Muslim Congressman Andre Carson: Model U.S. Schools After Madrassas (video)

Andre Carson (Indiana) who we’ve profiled several times also stated that Muslims have been in the U.S. since its inception (lie), and he told those who think Muslims are plotting (which Carson basically admits), “Allah will not allow you to stop us.” (The Blaze picked up on this part of the speech and posted it). Be sure another Muslim congressman Keith Hakim Ellison and most Muslims living in America agree. Updated with short version below. Thanks to commenter Tater Salad for the tip.

Watch the full version below and see how a Muslim congressman thinks and panders to his co-religionists most of whom are not his constituents. Keep watching to the end to see Carson solicit money to help put Muslims in the mayor’s office and on various boards.

H/t Weazel Zippers


21 thoughts on “Muslim Congressman Andre Carson: Model U.S. Schools After Madrassas (video)

  1. Any Muslim that does not swear to CHRISTANITY THEN BEHEAD THEM. Do unto others,MUSLIMS, like they do unto us CHRISTIANS!!! LOCK AND LOAD, ready on the right, ready on the left,commence firing, MUSLIM TARGETS IN THERE TENTS!!!!

  2. Yes America, take heed. But before the civil war comes, watch for church burnings, suicide bombings, individual attacks on non-Muslims, attacks on shopping malls, beheadings, legislative pressure to conform, school Islamization, etc. Something what people in the Middle East experience. Then and only then will the kuffar wake up to the reality he faces. And in the meantime, let’s hope the U.S. military purges itself of Muslim soldiers.

  3. Why bother? Given the state of public education today, they are just like the Madrassas. Bad education, poor curriculum, and pedophile teachers. In fact, the Madrassas have learned teaching techniques from us it seems.

  4. I was curious so I googled carson’s district. I guessed he was either Gary or Indianapolis. His district is Indianapolis. I lived in the area for years. It has a large minority population, large immigrant population.
    Just what are you gonna do when moslemites DEMAND they have separate voting facilities based on what mohammad’s god allah tells them in the koran?

    • They seem to think they have cornered the market on God. GOD – does not tell us to do anything since he gave us all Free Will. These cretins are delusional and adhere to a satanic cult – that keeps its Votaries living in a mental ‘stoneage’. It is neither compassionate, forgiving or loving. Until our leaders have the guts to insist that -‘if you come to live in our country, you must abide by our rules’ – nothing will change but things will certainly worsen.

  5. Oh great, muslims have taken over another Congressional district and elected one of their savages to congress.

  6. If I was not told before hand, I would have thought I was in a mosque listening to that cultic propaganda! Any government representative who defends OSAMA BIN LADEN IS GUILTY OF TREASON.PERIOD! If one of our soldiers did that they would be tried for treason! Heck, they have already discharged one soldier for just speaking out about how he disagreed with how our government was handling somethings overseas.He merely disagreed with policy which he had earned the right to do if anybody did and he was discharged and facing court martial for expressing his opinion.What the man said was not in the least disrespectful to our country.Unlike this man who is, in my opinion, waging war against Christian Americans. Why is this man not being held accountable for his treason speech??!!

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  8. This man is also a communist – he was not elected but replaced his mother who died in office- he should be removed from office he has sworn to uphold laws of USA and here he advocated educating children in treason. USA has 86 commies in Congress now

    1. we do not need “more Muslims” for any reason- they are dangerous and contribute little to USA except security risks

    2. innovative- who is he trying to kid?? 7th century education that denies any knowledge other than Koran is even necessary is noit innovative. Innovation (bidah) is a SIN in ISLAM- yup no changes allowed- if he means methods of recitation to memorize: is he suggesting we beat kids with a stick like they do in madrassas? and have them learn to recite stuff they cannot understand the meaning of?

    No innovation, no inventions, no science or tech breakthroughs have EVER come forth from ISLAMIC people- NONE zero- the ones they claim credit for are from people’s they conquered like Hindus.

    3. PUBLIC SCHOOLS do not allow teaching any one religion, nor making prayers as required in madrassas. If heis really a citizen of USA and a Rep of the people he KNOWS THIS.

    • Since when did a congressional seat become a “INHERITED POSITION” instead of a district VOTED POSITION????Who the hell let that happen??

  9. wtf he is NOT THE MUSLIMS REP to congress- he is supposed to rep ALL the people in his district- Americans are being ROBBED of their constitutionally mandated right.

    this is galloping sharia

  10. Christians will always pose a bigger threat to the well-being of the US than Muslims. Always. Because there are more of you here, and–NEWSFLASH–you’re all just as messed up as followers of Islam. Please, get the pointless holy war out of the way already. The world will be much better with all or most of you dead, especially Christians. Every time a Christian dies, an angel cums and god laughs.

    • @ Patiently Waiting everytime one of your kind dies scum cums and your chosen deity vomits as it always has because that is what it is made of.

      This message is from an agnostic who finds fault with all religion and people of your chosen deity included……

      • Jokes on you, I don’t have a deity. Deities are stupid. They can suck it. No, not agnostic. Totally do not believe it is even remotely possible that any god exists. That’s stupid, human hubris and nothing more.

        I’m sick of Christians being so trigger happy and gleefully celebrating every gay or muslim death. People are born good yet most grow up to be wicked in one way or another–I for one don’t think everyone deserves a million second chances. I give up. I’m gonna be wicked and violent, too, since that’s apparently the only thing the fucked up people of this world bother paying attention to anymore.

    • Your one sick blaspheming lucifer….I rebuke you to blasphem against my God, the one and only true God…and one day very soon you will burn in the pits of Hell!

  11. My plan is to support his challenger Carlos May. How about all you who are so offended by this DO something… Go to and give him $5.00 or spread the word to everyone you know in that state. Let’s all target Carson and Ellison and support their challengers to get them OUT of OFFICE!!!

  12. In A.D. 640, when the Saracens captured Alexandria, seat of ancient culture, Greek scholars pleaded with them not to burn the scrolls of the great library. Their reply, as recorded by Gibbon in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire remains a classic in theological logic.

    “If the writings support the Koran, they are superfluous,” ruled the warrior tribesmen. “If they oppose it, they are pernicious; burn them.”

    there you have the madrassa educational curricula- Koran and only Koran nothing else

    • It is a hallowed practice of moslemites to destroy the civilizations they conquer including, but especially, their icons and monuments. This way, given enough time the conquered country knows only its islamical history. Take Persia as an example.
      Counter to that, the Judeo/Christian spread has never stopped and has become accommodating to native cultures.

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