Obama ceding 2nd Amendment rights to UN on July 27

UpdatesContact Your Elected Officials ASAP and urge them not to vote for

Anthony Martin posts: Investigators expose gun control in UN small arms treaty

A team of investigative reporters for Ammoland on Tuesday exposed previously unpublished documents showing that the controversial U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), also known as the “small arms treaty,” includes gun control for private “small arms and light weapons” as U.S. gun owners feared.

Dave Workman posts: Update: Final ATT draft sets up new U.N. gun control bureaucracy

The final text of the proposed global Arms Trade Treaty sets up a new global bureaucracy, called a “secretariat,” whose job will be to “assist States Parties in the effective implementation of this treaty.”

It is the “small arms and light weapons” that concern gun rights activists across the landscape, including Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation, and driving force behind the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR).

Earlier, Gottlieb told this column that the proposed treaty is a threat to Second Amendment victories over the past few years.

The document requires that, “Each State Party shall establish or update, as appropriate, and maintain a national control list that shall include the items that fall within (the above list), as defined on a national basis and, at a minimum, based on relevant United Nations instruments. Each State Party shall publish its control list to the extent permitted by national law.”

The document also requires participating nations to “establish and maintain a national control system to regulate the export of ammunition for conventional arms,’ and parts and components.

There is far more in this treaty, and it may also be read here.

Anyone got a copy of this treaty or is this a secret deal? July 27 is just a few weeks away. Why is this not a major story on every single news outlet? A few videos we hastily found to get the word out. Wake up people!

Contact Your Elected Officials IMMEDIATELY!

21 thoughts on “Obama ceding 2nd Amendment rights to UN on July 27

      • There are 57 Senators who are against this, and signed a letter to urge Obummer not to sign it. They need 60 to ratify it so they do not have the votes.

      • There are 57 Senators who are against this, and signed a letter to urge Obummer not to sign it. They need 60 to ratify it so they do not have the votes.

      • Before the senate votes on this is has to be passed by the congressional house. Our republican lead house will not let this even go to the senate. However, it does not matter if it is voted down by congress. Obama will executive order it into law as he has done everything else. And you watch, just as he announced openly he WAS NOT going to uphold the constitution in which he swore to enforce and protect and Americans said nothing, remained silent and let him get away with TREASON, they will let him get away with this as well.

  1. It will be a SAD DAY for AMERICA if the President and Secretary of State Sign this U N WEAPONS TREATY. It will truly prove that these two are TRUE MARXIST and are two more BENEDICT ARNOLDS OF OUR TIME! One thing they are over looking is that they are putting a TARGET ON THEIR BACKS AS WELL AS ANY SENATER WHO ALSO SIGNS ONTO THIS BAD TREATY. THIS A “PREDICTION,” that out of the 80 million plus gun owners and the military there no doubt is out there who would relish making an attempt on any and all who agrees with the U N Weapons Treaty. Lets not forget that the new type Military Snipers can eliminate a target at a mile and half, 7,900ft, away!!!!! Every AMERICAN should contact their Senater to VOTE NO!!

  2. The Nazis outlawed guns with the excuse that it would cause less crime. Well, we all know what happened in Germany a brutal sadistic dictatorship.

  3. This entire administration has to go, either by the ballot box, or by other means. Either way, Obama has overstayed his welcome, and Congress needs to grow a pair and stop all this nonsense executive rule by decree, before people find it necessary to remove the bastard by force of arms.

  4. Obama is leading in the polls. It will take a NEW senate to repeal this muslim act. The UN is a muslim controlled arab business

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