FIFA submits, lifts ban on hijabs

More reason not to watch women’s soccer. via AFP: Football chiefs lift ban on women wearing headscarves.

ZURICH — Football chiefs agreed on Thursday to lift a ban on women wearing headscarves during games, clearing the way for the participation of many Muslim nations in top-flight competition.

Until the vote by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) here, players were prevented from wearing a headscarf, or hijab, at the sport’s highest level for safety reasons and on religious grounds.

Critics said the ban promoted inequality at the highest level of the world’s most popular game.

Public changes in the governing body’s thinking were clear last year when it was decided that the hijab was a cultural rather than a religious symbol.

In March IFAB — custodian of the game’s laws — said it was in favour of female players wearing the hijab in games organised by FIFA.

That announcement followed the proposal of a Velcro hijab which comes apart by FIFA Vice President Prince Ali Bin al-Hussein of Jordan.

Sheik yer Mami notes: French Football Federation bans hijab despite green light from FIFA

The French Football Federation (FFF) said Friday that it would “not authorise players to wear a veil” while playing for France or in organised competitions, a day after world footballing authorities said the hijab could be worn on the pitch.

Elsewhere in sports, did you see the Muslim runner who assaulted a 14-year old mascot who tried to congratulate him?

4 thoughts on “FIFA submits, lifts ban on hijabs

  1. Thats great. Now lets get something to cover their face. Look what happens when the stone age meets the 21st century. They stone homosexuals but they butt f**k little boys. I guess thats not gay. These people are a pain in the ass any way you look at it.

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