Prison term upheld for lawyer who smuggled terror shiek’s messages out of prison

She must still be standing on her head. via Prison term of lawyer in terrorism case upheld | Reuters.

(Reuters) – Outspoken New York criminal defense attorney Lynne Stewart, now disbarred and incarcerated, lost a bid to reverse her 10-year prison sentence for helping a terrorism suspect smuggle messages to his followers from prison.

In a written opinion on Thursday, three judges at the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York expressed little sympathy for 72-year-old Stewart, who has struggled with breast cancer and whose supporters had argued the prison term amounted to a death sentence.

No, selling her soul to Muslim terrorists was her death sentence.

Stewart “has persisted in exhibiting what seems to be a stark inability to understand the seriousness of her crimes, the breadth and depth of the danger in which they placed the lives and safety of unknown innocents, and the extent to which they constituted an abuse of her trust and privilege as a member of the bar,” the 51-page opinion said.

Stewart, a long time human rights lawyer, was convicted by a Manhattan federal jury in July 2005 of helping her client, a blind Egyptian cleric who was a terrorism suspect, smuggle messages out of prison, a violation of the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) governing his confinement. In 2006, she was sentenced to 28 months in prison.

In 2009, after a government appeal, a 2nd circuit panel sent the case back to U.S. District Judge John Koeltl for resentencing on the grounds that the original sentence was insufficient.

After the October 2006 sentencing, Stewart, standing on the courthouse steps, said that she could serve the 28-month sentence “standing on my head.” The government also cited two other comments she made in interviews after the sentencing.

Stewart was convicted for helping her client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, contact the Islamic Group in Egypt.

The Islamic Group is listed by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization. Abdel-Rahman was convicted in 1995 of conspiring to attack the United Nations and other New York City landmarks, following the 1993 World Trade Center truck bombing.

Stewart is serving her sentence at the Federal Medical Center prison in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gitmo or Bagram might be more suitable.

The same sheik whom Egypt’s new president vowed to release and whom Hillary Clinton’s latest terror guest in DC sought negotiations for release.

12 thoughts on “Prison term upheld for lawyer who smuggled terror shiek’s messages out of prison

  1. ‘Liberal human rights lawyer” Terrorists who strap bombs to children to kill and destroy innocents.Terrorists who crash planes into buildings,etc etc,Yeah they are all human and they have rights.I hope this bitch rots in jail.

  2. no sympathy for traitors, obviously she was an America hating liberal, to them its America who is the terrorist, not the muslims, they all love muslims, love Obama and hate Israel;

  3. If her sentence does not end up being a life sentence IT SHOULD! She is guilty of treason! I really resent having to feed, clothe and provide her with medical care on the taxpayers dime though!

  4. 72 or 27, doesn’t matter. She should be making little rocks from big rocks as long as she can stand on her feet!~

  5. They hate America more than the terrorists! How did that work for you, lady? Show her pictures of all the women and children they have raped killed stoned and burned! Better look at who was feeding her that liberal garbage in college. Probably CAIR. She should be outspoken in Iran! What is WRONG with these people? Obama identified them as our enemies when he said HE would never be at war with Islam, and he is a Muslim. We are not a muslim nation! Listen to the doublespeak. It implies we ARE at war. Stalin used it ALL the time!

  6. 10 years is far from a death sentence and, in this case, rather lenient- traitors should be hanged in the public square – real justice would have stripped her of USA citizenship and sent her to exile- perhaps Egypt or another Islamic nation where she will be lauded as a hero (ine)

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