Geert Wilders on Islamization Threat at Western Conservative Summit in Denver (video)

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Last weekend, the Hon. Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) in the Dutch parliament spoke at the Western Conservative Summit (WCS) in Denver. He was foremost among a galaxy of conservative stars who spoke at the WCS.  More than 1000 attended the event, the third such forum sponsored by the Centennial Institute of Colorado Christian University (CCU) headed by former Colorado Senate President John Andrews.

Wilders, author of Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me and Frank Gaffney, Jr., President of the Washington, DC –based Center for Security Policy addressed the Islamization threat here in America. At least one Colorado legislator suggested that perhaps it was time for the state to consider a ban on construction of mosques. This has become a controversial issue, given recent rulings in a Tennessee court that may forestall the opening of the expanded project of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.

Watch this C-SPAN video of both Gaffney and Wilders addressing the WCS.

Not much on the event and the messages of both Wilders and Gaffney filtered through to the mainstream press, engaged as it is in self-censorship of criticism of Islamic doctrine. It was left to the limited circulation The Colorado Statesman and Iran’s Press TV  to report this weekend on the forum and what transpired there.

Andrews of CCU set the stage for Wilders’ talk in his introductory remarks:

Saturday afternoon’s topic, Andrews said, would be “the existential threat to the United States of America posed by Islam.”

Pausing for a moment to let his words sink in, he continued. “I didn’t say ‘radical Islam,’ I didn’t say ‘extremism.’ After you hear from Frank Gaffney and our friend from across the Atlantic, Geert Wilders, you’ll know why I just say ‘the threat of Islam.’”

Wilders in his remarks at the Denver forum conveyed the central concerns in his book and speeches to audiences on both the continent and here in America:

For his part, Wilders emphasized what he described as a distinction between followers of Islam and the religion itself.

“I do not have a problem with Muslims,” Wilders said during his address. “There are many moderate Muslims. I always make a distinction between the people and the ideology. There are indeed many moderate Muslims. But believe me, there is no such thing as a moderate Islam — there is only one Islam, and that is a dangerous, totalitarian ideology that is intolerant, that is violent, that should not be tolerated by us but that should be contained.”

Wilders warned against opening the door to Sharia law — based on traditional Islamic principles — in Western courtrooms but added that it was already too late to keep Islam and its influences out of the country entirely.

“Your country is facing a stealth jihad, an Islamic attempt to introduce Sharia law bit by bit by bit,” he said.
In order to keep the United States from succumbing, Wilders said, politicians have to ignore what he promised would be derision from the liberal media and other quarters and firmly deliver strong medicine. First, he said, Americans have to stop putting up with “multiculturalism,” even as free-speech proponents cry foul. In addition, he said American courtrooms must bar Sharia law and “stop the immigration from Islamic countries.”

Most critically, he said, “We should forbid the construction of new mosques. There is enough Islam in the West already.”

Read it all and watch the video (we’ll post shortly).

More video here.

8 thoughts on “Geert Wilders on Islamization Threat at Western Conservative Summit in Denver (video)

  1. Time to wake up AMERICA AND GO AFTER CONGRESS WITH THE TRUTH OF ISLAM, THE DEATH OF ANY ONE FOLLOWING THIS SLIME. Just look at the stonning’s and the beheadings and the honor
    killings of families that dont adhere to this type of life style. LOCK AND LOAD.

  2. I disagree with the blanket banning of all immigrants from Muslim countries. There are many many anti jihadists from Muslim backgrounds. My wife is from Iran – and she is the one that brought me into the anti-jihad view. Before her, I was a naive liberal.

    Just a thought about qualifying that view.

    • We ALL should applaud this man and heed his warnings regarding Islam! I would welcome the blanket banning of immigrants from ALL ISLAMIC COUNTRIES and the ban on building of mosques as well!! Just because you have married the “one in a million” that has a anti-jihad view, you DO NOT SEE the MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS WHO ARE ALREADY HERE stand up with anti-jihad views and DENOUNCE the 911 bombing as well as other bombings perpetrated on AMERICANS and THEY CALL THEMSELVES muslim/AMERICAN’S??!! They stand
      up for the “MUSLIM” BEFORE THEY DO THE AMERICAN! When push comes to shove in this country and the muslims who are over running this country take over, and demand their rights, they are also going to demand the muslims here TAKE A SIDE! Either stand with the jihadist or die with the infidels and I think you will see some “peaceful muslims” quickly radicalized and turn on this country. We are not the America of 200+ years ago! Close our borders to all muslim countries! We do not need them here nor do we need to take a chance on them. They are costing our country millions of dollars in surveilance and this country is BROKE! We cannot afford to babysit them!They are a national security threat! Our boys went overseas to fight these animals so that they would not come over here and invade our land and what have we done while our boys are overseas fighting these animals??We have been letting them in in herds!!Do as Japan does and do not allow them to immigrate here! Do you hear of terrorist attacks in Japan? NO! They figured it out a long time ago and are doing something right!ONE FACT REMAINS AND IS OBVIOUS..they bring NOTHING GOOD TO THIS COUNTRY AND HAVE NEVER BROUGHT ANYTHING BUT WAR< DEATH< DESTRUCTION TO EVERY LAND THEY HAVE EVER IMMIGRATED TO. I can not find ONE GOOD THING muslims have brought to any country they inhabit.They cause trouble EVERYWHERE THEY GO. Your wife IS NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF THE MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS HERE AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A REASON NOT TO STOP THE IMMIGRATION OF ISLAM INTO THIS COUNTRY. Like I said, you do not see the muslims we already have here stand up for America and denounce the terrorist acts done to this country.

  3. Well said Anonymous, and you’re quite right, muslims have NEVER brought anything good to any country unfortunate enough to be infested with them.

    They are sub-human cretins; they are the ENEMY.

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  5. I agree with Wilder’s he is trying to warn the the people in the US about just what they are allowing to enter this country claiming to be refugees. Pres.Trump dropped the number down to 40,000 from what Obama would have allowed in but that is to many I know he has said numerous times that it is cheaper to help them closer to their own country that way they can go home to help rebuild their country. These people when they get here live off the welfare system just like the huge numbers that have invaded Europe have done. Only trouble they breed like rabbits an that 40,000 will climb to several hundred thousand in a few short years.

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