAIR had thousands of Muslims at the state capitol and yet not one of my reps reported any lobbying by CAIR……..Sharing on sites like this is one way for me too get the word out……

      • I ask my representatives and those running for offices one question in order to know where they stand on the issue and that is “Do you think the Islamic movement in America is a threat to National Security?” Based on the answer to that question is how I vote during an election and a “NO RESPONSE” is just what their answer is to me “NO.” When I write representatives and political candidates and get no response, I put it in the local newspaper. We have a section where citizens can write in about whats on their mind. I place it in there with the names of
        the officials who would not respond.
        The ones who did respond also get a letter letting them know exactly which ones of their collegues WOULD NOT RESPOND. Believe it or not, I have gotten a few responses simply by embarrassing them! They do not like it when their collegues take the time to respond and they haven’t! they also do not like it when their names are listed in the paper as being unresponsive to their constituents.

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  6. We are getting very close to the point of no return in America. We need to pick up the sword and eradicate the muzzie invaders and destroy all of islam in it’s entirety before it’s too late.

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  8. OK you all go to the link provided, its a bunch of Americans some of which are leaving their outrage about the Dearborn, MI incident where Chrisitans had rocks thrown at them. Some of these Americans are outraged at the Christians because they felt the Christians were too confrontational …. “The Christians got what they deserved”.

    Here in this country we have a whole lot ot brain dead people, who when they hear the word “Christian” – its automaticly Christian bashing time.

    As I said on the site, why is it that your mad at the Christians? Just because someone offends you doesn’t mean you have a right to violence against them or to murder them?

    These brain dead people will someday wonder where their rights went when they wake up one day and Muslims come for them.

    This is the I will not vote for Obama site:

    And …

    this is ABCs news reporting on it:

    You know this is depressing …

    • Yes it is indeed depressing, and islam is indeed a ‘religion’ of blood and murder. We have incidents here in Canada too, but I’m amazed at how quickly islamization is progressing south of the border.

      As I’ve said many times: Americans are letting it happen–letting them do it. (As are the English, the Norwegians, the French, the Canadians,……. well, you get the sad picture.)

  9. Now there’s a newer issue and an even bigger issue. It seems that on Sunday, June 17th, 2012, Ruben Israel’s group of street preachers went tot he Islamic Ctr. of America. While the group was preaching, a Muslim man came out of the mosque, got into his SUV, and tried to he run them over. The Dearborn police were present, the incident was recorded on the video dash camera of the 2 police crusers there. The police gave chase, apprehened the Muslim man, cuffed him and he has been charged with 9 counts of attempted murder.

    Now whatever you may think of Ruben Israel’s brand of street witnessing is not the issue. The issue is that NO ONE has the right to commit physical violence or kill/murder anyone because their beliefs, religion etc have been offended. Offending someone does not give you the right to commit violence against them.

    Go to the link provided to see the story on Answering Muslims:

    http://www.answeering – muslim – charged with – nine.html.


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