Alabama School Offers Qur’an Memorization, Hopes to Attract non-Muslims

Nice to know Muslim kids in the U.S. will have this, among other things, memorized:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends… ~ Koran 5:052

via Alabama School Offers Qur’an Memorization – Americas – News –

CAIRO – A new Islamic school in northeast Alabama was praised for offering students faith studies and memorization of the holy Qur’an as well as strong academic background.

“The idea was to provide an education system for our children where they can get the training for religion plus academics,” Muhammad Haq who teaches the Qur’an and Arabic language classes at Iqraa school told Anniston Star on Saturday, June 30.

“In the future, we would like to establish an academically excellent school that can attract other students who are not Muslim,” the imam of Anniston Islamic Center added.

To teach them the Quran and Arabic. Dawah.

Opening its doors to Muslim students last September at the Anniston Islamic Center, the school is the city’s first Muslim school.

Being the only person in northeast Alabama who knows the Quran by heart and can, Haq was enthusiastic to instruct children in their own memorization endeavors.

The new school offered Muslim parents a golden opportunity to teach their children the memorization of Qur’an holy book.

“The opportunity to memorize the whole book — we got excited and we thought it was remarkable that our children are having this in Anniston, Alabama,” said Mona Rahim, who has three children at Iqraa.

Focusing on spiritual elements in the school, Iqraa school offered its students excellent academic studies.

“Exploring the scientific field really is lined up with Islam,” imam Haq said.

“I’m really thankful to the teacher for being available to the kids.”

At the school, students arrive every morning at 7 and stay until 5:30 p.m. The younger kids come an hour later and leave and hour earlier.

Starting from 1:30-5:30 Monday-Friday, teacher Heather Franks gives them lessons in reading and math, science and history.

The kids are bright, Franks said, and quick to learn.

“It’s a pilot program, and they’ve done well,” Franks said.

“I know the school has good potential, and it will grow into whatever you want it to be.”

Dreaming of a bright, excellent future for the school, Haq envisions the school as the one that can compete with other church-based schools in the area.

“I would like to see it as an independent school that would add more professional people in Anniston,” said Haq, who serves on the Interfaith Ministries of Calhoun County.

“And it would help the development of the city.”

For now, Iqraa School is structured as a three-year program for Muslim children to successfully complete their Quran memorizations.

After the students have successfully done that, many of them will transfer back to Donoho school.

Where they can practice what they learned about hating non-Muslims on your kids.

28 thoughts on “Alabama School Offers Qur’an Memorization, Hopes to Attract non-Muslims

  1. The school will breed hate towards the Christians & Jews in America. The will probably teach them jihad as well. This should not be happening in America.

  2. Well. Fewer Muslims will be able to claim that awful things are not in their filthy books. Oh, wait, there is still taqiyya, kitman, and tawriya to cover anything that comes up. Never mind…

    • Hmmm. Glad that wasn’t my correct email, since it somehow is published. Please delete the comment since I cannot. There is no way to contact you that I can see. Even if it were in the wrong box, most sites will not take a comment without a valid email in the box designated for email? This is very odd.

  3. Well Calhoun county has just been invaded and taken over by muslims and no one did anything about it. They just rolled out the red carpet! Our military might as well obliterate that town as well as Dearborn Michigan because they are bought and paid for by muslims now! So sad.

  4. Also, love that title “Hopes to Attract Non- muslims!” I bet they do! They gotta have somebody to kill and behead!! If your into being raped, killed, beheaded, stoned,beaten, blew up and being with pediphiles then THIS IS THE SCHOOL FOR YOU!!

  5. I feel sick.

    “…compete with other churched based schools in the area…”

    Compete hate with love, that doesn’t really work. God is Love. He doesn’t compete and always wins!

    Don’t sit down in front of my car!

  6. As long as they don’t get funds from the government they can preach that Muhammad created the internet for all I care.

    Once they get government funds, then all religious teaching MUST stop at once.

    • Findalis, ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE! That comment just shows how much you DO NOT KNOW about how muslims operate! Even if they took taxpayer funds and you challenged them on the grounds that they were practicing their religion with taxpayer dollars they would come back with “We are not practicing religion, this is simply OUR CULTURE!” and you cannot discriminate against OUR CULTURE!! They have done this in other places in America AND WON IN COURT! We, in America, cannot discriminate against their culture.
      We are the land of multiculturalism and to take funds away from “their
      culture” and not allow them to practice the rituals and traditions of THEIR CULTURE WOULD BE RACIST AND DISCRIMINATION! They have every avenue covered in which they are going to take over this country, financially socially,physically,economically,legally, academically, educationally,theoretically, militarily and governmentally using our own laws against us and we are not doing anything about any of it.Take a look at Europe..enough said.

      • I know how Muslims operate, but I also know that Freedom of Speech and Religion are the basis of our Freedoms.

        Until they do something illegal they have the same rights that you and I have.

        That is the problem. We jump to conclusion too fast. They want their children to memorize the Koran. Why not? They have that right. They want non-Muslim children to attend their school. The parents of those children have that right.

        If a Muslim child went to a Catholic School, the Catholic School would teach the child the Catholic Faith and not Islam. The parents would be informed that they would not teach Islam or bow to their demands on food, study, etc…

        A non-Muslim child in a Muslim school would have to follow the same rules.

        But unless the studies in non-Religious studies are very good, I doubt many if any non-Muslims will send their children to this school.

        BTW: Catholic Schools are considered very good in Secular studies. Many non-Catholics send their children to Catholic schools for that very reason.

        • I strongly disagree! It is not as simple as you say. We DO NOT have freedom of speech and religion anymore because our courts are giving our rights away in these frivilous lawsuits which should be “no brainers” in favor of our constitution. I believe I listed reasons that were ILLEGAL that we citizens should be investigating but citizen laziness is preventing it, such as ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, EXPIRED VISAS ETC, ETC. Why are you ignoring those and using the big blanket statement “well there is nothing you can do since they are not receiving taxpayer funds.” You really mean,” I am not getting off my can UNTIL they take MY taxpayer funds or murder someone because I do not care about the other unlawful acts they have commited, like unlawful immigration, because it does not affect me.”
          There are other crimes in which they could be committing besides crimes against humanity and walking on our freedom of speech/religion that can draw attention to these animals. We just have to look for them and become proactive and not wait for them to take “taxpayer funds” before we get off our butts and move.Taking taxpayers funds will not get them deported…being illegal terrorists sending money back to Islamic countries WILL. Do you just want them to NOT TAKE YOUR TAXES to fund their religion or DO YOU WANT THEM THE HELL GONE??!! I WANT THEM THE HELL GONE! Their plans are to take over this country and with every one of them that is allowed to stay here or go unchecked is ONE TOO MANY!

          • Until someone commits a crime there is nothing you or I can do legally. We can attempt to inform people of what is happening. By education you gain allies. The Sheeple will never turn on them until they are awakened.

            As for this Mosque/School’s activities, as long as they are legal then there is nothing other than educating the people, we can do. If the government refuses to enforce laws such as immigration laws, then we must change the government.

            If you take the law into your own hands and attempt to stop these people, you will be arrested and your arguments will be ridiculed.

            We have to fight them with legality. For give these idiots enough time, they will hang themselves.

          • I NEVER ONCE insinuated one take the law into their own hands. DO NOT add words such as that and insinuate I implied that.Have you even READ what I wrote? I do not want to see you write again, “until they break the law you can do nothing” because THAT IS NOT TRUE.HOW WILL YOU EVER KNOW IF THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW OR THEIR SCHOOLS/MOSQUES “ARE LEGA” AS YOU SAY “UNLESS YOU GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND INQUIRE ABOUT IT??? Think about what I am writing . The measures I mentioned before are things the common citizen can inquire about WITH THEIR LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES IF THEY ARE CONCERNED ABOUT
            THESE PEOPLE MOVING INTO THEIR COMMUNITIES AND BUILDING MOSQUES OR SCHOOLS. Only a DUMMY would allow these animals to move into their communities without questioning these things in their head! If these “sheeples” as you call them, have already allowed them to move into their communities and build mosques and schools with no thought or questions ask among themselves regarding the safety of their community, they should inquire of their law enforcement anyway regarding their concerns. Many muslim school/mosque leaders have been deported and jailed for funneling money back to Islam countries and terrorists.Many terrorist plots that were planned in their terrorist training camps AKA MOSQUES, have been foiled due to vigilent tips from citizens who were questioning small issues.Some of these leaders were legal, some illegal and some let out of our prison system here in America. However, no one will ever know unless they inquire or they do what YOU SUGGEST and ALLOW THEM TO KILL SOMEONE FIRST! One should never “assume they are legal and doing everything legally” without questioning it. I wouldnt AND HAVENT IN THE PAST. I would question everything they did from the first step they took in my community.
            As I said before, there is a back log on LEGAL immigration applications up to several years and it needs to be questioned with authorities as to how these people are coming here in herds.Go to your congressman if you have to. Its a VALID QUESTION AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT TILL THEY COMMIT A CRIME OR TAKE TAXPAYER FUNDS TO INQUIRE THE STATUS OF THEIR IMMIGRATION OR WHERE ALL THIS MONEY IS GOING OR COMING FROM OR IF THEY RECEIVE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION OR ANY OF THE OTHER THINGS I LISTED THAT MAY BE PROBLEMATIC FOR OUR STATE AND LOCAL LAWS AND COMMUNITY ORDINANCES AND ZONING. Your goal seems to be that they do not get their hands on your taxes for religious education. My goal is that they not get their hands ON MY COUNTRY! You DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT TILL THEY COMMIT A CRIME OR BREAK THE LAW TO DO THOSE THINGS. AUTHORITIES DO IT EVERYDAY AND MOST OF THE TIME IT IS DONE AT SOME CONCERNED CITIZENS
            REQUEST WHICH ENDS UP GETTING THE “IRS FEDS” OR THE “FBI FEDS” or the “IMMIGRATION FEDS” INVOLVED. It is nieve to think that “if you give them enough time they will hang themselves.” If you give them enough time they will NOT hang themselves. If you give these people enough time they will HANG YOU!” BE PROACTIVE NOT REACTIVE! You never know what you will find. A great deal of these muslims have something shady in their past….and present.

          • I know that you don’t need to break the law to take action. But remember this: That until we get rid of Barack Hussein Obama turning people in to the IRS, ICE, FBI, etc… is a waste of time. Until the regime is changed, Muslims are a protected species. Our best bet is documentation and education.

            And under the Obama Regime turn in Muslims to the authorities will have the authorities down you back.

            I wait, I gather information, I know in the end we will win. For there are more of us with guns then them.

          • Again, you are using Obama as your excuse to NOT take action. We all know Obama caters to the muslim population and is not going to do anything about the mexicans here illegally. However, one thing Homeland security has been harder on and have DEPORTED or JAILED alot of is ILLEGAL TERRORIST.To say that you are wasting your time is a excuse to do nothing. You will never know till you try.I could not live with myself if I DID NOT AT LEAST TRY and they ended up killing innocent Americans. I would always have to live with the question in my mind of “If I had just said something or just brought my suspicions to the authorities, could I have prevented this.”Again, you will never know unless you try.

    • then I would submit you do not know what is being taught in the schools today… You obviously have not seen the text books used in the name of multiculturalism. Islam IS being taught in our PUBLIC schools.

    • What makes you believe that they aren’t receiving any public funds? I believe that the article says that they “are a pilot program that HOPES to be an independent school one day”. That to me says that they are not currently.

  7. FOR FINDALIS, You had damn well better be caring what they preach and do here in the USA whether they get GOVT. MONEY OR NOT.
    These 7th century mongrules are out to TOTALY DESTROY YOUR WAY OF LIFE as well as the whole world. Suggest you read there QURAN and find out about YOUR ENEMY!!!! LOCK AND LOAD.

    • As long as they don’t preach treason there is nothing we can do. As long as they don’t get government funding, there is nothing we can do except warn non-Muslim families what is happening there. Once they receive government funds, they are fair game for us.

      • I care and YOU SHOULD CARE that they are here to begin with because all they know how to do is procreate and then have sex with what they procreate or kill what they procreate and kill everything and everyone around them! Political correctness is the very attitude you have in not caring what they do until they take taxpayers funds. You are wrong! There is alot of things that can be questioned here. The first is ARE THEY HERE LEGALLY? The lines for LEGAL immigration is years behind, YOU should be concerned and digging into how such LARGE numbers of them immigrated here so quickly! Do they have fake visas? Are they here on work visas or student visas and has their visas expired? Have they disappeared into our society instead of going back to their hell hole countries when their visa expired? .MOST MUSLIM STUDENTS NEVER RETURN AND STAY HERE ILLEGALLY and disappear into our societies.Who is funding that school??Is the money to back it from a Terrorist Islamic country? Has anyone ask that question? If not they should have.Should the CIA, FBI or homeland security be involved or investigating them? Are they paying taxes or claiming religious exemption?Are they discriminating in their hiring practices?We have to consider all ethnic groups, which includes them, when we, the private sector hires. We should expect no less. Are they discriminating against non-muslims who may want to pay to go there? (I would not know why they would want to go there but this is hypothetical) Are they playing their ridiculous chants in the streets, 5 times a day for the entire city to hear as they do in Dearborne which is disturbing the peace and a nuisance to everyday life? Not to mention a nuisance for tourism. I could name many things that can be challenged besides whether taxpayers dollars are taken or not. To use the excuse that nothing can be done until they are taxpayer funded is being lazy and a excuse not to get off your butt and do anything BECAUSE IT SIMPLY DOES NOT AFFECT YOU! We have enough people who already have your attitude in America and that is what got us in the shape we are in with these good for nothing, sorry excuse for humans who are just “wasting space” on this earth! For those who do not say anything because they do not want to appear politically incorrect? Political correctness got us THE FORT HOOD SHOOTER !How many people took the attitude nothing could be done about him??? (AND HIS PAYCHECK WAS TAXPAYER FUNDED AND STIILL IS) Alot of people took the attitude that nothing could be done about him when they KNEW he was a problem! The blood of those innocent dead are somewhat on the hands of those politically correct and lazy as well. America is being taken over by these evil people more and more everyday because good men DO NOTHING!


  8. Better they are given an understanding rather than memorization of Qur’an hate book. Start with the penalty for apostasy, and child marriages, and wife beating. Really make it appeal! Explain why they kill Christians, and burn churches. Use Dearborn as an example of the infection.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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