Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad

Europe News has been linking to posts from the Sex in Islam blog (added to blogroll on left). Here is on that gets very interesting at the end, no pun intended. via “Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad” by Amar Khan.

In Pakistan, the mullahs are notorious for child abuse and molestation. Every day, we hear news about a mullah sodomizing his beardless student. It is very common in Pakistan. Almost every one knows what happens in madrassas. Even one of my friends narrowly escaped from being sodomized by his Quranic teacher when he was taking the Quran memorizing lessons.
But why do these mullahs commit such a thing, allegedly condemned in Islam? Muslims are most vocal in commending sodomy, homosexuality in words? They are known to attack homosexuals in Europe.

Answer is that, according to them, masturbation is haram. Seeing any na mehram girl is also prohibited. The only way left to satisfy their lusty desires is to sodomize one of their pupils. While reading from a shia Website,, I came across the fact that the root of sodomy lies in the Islamic text and history. Here are some examples of the gems from the history and authentic books of Sunni Islam.

Umar indulged in sodomy and Allah was forced to legitimize this practise in the Qur’an

For evidence you can consult the following texts:

  • Jami al Tirmidhi, Bab al Tafseer Volume 2, page 382, ‘Ayat Hars’

  • Fathul Bari Volume 8 page 191 Kitab Tafseer Ayat Hars

  • Gharab al Qur’an Volume 3 page 249 Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer al Ibn Katheer Volume 1 page 261

  • Fayl ai Lawathar Volume 6 page 229

  • Tafseer Qurtubi Volume 1 page 92 Ayat Hars

Lets quote verbatim from Jami al Tirmidhi [Bab al Tafseer Vol. 2, p. 382, ‘Ayat Hars’]:

“Ibn Abbas narrates that Hadhrath Umar went before Rasulullah (s) and “Master I am destroyed!’. Rasulullah (s) asked ‘what thing has destroyed you?’. Umar replied last night I had anal sex. Rasulullah (s) did not give a reply to Umar, then Allah (swt) sent down this revelation “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will; the words ‘kabool wa Dhabar‘ (the anus is accepted)”

Abdullah Ibn Umar deemed sodomy to Halaal, like his old man.

For evidence, please consult the following authentic Sunni texts:

  • Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume 1 page 264 Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer Qasmi Volume 2 page 220, by Jamaladeen Qasmi

  • Tafseer Qurtubi page 92 Ayat Hars

Here is the direct quote from Tafseer Durre Manthur:

“Traditions wherein Abdullah ibn Umar believed sodomy with women are well known and Sahih”.

Ulema of Madina believed that sodomy was halaal.

Please see the following Sunni sources:

  • Fayl al Lawathar Volume 6 page 154 Kitab Nikah, Bab Mut’ah

  • Tafseer Qasmi Volume 2 page 223 Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer Ibn Katheer Volume 1 page 262 Ayat Hars

  • Fathul Bari Volume 8 page 191 Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer Mazhari, Volume 3, Page 19

Quoting directly from Fayl al Lawathar:

“Imam Auzai stated of the Fatwas from Hijaaz that are famous, one fatwa is from the people of Makka is that is that they deemed Mut’ah with women to be permissible, the other from the people of Madina, that sodomy with women is permissible”.

Ibn Kathir in his Tafseer also stated:

“Statements on the permissibility of sodomy with women have come from the jurists of Madina”.

Companions of mohammed deemed sodomy with women to be permissible

We read in Tafseer Qurtubi Volume 3 page 93 Ayat Hars:

“Fatwas on the permissibility of sodomy with women Saeed bin Maseeb Nafi, ibn Umar, Muhammad bin Kab, Abdul Malik, Imam Malik, a large group amongst the Sahaba and Tabaeen deemed sodomy to be permissible”.

Imam Sha’afi deemed sodomy to be permissible!

Please see the following Sunni texts:

  • Tafseer Durre Manthur Volume 1 page 266, Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer Ruh al Ma’ani page 125, Ayat Hars

  • Tafseer Ahkam al Qur’an Volume 1 page 265

  • Tafseer Qasmi Volume 2 page 228 Baqarah Verse 223

  • Al Mahzoorath page 268

We read in Tafseer Durre Manthur:

“On sodomy with women, Imam Sha’afi no Sahih narration’s have reached us from Rasulullah (s) as to whether it is halaal or haraam and logic suggests that this halaal”.

Imam of Ahl’ul Sunnah Abu Maleeka suggested ‘in times of trouble’ use a stick!’

We read in Tafseer Durre Manthur Ayat Hars:

“Abu Maleeka was asked whether it was permissible to practise sodomy with women. He replied ‘Last night I practised sodomy with my servant, penetration became difficult hence I sought the assistance of a stick”.

Imam Malik believed sodomy with women was halaal

We read in the following Sunni sources:

Quoting verbatim from Ahkam al Qur’an:

“Sahil asked Imam Malik ‘is sodomy with women permissible? Imam Malik replied ‘I just did this act and have just washed by sexual organs”.

Imam Abu Hanifa’s esteemed student Ibn Mubarak was also a homosexual

We also read in ‘Muhadarat al-‘udaba‘, p. 199, Chapter 1, “Al hada al Saani” that:

“Hakim Tabaristan made Abdullah bin Mubarak a Judge, who was addicted to the anus (Homosexual) he asked the Hakim ‘Sir I need some men who can help you” Hakim said I was aware of your need before this”.

The Salaf deem it permissible to pray Salat behind a homosexual Imam

We read in Sahih al Bukhari, p. 96, Kitab Bab ul Salaat, narrates a tradition from Zuhri [Sahih al-Bukhari, p. 96, 1375 AH print]:

“The Imamate of a mukhanath at a time of necessity is Sahih”.

Note: Arabic word “Mukhanath” means homosexual. This hadith has been removed from the English version of Bukhari, but exists in old copies of Arabic version. E.g. this 1375 Hijri print.

So I think that the mullahs sodomizing little girls and boys are not wrong at all they are just following the Sunnah of the prophet and his companions.

28 thoughts on “Anal Sex Approved by Allah and Prophet Muhammad

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  3. No wonder they stick their butts in the air when prostrating!!!

    Islam-Is-Slime the pedophile,rapist, death cult….

  4. I am an atheist and as an Ex-Muslim I have read islam books of Hadiths as well as exegesis of Koran. I am sure that neither Koran nor hadith books allow sodomy. Where koran says that women are your tilth, it is the tilth for reproduction which is possible only through vagina, however, here is the permission of any position of women during the sexual act….

  5. According to the WickiIslam site Homosexual is condemned not using the texts above. That’s why Islam is so dangerous because you are at the mercy of some local caliphs
    personal understanding or worse, pleasure, in interpreting the did Mudhammad in making it up as he went.

  6. i once saw a gal who had “exit only” tattooed just above the crease of her buttocks, i think she had the right idea.

  7. Saw a muzzie mom at the market this morning. One little girl in the stroller and two more walking. I really feel sorry for these kids. They are probably already married. Here were four producers in their quest to out numbered us in our own country. How do they pay for for this family? I bet with welfare. I wonder if the big mo took it in the butt?

  8. They are here to take down the west and the mujaheddin is actually the antichrist “I’m a dinner jacket” refers to. Their jesus is coming to kill the infidels. Same name, and the opposite May be you are an atheist, but THESE people aren’t and are a real threat, just behind pakistan and the saudis.

  9. Of course Allah sanctions anal sex it makes perfect sense. Afterall Muslims have been screwing the whole non-believing world up the ass ever since this psychotic reliogion started.


  11. As with any religion, there is always a huge diversity between how it is preached, and how it is practiced. Just as the Catholic church has always been a breeding ground for pedophilia, so have many Islamic cultures … especially Pashtun Pakistan. Pakistani markets abound with young boys with oil bottles, whilst pious muslims pretend such things do not exist.

      • No, I am a person! After 10 yrs in the catholic education system, I grew to reject all religions. have a look at what Wikipedia has to say under the topic “Cathoilc Sex Abuse Cases”. The payouts have been staggering, much higher than Willywonka suggests – $30m in one year in Dallas to 12 victims of one priest. The church would not be paying this sort of money, unless the crimes were committed! In recent years, the church has been forced to deal with the issue. Prior to that, the “solution” was usually a transfer to a new parish!

  12. The Catholic church is not a breeding ground for pedophilia – it is a crime and held as a disgusting act as in most cultures, except islam. The only time it is an issue is when the disgusting things practiced in islam is done in our non-moslem countries. So to keep trying to compare islam’s nasties to others who commit crimes is not even a valid argument by illwarrior. It isn’t only a problem in Pashtun Pakistan, but also Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and many other moslem countries. And when our own start deciding to stop being useful idiots for islam they start uncovering sexual perversions in the madrassas in our lands and start admitting to the huge number of rapes against non-moslems too.

    Gee, look at what allah’s orgy in the sky is all about… gluttony, and sexual pervsions with hoardes of women and little boys. Right there should tell us all that there is something very deviant with islam. But there is more and all one has to do is crack open their texts and start reading them instead of trying to use lamo excuses and deflections to explain islam away or to compare it to.

    islam starts with their perverted prophet, and people will find out that the moslems follow a very sick, perverted fellow.

    • An expansion on the Catholic Church. Yes. it is a crime. No other church, including ALL the Protestant denominations, have been so aggressive in rooting out and eliminating those involved.
      The difference in islamism is that ANAL SEX AND CHILD SEX ARE APPROVED! By their leaders and practiced by such.

  13. The Catholic church paid out $65 million in reparations, and the marxist homosexual infiltration of the nuns and priests has been excrutiatingly documented. Since when would you see a mosque pay damages for buffing a boy? They never would, in fact the left’s ugly marriage to islam to take down the West entails the left’s paving the way for pedophilia/pederasty tolerance. That is why at the 2004 DNC Convention John Kerry’s daughter spoke about “Children’s Rights” (to sexual choice), and why the American Psychiatric Association in Baltimore in 2011 moved to rename pedophilia “Minor Attracted Person”, step one to decriminalization.

  14. I am a Christian and I believe that child sexual abuse can be found in any faith.THERE ARE SICKOS OUT THERE EVERYWHERE! I do believe there are individuals who use their religion as a cover for it as well. I do not think any faith as a group condones it as acceptable, however I believe the CULT of Islam does. I think we need to quit catagorizing ISLAM AS A RELIGION AND CALL IT WHAT IT IS: A CULT!!

    • You are right about pedophiles using religion, and any other cover for that matter, in their actions. With religion, I converted to catholicism in part because their uncompromising stand accepting blame where proven, punishing those responsible and reviewing and raising standards for those who represent the faith.
      I think islamism uses pedophilia as another method VIOLENTLY CONTROLLING ITS FOLLOWERS. This along with corporal punishment in schol, female slavery and the list goes on.

    • Yes, were were discussing pedophilia and sodomy both of which are child sex abuse and can be found across the board with any faith but sanctioned and condoned by the CULT ISLAM. Read the previous posts to get caught up.

  15. u people r so sick in ur thoughts…………..islam is a reliron of purity so dont deviate the common people of our religon bu false and foolish quotes…………… God forgives u

  16. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is required to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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